Episode 2663

Australian Air Date: 21st July 1999
UK Air Date: 15th September 1999

Sam takes a swing at Mitch. Diana makes an offer to Chloe that’s too good to be true. Sally is forced to resign from Bonza Burger. Mitch manages to escape from a trap that Travis and Alf set up.

Extended Summary

Alf has to step in and prevent Sam from attacking Mitch with a snooker cue as Sam caught Mitch kissing Hayley. Sam and Hayley have a disagreement and Sam is very angry and leaves. Sam meets Mitch on the beach later where Mitch says he is sorry for kissing Hayley. He claims that he thought Hayley and Sam were brother and sister not boyfriend and girlfriend as Hayley is much bigger than Sam is. Sam is hacked off. He tells Mitch to leave Hayley alone.

Alf and Travis have decided to stake out the surf club to try and catch the stowaway. However Mitch manages to distract them and run away into the night. The following day at the Surf Club Travis tells Mitch that he is on to him, Mitch tells him he is staying in Summer Bay for the School Holidays and he doesn’t know what Travis is talking about.

Chloe is very anxious about Olivia. James says he cannot offer a defence for his mum but does say she has not coped well with Lachie’s death. Irene and James try to comfort Chloe by saying that Diana would not hurt Olivia. Peter (James father) arrives at Irene’s house with Olivia safe and well. He tells them that Diana has had a complete breakdown and that he is on the way to a clinic with her now. Chloe says she will never let Diana be near Olivia again, whilst James says he is to blame for not seeing how ill Diana was.

Donald relates to Ailsa that her fishing competition idea to raise funds for the school has been approved by the PCA (parents and Citizen’s association). Alf is over the moon at the competition being approved and makes Donald an offer of offering a trophy for the winner of the competition. The plan is that a number of fish will be put in a lake tagged and the winner will have collected the most tagged fish. Vinnie sees Alf putting up a poster for the event and gives him an idea on how to market the competition more effectively, which Alf decides to use. Alf manages to persuade Donald to enter the competition as Ailsa does with Marilyn.

Adam goes to Bonza Burger and is far from pleased when he sees a member of staff that should no longer be rostered. He goes to see Sally and tells her she should have got rid of the older staff, when she refuses to sack them he tells her she will have to the next day. The following day Sally informs Adam that she won’t take the older staff members off the roster to save money and that he will have to sack her if he is not happy with this. Sally later moans to Vinnie but tells him she felt she had to surrender her job as Manager and resign. Vinnie is not pleased and goes to visit Adam at Bonza Burger he tells him he should take Sally back. Adam does not take Vinnie seriously.

Jenny Gray, 1999

Guest Cast