2015 Season Opener

The devastation of the bus crash sends shockwaves through the Bay. Andy and Ash rescue Phoebe from Neive’s assistant. Roo learns that Maddy has run away from hospital.


Kyle’s chances of survival are slim. Someone finds out they may never walk again while another is in a deep coma. Will Sophie hand herself into police?


Andy blows up at Nate when he learns that Sophie caused the accident. Oscar heads to the city to search for Maddy.


Leah is transferred to a city hospital – she may never wake up from her coma. Oscar tracks down Maddy in the city.


John takes the law into his own hands to teach Jett a lesson. A disturbing video from Phoebe’s launch night goes viral on the internet. A new cop arrives in town. Brax is arrested for murder.


Will Brax go down for a murder he didn’t commit? Wracked with guilt, Ash offers to plead guilty to the murder. Oscar tries to convince Maddy to come back to Summer Bay. Chris and Spencer attempt some damage control for Phoebe.


Will Brax take the fall for a murder? John decides that living next to the Braxtons is too dangerous. Hannah finally tells Denny that she may never walk again.


Evelyn finally learns that Hannah may never be able to walk again. Brax and Ash resolve to get to a confession from Sam. Jett is devastated that John is considering selling the house.


Sasha receives an offer for her first choice of university, while Matt fails to get any offers. Zac and VJ learn some devastating news about Leah’s prognosis.


Maddy finally decides it’s time to return to Summer Bay. Irene is terrified of losing Leah. In the wake of the catastrophic news about Leah, the community gathers to support Zac and VJ.


Maddy returns to Summer Bay. Andy forces Nate to let him bring Hannah home early. Denny learns she’ll be sharing a house with Andy. Ash and Brax plan to get out of town without Kat finding out.


A mysterious boy heads to the Diner looking for Phoebe. Kyle learns that he may never be able to sing again. Denny puts her feelings about Andy aside for Hannah’s sake.


There is a mysterious fan of Phoebe’s lurking around the Braxton house. Matt gets punched in the face when he tries to reach out to a struggling VJ. Ash and Brax attempt to get a confession from Sam.


Sasha is angry when she finds out that Matt has decided to go back to school. Chris sets his heart on becoming a lifesaver, much to John’s chagrin. Zac blows up at Irene when she tries to help him.


Chris and John are furious when Josh paints a mural for Evelyn on the Surf Club wall. Kat has CCTV footage that proves Brax broke his bail. Maddy prepares for her first chemotherapy session.


Josh and Evelyn’s protest escalates. Maddy is finally returning Oscar’s affections but he resists her. Brax becomes increasingly distant after learning his trial is only two weeks away.


Sasha and Matt worry about distance affecting their relationship. Alf returns from the city and shuts down the protest. Brax considers pleading guilty to a crime he didn’t commit to reduce gaol time.


Brax decides to plead guilty so he can get a lighter sentence. Matt farewells Sasha as she leaves for Uni. Andy tells Hannah he can’t keep fighting her battles for her.


Hannah resolves to take charge of her life and push herself toward recovery. VJ’s relationship with Zac is increasingly strained in Leah’s absence. Phoebe learns she has a stalker.


Phoebe gets an AVO against her stalker but it proves to be no help. John decides to sell the house. VJ considers leaving the bay. Oscar and Maddy share a moment.