This week’s Emmerdale Spoilers

Monday 27th November to Friday 1st December (Episodes 9846–9851)


It’s David’s birthday but the day is awkward for Victoria and Jacob as speculation is high regarding who Jacob’s new girlfriend is. Gabby is the prime suspect but David worries that the subject is taboo because of Leanna, leaving Jacob feeling even worse.

Despite the gossip Jacob and Victoria can’t resist the opportunity to use the empty house for a bit of fun. They have to scramble when David unexpectedly arrives home.

Seeing straight through Jacob’s excuses, and intending to greet the ‘mystery’ partner, David is shocked when Jacob tells him he was right – it’s Gabby. Upstairs Victoria listens in, cringing.

After David leaves, Jacob reassures her Gabby will go along with his lies but Victoria’s panicking because she’s lost a bracelet David gave her.

Meanwhile in the pub David teases an oblivious Gabby and she’s left baffled.

Finding Victoria’s bracelet on the floor at Jacob entices her into a relieved kiss. But, unbeknownst to them, dumbstruck David has seen them through the window…

Before long rocked by all the news and with his world now totally on a different axis David makes a big decision. Emotional, he says his final goodbyes to his family before driving out of the village.


Mack returns home from another night of searching. Amy fears she’ll never hear from her sister Chloe again.

Desperate Mack confronts Amy and Matty again for news, who are shocked to see him so low.

Charity is resolute they will get his son back, and warns him they all want the same thing, and he should try to stay on Amy’s good side.


Failing to connect with Laurel and the family, Suni is shocked when Amit decides it’s time for him to return to India. The next day Suni attempts to convince Laurel to change her mind regarding her attitude to Amit whilst also to change his Dad’s mind about leaving.

Laurel tries to find out from Nicky why Amit punched him, neither aware Amit is watching suspiciously, worried his secret could get out.

Suni books a night out with Nicky, Gabby and Ethan for the next day. But with Suni untrusting whether Nicky has kept the secret he dumps Nicky, but is instantly regretful.

Suni tries to distance himself from his father and soon their relationship seems broken. Will Amit be able to make things up with his family before he goes? And can Suni and Nicky make up or will something go wrong on the night out at the bar?


There is still unfinished business between Caleb and Tracy. Before long under the guise of a business transaction, Caleb admits his attraction to Tracy and they have a passionate kiss.

The next day, Tracy’s flustered when he asks her to meet him back at his place after the pub. Later, Caleb drinks a glass of wine at Mill Cottage, handing a second to an unknown other person.

The next day Tracy’s determined to put all thoughts of Caleb behind her and convinces Nate to take an afternoon off together. But it is Cain’s birthday and the family gathers.

Tracy’s flushed to have Caleb sitting so close to her, and finds an excuse to head into the toilet corridor. Caleb follows her and the passion fizzes and they kiss.

Almost caught by Cain, they head back through to the Woolie Bar, Caleb uneasy to see Tracy go back to Nate.

Later when Caleb leaves, Tracy follows.. But surely she’s playing with fire?


Gail is pushing Ryan to be more open with his feelings hoping to reconnect fully with him emotionally

Ethan’s week ends with a worrying invitation whilst Suni is not in a good place.

Tracy accepts a job.

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