Fisher discovers the secret about Edward’s name and his father. Sam discovers a new angle of surfing. Harry receives a mysterious call.


Fisher discovers the truth about Edward’s name and his father. Peta has taken a shine to Edward. Harry is being followed…


Judith vetoes Gypsy’s bid for the school captaincy. Mick, the loan shark, threatens Jesse to deal in his stolen cars, or else. Sally tries to muster up the courage to end her relationship with Vinnie. Tom is hurt to learn that Justine plans to move to the city to become an actor.


Justine won’t admit it, but she’s not keen for Tom to move to the city with her. Gypsy’s accused of vandalising the new principal’s car. Sally breaks up with Vinnie. Why is Harry lying about his trip?


Edward gets himself lost at sea. Harry is forced to make an emergency landing in the seaplane.


Justine gets a break in showbiz. Mitch and Hayley finally kiss. Shauna and Harry are in serious danger…


Gypsy’s accused of shoplifting. Mitch confronts Sam over his feelings for Hayley. Will Vinnie’s date make Sally jealous? Harry and Shauna finally kiss.


Sally uncovers some shady business at Jesse’s garage. Harry admits how he really feels about Shauna. Vinnie realises that it’s really over with Sally.


Tom’s ‘discovered’ at Justine’s audition. Colleen inadvertently erases the computer disks holding Fisher’s novel. Edward and Peta hold a late night service in a cemetery.


Tom’s acting success upsets Justine and Natalie warns him to be more sensitive. Jesse becomes suspicious when Mick brings his car in for urgent repairs.


Sally realises that Jesse’s involved with a hit-and-run. Rumours fly that Judith and Fisher are having an affair. Ailsa takes a stand against Edward.

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Sally faces pressure not to lend Vinnie money. Jesse begs Sally not to turn him into the police. Gypsy admits to spreading the rumour about Judith and Fisher having an affair.

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Justine fights her jealousy over Tom’s lucky break into acting. Hayley and Mitch are spending a lot of time together? Harry arrives home to find a romantic dilemma.

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Justine tells Tom she doesn’t want him in her life. Mitch and Hayley make an ill-fated pact. Shauna is shocked to discover that Harry has a fianc̩. Hayley beats the boys and wins the go-kart time trials.

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Tom is hurt about Justine breaking up with him. Harry’s fianc̩ arrives in Summer Bay. Joel is growing suspicious about the goings on at the garage.

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Vinnie tries to impress the ladies under the guise of being a celebrity photographer. Colleen is playing the invalid role, driving the Nash household crazy. Hayley and Will have an unexpected visitor…

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Tom gets in to a fight at the school dance. Judith falsely accuses Gypsy of trying to sabotage Rosemary’s speech. Ken makes a move on Irene.

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Fisher learns of his son’s death. Harry’s ex-fianc̩ moves into his room. Irene must decide? will she open her heart to Ken? Jesse plans his getaway from Summer Bay.


Fisher is devastated about Byron. Shauna tells Harry she doesn’t want to see him while Allison’s around. Mick discovers that Jesse has planned an escape.

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Will Joel shoot Jesse? Harry has a choice. Has Marilyn run away again?

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