Mrs Wells captures Justine’s ‘confession’ on tape. Ailsa goes into cardiac arrest. Mitch is almost caught in the shower with Hayley. Chloe tells Diana she might leave Summer Bay.

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Ailsa’s life support machine is turned off. Tom and Gypsy’s Internet romance heats up. Diana makes Chloe an offer. The mystery of Mitch’s identity continues.

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Ailsa survives without life support. Sam accuses Hayley of seeing Mitch before they broke up. Gypsy gives Jesse the flick. Tom and Gypsy discover that they’ve been having an Internet romance – with each other! Peta can’t stay at the Ross House.

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Justine accuses Tom of two-timing her. Mrs Wells leaves unexpectedly. Will and Peta fear they will be split up. Vinnie vows revenge against Adam.

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Vinnie’s practical joke war escalates. Ailsa’s condition appears to be miraculously improving. Justine’s mum gives damning testimony against her.

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Justine is found guilty of manslaughter. Will plans to cheat on a test. Has Peta found a new home? Vinnie’s pranks close the surf club.

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Vinnie and Adam’s prank war backfires. Justine arrives at the detention centre. Will is caught cheating on a major test. Joel and Natalie get approval to foster Peta. Chloe farewells Summer Bay.


Will takes the test again. Duncan gets swept out to sea. A film actress arrives with eyes for Jesse. Travis and Rebecca sail away on a tall ship.


Is Jesse’s romance with Bianca the real thing? Mitch saves Duncan’s life. Irene uncovers Hayley’s admirer. Alf decides to hire a full-time lifesaver for Summer Bay.


A war breaks out between Sam and Mitch. Bianca and Vinnie blackmail each other. Ailsa wakes from her coma.


Joel forgets his wedding anniversary. Duncan struggles to come to terms with Ailsa’s injuries. Hayley ends any hope of romance with Mitch. Vinnie hires a lifesaver for all the wrong reasons.


Joel makes it up to Natalie. Shauna threatens to sue the surf club for discrimination. Hayley places a lonely hearts ad for Irene. Ailsa’s recovery takes a surprising turn.


Justine experiences the violence of the detention centre. Alf discovers that Mitch is his new house guest. Bianca inspires Jesse to take up acting. Is Will still keen on Gypsy? Irene finds out about the ad Hayley placed.


Vinnie’s desperate to be a film star. Fisher sees red over the film script. Mrs Collins decides to go to the police with the truth about Ruby’s death. Will Sally cheat on Vinnie?


Vinnie throws Angus out of the house. Justine comes home and spends her first night with Tom. Fisher considers taking legal action over the film script. Will Jesse turn his back on fame and fortune? Sally discovers that Vinnie kissed Bianca.

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Fisher threatens to have the film stopped. Will Sally dump Vinnie? Bianca encourages Jesse to take up acting as a career. Romantic jealousy erupts among the Summer Bay kids.

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Gypsy seduces Mitch. Marilyn sticks to her principles. Jesse refuses to forgive Vinnie. Jesse must choose – an acting career or Rachel.

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Gypsy and Mitch are sprung kissing. Adam tricks the new lifesaver into moving with him into James’s house. Joel and Natalie consider buying the caravan park. Has the film star fallen in love with Jesse?


Adam’s welcome is not appreciated by Shauna. Justine disowns her mother. Ailsa is hiding her recovery from Alf.


A reporter offers Justine two thousand dollars for her story. Ailsa’s ready to go home. Shauna moves in with James. Does Sally want to buy the caravan park?

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