SPECIAL: All Or Nothing

It’s the final chapter of Gunno v the Braxtons. A catastrophic chain of events sees Heath, Bianca and Kyle caught in a prison riot. Will Ash be able to pull off the ultimate prison break-out and save them?

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A bushfire terrorises the Summer Grooves festival. Justin’s life is on the line. Billie’s labour begins – but will she escape the bushfire?


Billie gives birth, but has the danger passed? Tori is rocked by a blast from the past. Mick is back in town, is Irene in danger?


Mick terrorises Irene. Tori reveals the truth about Riley. Alf and John begin a search for Marilyn.


John hides the truth from Marilyn. Heath and Bianca have a secret. Justin wakes up alone. Ash has come back to Summer Bay on a mission.


Bianca fears she is pregnant. Olivia goes overboard to be the best girlfriend ever.


Zac and Leah clash over Hunter. Kat searches for the arsonist. Summer Bay’s fire-bug may have bitten off more than they can chew. The police are on the case.


Bianca and Heath prepare to leave. Zac and Leah deal with the fallout. Mick confronts Irene.


The truth about Luc’s paternity is revealed. Will baby Luc be okay? Marilyn receives terrible news.


Justin’s neediness becomes too much. Mason gives Hunter some unwanted advice. Riley searches for answers about Tori.


Justin is furious about Riley’s arrival in town. Evelyn helps Kat’s investigation. Tori has to choose between Nate and Riley.


Justin plans a special dinner to make things up to Phoebe and has a gift for her – a ring box. Mason is beginning to doubt his relationship with Olivia.


Justin suffers post-operative complications. John struggles to care for Marilyn at home. Tori gets a second chance with Nate but Riley’s not going down without a fight.


VJ and Billie are at loggerheads with each other. Phoebe’s horrified to discover Justin’s secret intentions. Is the Summer Bay arsonist one of our own?


Leah’s brave face cracks at the wrong time. Maddie sends an interesting proposal to Evie & Matt. Sam walks back into Zac’s life.


Hunter’s heartbroken when he witnesses the growing bond between Mason and Olivia. Marilyn struggles with anxiety about her burns scars. Leah learns that Zac has been keeping a dangerous secret. Luc’s baby blessing ends in tragedy.


Rushed to hospital after her collapse, Billie’s medical emergency has devastating consequences. Hurt by Nate, Tori finds herself warming to Riley. Tension continues between Zac and Leah over Sam appearing in the Bay.


Rocked by the worst possible news, the residents of Summer Bay rally around Billie and VJ in their time of need. A surprise wedding in the midst of tragedy. Leah remains angry with Zac.


Summer Bay residents are left grieving. Zac confides in Sam after recent tragic events.


Evelyn receives exciting news.