Brax decides he needs to break out of prison. The search continues for Leah as she begins hallucinating. Ricky has doubts over her parenting abilities.


Leah is found and agrees to have brain surgery. Ash backs out of helping break Brax out of prison. Leah gives Zac some very serious instructions for her operation.


VJ comes to terms with Leah’s wishes. Hannah runs into a familiar stranger at the hospital. Matt gets off with a good behaviour bond.


Hannah is rattled by her ex Sean’s arrival in Summer Bay. Maddy is disappointed because Oscar seems to just want to be friends. Josh storms out of his own birthday party.


Alf has a breakthrough in therapy. Josh shares his disappointment over his mum with Andy. Ash breaks up with Denny before he heads off to break Brax out of prison.


Ash and Kyle prepare for Brax’s prison break. A stranger starts following Ricky. Hannah admits to Leah that she still has feelings for Sean.


Alf takes charge of the surf carnival. Kat tells Ricky and Kyle that Brax is missing, presumed dead.


Billie tries to calm Kyle down. Ricky gives up on finding Brax and kicks Phoebe and Kyle out of the share house.


Complications after Leah’s surgery leaves her life on the line. Andy and Josh deal with the news about Brax.


Leah is revived and finally wakes up. Maddy and Oscar discover they both still have feelings for each other. The Bay residents farewell Brax, without Ricky & Kyle.


Phoebe and Kyle are worried about Ricky. Zac proposes to Leah.


Leah overcomes her fears. Billie puts herself in danger. Kyle wants to get back together with Phoebe, unaware she had an intimate moment with Ash.


Jett is offered a cadet scholarship. Phoebe decides to get back together with Kyle, much to Ash’s disappointment. Hannah cheats on Andy.


Hannah is torn between Sean and Andy. Evie finds out about Hannah’s infidelity. Oscar puts on the cool guy act to impress Maddy, only to embarrass himself.


Evie doesn’t agree with Hannah lying to Andy about her affair. Maddy finds out Oscar’s sick of being the responsible guy. Ricky finally breaks down.


Ricky comes up with the perfect memorial for Brax. Nate and Kat deal with Billie’s crush on Nate. Denny and Ash make up.


Denny and Ash try to keep things light. Phoebe can’t admit her feelings to Ash. Billie’s crush on Nate continues to plague Kat.


The chemistry between Phoebe and Ash grows. Maddy and Oscar discuss taking the next step in their relationship. Marilyn is having trouble letting Jett go.


Matt sleeps with a mystery woman. John and Marilyn decide to leave Summer Bay to be with Jett. Sean’s wife confronts Hannah over their affair.


Jett talks John & Marilyn out of moving away with him. Andy finds out about Hannah’s affair, and Josh discovers Evie was keeping the secret. The new teacher, Charlotte, is hiding a secret from Zac.

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