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Monday 25th May (7337)

Alf feels as though his world has turned upside-down.

Ziggy takes drastic action to help her mother, hurting Dean in the process.

Roo accuses Evan of setting Ryder up for a massive fall.

Tuesday 26th May (7338)

Will Ziggy move out of Dean’s place?

Alf does the rounds catching up in Summer Bay.

Willow tries everything to get Jasmine to open up

Wednesday 27th May (7339)

Jasmine’s erratic behaviour divides the town.

Maggie tries some different tactics to deal with Ben.

Thursday 28th May (7340)

Mackenzie tests the brothers new-found truce.

Ben’s presence at the hangi causes upset.

Jasmine works to get back in Grace’s life.

An ambulance is called to the hangi.

Thursday 28th May (7341)

Marilyn blames herself for John’s condition.

Mac is torn between Ari and Tane.

Jasmine develops an obsession.

Thursday 28th May (7342)

John doesn’t want Marilyn to be stressed.

Tane promises Mac he’ll back off.

Jasmine makes a rash decision with Willow.

Monday 1st June (7343)

Marilyn’s heart breaks for John.

Colby refuses to let Jasmine push him away too.

Are Dean and Ziggy heading into the friend-zone?

Tuesday 2nd June (7344)

Dean wants to take Ziggy away.

Can Roo tell Ryder the truth about Evan?

Maggie doesn’t know how to move forward.

Wednesday 3rd June (7345)

Ryder deals with the news of his father.

Maggie’s heart is crushed.

Nikau worries when his mum doesn’t come home.

Thursday 4th June (7346)

Ben and Gemma’s friendship stirs up more than just their emotions.

Evan is torn between revealing the truth and letting Ryder down.

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THIS WEEK – Ryder’s dad drops a bombshell

Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) was stunned when a stranger turned up on his doorstep in last week’s episodes claiming to be his long-lost father, but the question he’s now left with is “Why now?”

Will Ryder be ready to hear the real reason Evan has decided to try and make amends?

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THIS WEEK – Will Jasmine leave Summer Bay?

As the life of recently widowed Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) continues to snowball into complete chaos, she wonders whether it’s time for her to move on from Summer Bay.

Will her friends, who she’s beginning to feel increasingly estranged from, be able to talk her out of it?

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COMING SOON – What happens to John?

There’s more trouble on the horizon for John and Marilyn as it seems John will end up in a wheelchair at some point over the next month or so.

Filming from last year show John in a wheelchair with a pillow supporting one side of his body, with further scenes showing him walking with a stick.

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Ben and Maggie Astoni to depart Summer Bay?

We’ve strong suspicions that Ben and Maggie will be leaving Summer Bay in coming months, with neither Rohan Nichol or Kestie Morassi having been seen filming since December.

On that day, a celebration lunch took place outside the surf club, and a scene was filmed showing Ben and Maggie driving past the infamous ‘You are leaving Summer Bay‘ sign…

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Angelo Rosetta returns to Summer Bay

In February it was announced that Luke Jacobz had reprised his role as Angelo Rosetta after nearly 9 years.

The show said in a statement that “It’s been almost a decade since his character Angelo Rosetta left the Bay, and now he’s back on the police force with everything to prove.

What could bring Angelo back to the bay, and is he romantically linked to the new woman he’s been seen filming with…?

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Ava Gilbert returns

Justin’s daughter Ava will also be returning later this year, with actress Alice Roberts having been seen filming with James Stewart and Ada Nicodemou at Palm Beach in March.

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Is Dean Thompson a father?

There’s rumours abound that an ex-lover of Dean’s is set to show up in Summer Bay later this year, with his child in tow!

Actress Madeleine Jevic will play the mystery woman, who’s been pictured filming with Patrick O’Connor and a young boy.

Will this affect Dean’s relationship with Ziggy?

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