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Upcoming Episode Spoilers

Monday 16th January (Episode 10852/53)

Aaron and Billy are worried when they can’t get hold of Summer.

Mike unlocks the nursery door to find Summer inside unconscious – his plan has gone badly wrong.

Tyrone and Fiz are horrified to discover Hope has been listening to a John Stape cassette.

Amy reveals that Jacob has gone, but Nick fears that Damon has got to him.

Jenny is impressed at Stephen’s kindness.

Wednesday 18th January (Episode 10854/55)

When Mike tells the police that Summer was extorting them, Paul takes things too far.

Teddy’s memory starts to return.

Nick is wary when Damon suddenly seems on side, and soon learns the truth about the businessman’s dodgy history.

Daniel vows to track down Daisy’s old friends and invite them to the wedding.

Fiz and Tyrone get a new pet.

Friday 20th January (Episode 10856/57)

Stephen kills again.

When Daisy gets another bouquet of flowers, she points the finger at the wrong man. Who is her admirer?

Gemma decides on a new business idea.

Fiz and Tyrone begin to regret their new pet.

Monday 23rd January, 8pm (Episode 10858/10859)

Sarah tells Stephen he should wipe the factory CCTV footage so that Carla doesn’t find out she met Michael.

Stephen is left shocked when he realises there’ll be footage of him attacking Teddy, but an oblivious Sarah shows him how to delete it.

Daisy comes face to face with Justin, but the surprises don’t end there as her mum Christina walks into the pub.

Gemma and Chesney both try out new business ideas, as Chensey reveals he wants to have his own burger joint.

Sally offers Fiz some tips after Fiz admits that her sex life is in a bit of a rut.

Gary confides in Alya that he’s worried for Maria’s safety.

Wednesday 25th January, 8pm (Episode 10860/10861)

As Maria delivers her speech at the refugee drop-in centre, Blake is outside live-streaming a racist rant and promising to put a stop to it

Max watches the stream as it becomes clear Blake’s target is Maria. Will Max tell anyone what Blake is up to?

Evelyn becomes convinced that Tyrone is about to embark on another affair. Having followed Tyrone to a hotel bar, Evelyn and Roy watch as a blonde lady parks herself at Tyrone’s table and he squeezes her thigh!

When Stephen comes face to face with an old business associate, Dick Havisham, he’s humiliated that Dick has found him helping Kirk out in packing.

Daisy receives a box of chocolates with a note saying “Sorry!” and assumes they’re from her Mum, but they’re really from Justin.

Thursday 26th January, 9pm (10862/10863)

Max realises the consequences of his actions as Blake tells the police it was Max’s videos which inspired his stabbing spree.

David, Adam and Sarah are shocked at the array of racist material on Max’s computer.

Max is arrested.

Peanut looks like a chinchilla killer.

Carla fires Stephen for lying to Dick Havisham and making out he’s a senior consultant.

Daniel tries to build bridges between Daisy and her mum, which just leaves Daisy furious.

Monday 30th January, 8pm (10864/10865)

David learns that they’re escalating Max’s charges, and vows to find the money to pay for the best possible defence.

Hope intends to have her revenge for the death of Cilla the chinchilla and needs Sam’s help.

Daisy tells Daniel and Christina how she intends to get some wedding freebies through her social media, as she receives several messages on her phone from Justin asking why she blocked him.

Gemma accuses Chesney of putting his business venture before their wedding, but a gesture from Paul could change their fortunes.

Wednesday 1st February (10866/10867)

Jenny and Christine butt heads over Daisy.

Hope’s caught weasel-handed.

Nick senses Damon is hiding something.

David confides in Maria that Max is refusing to take his calls.

Friday 3rd February (10868/10869)

Damon’s bad influence rubs off on Sam.

Daniel sees past the monster in Justin.

Eileen returns from Thailand, and presents Todd with some boxing gloves as a present. When George has a go, he takes a swing at Todd, accidentally cracking his tooth.