Duncan tries to kiss Hope and gets rejected. Natalie and Joel agree to foster Justine. Justine tells Rebecca that she doesn’t care about her. Gypsy tells Jesse to stop acting like her father.

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Joel and Nat catch Jesse with his pants down. Justine reckons Tom only supported her for one reason… Duncan is off God, the Christian youth group – and Hope!

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Gypsy and Jesse’s relationship is on the skids. Travis and Rebecca make plans to leave Summer Bay. Diana discovers that James and Chloe have split.

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Diana takes a round out of Chloe for leaving James. Vinnie’s candid camera catches Sally without much clothing on. Travis and Rebecca’s plan to leave the Bay devastates Justine.

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Vinnie worries that Sally thinks he’s not ‘all man’ after his operation. Annie is taking the role of ‘Gran’ a bit too seriously. All the kids dread that approach of parent-teacher night.


Peta’s fake Gran begins to cause real problems. Diana’s scheming ways bring Chloe and James together – almost. Parent-teacher night doesn’t go well for Will. Jesse buys Gypsy a shockingly tacky present.

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Sally’s getting obscene calls from an Internet perv. James tells Diana he doesn’t want Chloe’s care – he wants her love. Irene catches Will and Peta alone together.

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Is the spark gone from Gypsy’s romance with Jesse? Sally is almost sacked by Bonza Burger’s new owner. Adam Cameron returns to the Bay. Ailsa wants to go fishing with her boys.

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Ailsa catches the fishing bug. Hayley refuses to drop her grudge against Adam. Jesse’s hot and cold with Gypsy. Vinnie is seething with jealousy over Sally’s uni partner.

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Vinnie fails to outsmart a rival for Sally’s affections – and Sally. Adam orders Sally to roster off the older and higher-paid Bonza staff members. Peta kicks her ‘Gran’ out of the house. Diana asks Chloe if she’s planning to leave Summer Bay.


Someone has been camping out on Travis’s boat. Justine and Tom are an item again. Annie interrupts Peta and Will during a romantic interlude.

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A stowaway steals Travis’s boat. Gypsy springs Tom and Justine. Will and Peta try to find Annie’s daughter. Diana becomes very possessive of Olivia.

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Alf reckons the stowaway broke into the surf club. A mystery man – Mitch – takes a shine to Hayley. Diana is keen to spend more time alone with Olivia. Peta reveals the truth about her fake gran to Irene.

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Mitch makes a pass at Hayley. Peta’s brother refuses to go to the authorities about their grandmother. Diana disappears with Olivia.


Sam and Mitch have a heated exchange. Mitch escapes Alf and Travis’s trap. Olivia is returned home unharmed. Alf organises a fishing tournament. Sally is forced to resign from Bonza Burger.

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Alf unveils the fishing competition trophy – dedicated to himself. Gypsy tells Jesse that she’s staying the night, whether he likes it or not. Justine’s trial date is moved forward. Vinnie vows to drive Adam’s business into the ground.

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Justine can’t concentrate on her studies as she awaits the trial. Gypsy tells Jesse that she wants a real relationship. Ailsa and Duncan’s car goes off the road and into the lake. Vinnie refuses to admit defeat to Adam and Bonza Burger.

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Ailsa holds on to life by a thread. Peta is ready to tell the authorities about her grandmother. Mitch camps out under Irene’s house. Diana needs psychiatric attention.


Sam breaks up with Hayley. Duncan feels responsible for Ailsa’s accident. Irene arranges for Peta to stay with Travis and Rebecca. Chloe tells Diana she’ll never see Olivia again.

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Justine’s mother makes a surprise appearance. Hayley overhears Sam saying he doesn’t trust her. Duncan admits to Alf that he was responsible for Ailsa’s accident. Chloe decides to give Diana another chance.

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