The Nash family lives in fear with Robert living as a free man. Chloe decides that the comfort of James’ arms is good enough for her and her baby. Has Joey turned to drugs?


Through Gypsy’s nightmares, we discover some of what Robert did to her when he kept her captive. Joel realizes that he and his family are in great danger. Joey promises to lift his game.


Chloe decides to give more of herself to James. Joey is acting very strangely and Irene doesn’t know what to do. Ailsa has a nasty experience on the road.


Fisher discovers who the graffiti artist is. A man threatens Ailsa. Justine thinks that Vinnie is just playing hard to get when he turns her down.

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Robert makes his presence known, leaving Tom feeling terrified. Justine is insanely jealous that Vinnie seems to have found another girl. Alf decides he wants to join the gun club.

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Chloe rejects James one more time. Robert is back and he’s up to something sinister. Sally questions Vinnie as to why he treats her differently when their friends are around.

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An unsuspecting Joel is lured into a trap by a damsel in distress. He is taken into the bush, held at gunpoint and told he has only two hours to find his way home and save his family. So struggling through unfamiliar bush, he makes his way back… but it’s too late. His home is on fire and his family is trapped inside.

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The Nash family scream their terror as hungry flames surround and lock them in the burning house. Tom makes a daring escape through the man hole while Joel and Robert fight in a final showdown.

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Narrowly escaping death and left with nothing, the Nash family try to deal with the horror of their experience. Could Joey have a mental illness? Hayley gets ready to graffiti again.

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Irene begs Joey to get some professional help but he backs away. Home alone one night, Ailsa hears noises and shoots the intruder before she sees who it is. Sally and Vinnie have their first disagreement.

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Alf is lucky to be alive. Robert has the last laugh, even though he’s behind bars. Joey is missing and a concerned Irene knows that something is not right.

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Joey’s mental condition worsens when he starts having hallucinations. Gypsy decides that she’s no longer going to live in fear. Rebecca is wooed by a local women’s club.

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Joey isolates himself even further by hammering his door shut. Gypsy loses her cool at school when the other students whisper about her. Sally appears to be jealous when Vinnie does a stripping gig. Hayley catches Sam in the act.

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The voices in Joey’s head urge him to hurt Irene. Sam tries his best to talk Hayley around when she catches him tagging graffiti. Vinnie and Sally decide they might as well tell everyone about their relationship.

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Irene files a complaint about Joey to the police, hoping this will urge him to get help. Will Hayley go through with the graffiti challenge? Justine is shocked to find Vinnie kissing Sally in the diner.

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Justine is horrified when she catches Sally in half of Vinnie’s pyjamas. Sam chickens out of a friendly challenge. Joel causes a huge scene at the cricket.

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Tom’s victory is drowned by Will and Gypsy’s drunken behaviour. Feeling like a wimp, Sam decides to try and overcome his fears. Fisher lands on the wrong side of the law when his eyesight fails him.

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Tom is picked up by an older woman. Is Fisher going blind? Rebecca feels completely out of place when she joins an exclusive women’s club.

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Fisher has problems with Gypsy when she takes spiked orange juice to class. Things are looking up for Chloe and James. Rebecca appears to be bending school rules in her attempt to fit in with her new women’s club.

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Sam puts himself in great danger. Joel worries that his little girl isn’t coping. Chloe is concerned for Olivia’s health. Geraldine’s façade is finally broken.

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