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Upcoming Episode Spoilers

Monday 9th January (Episode 9570)

Things go from bad to worse for Rhona when she discovers April hasn’t just punched someone but has also had a piercing.

With Nicola in her ear, Rhona starts to worry about Naomi’s malign influence. Soon Rhona confronts Naomi about her influence over April, ending in a physical altercation. At the vets, Dawn is chuffed when Rhona welcomes her back and offers her the chance to train as a vet nurse.

Marshall arrives at the cafe and gets into an argument with April, who ends up punching him.

Tuesday 10th January (Episode 9571)

Amy, Matty and Moira desperately tries to stick to the line as their police interview continues, as DS Malik questions Moira on her trip away with Kyle.

Mackenzie is tight lipped when DS Malik presses him for information on Kyle.

When Naomi arrives to find Charity asking Rhona about her, she’s left dreading what’s to come.

Wednesday 11th January (Episode 9572)

At the police station, Kyle reaffirms that it was he who killed Al.

Mackenzie’s guilt builds as he listens to the hardships Chloe has been through. Finding a moment alone with Chloe, Mackenzie tries to assure her he’ll do what he can to support her and the baby.

Thursday 12th January (Episode 9573–9574)

Mack struggles to hide his panic when he sees Chloe has moved in.

Cathy and April are intrigued when Arthur forms a plan to stand up to Marshall. Will this help Arthur tackle things?

Gabby beams when Kim comes by to talk about the brochure she’s been working on. But is it good news?

Friday 13th January (Episode 9575)

Mackenzie does his best to oust Chloe from the house but will his efforts backfire with Charity?