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Levi finally decides to ask Bea out, but his timing is all wrong as Bea has met a handsome stranger, Nathan.

Richie and Mackenzie discuss taking the next physical step in their relationship.

Nicolette resists her enforced volunteering at the Buddy Club foundation while Audrey revels in it.


Roxy counsels Mackenzie to tell Richie about her doubts about sleeping together for the first time.

Jane mentions to Nicolette that she saw Dipi kissing a man dressed as The Phantom of the Opera during the treasure hunt, and Nicolette realises Pierce was the only man wearing that costume.


Shane is excited to reveal the finished sunroom to Dipi, but she doesn’t come home after prioritising one last fling with Pierce.

Chloe shares her excitement for her romantic dinner with Pierce to Nicolette.

Nicolette realises that Chloe will need to see evidence of the affair for herself, so sets a plan in motion.


After finding Dipi and Pierce together, Chloe flees straight into Nicolette’s arms.

Shane’s still waiting for Dipi to return home to surprise her with the sunroom, but Dipi has her own surprise for him.

Paul is angry about losing his leverage with Pierce, who drops the bombshell about the blackmail when he comes looking for Hendrix.


Confused and angry at Dipi’s withdrawal, Shane is tempted by Richie’s ADHD medication.

Pierce learns that Chloe had the necklace and accuses Nicolette of planting it at Harold’s.

A worried Jane observes Nicolette’s keen investment in Chloe.


After her outburst, Mackenzie finally opens up to Richie about her insecurities.

Bea continues messaging Nathan, unaware of his connection to Levi.


Levi decides that he wants to meet with Nathan and put the past behind him, unaware that he’s dating Bea.

Toadie is impressed with Audrey’s efforts with the foundation, inviting her to dinner.


A heated argument between Shane and Dipi is interrupted by an unexpected arrival – Jay.

Chloe gives Pierce the faintest of hopes about a chance for fixing things.

Unable to sleep, Pierce heads off for a workout, but things take a shocking turn.


After his heart attack scare, Pierce’s bloodwork shows evidence of stimulants that he knows he didn’t take.

Dipi suspects Shane drugged Pierce, leading her to admit to Jane that her marriage is over.

David is set to fly to Canada to begin the surrogacy process, but Nicolette comes forward with an offer just before he leaves.


Sheila decides to meet with Nathan to help get some closure, but when Bea and Levi interrupt the meeting, everyone is horrified to learn that Bea has been dating Levi’s attacker.

Everyone is shocked by Nicolette’s offer to be David and Aaron’s surrogate, leaving the couple with a lot to consider.


With tensions still running high between Hendrix and Pierce, all Hendrix wants to do now that exams are over is to party.

Shane is pleased that Dipi agrees to talk with him, but she later reneges on the meeting, leaving Shane at breaking point.

Bea questions her taste in men.



The boys are ready to let loose at Schoolies.

Hendrix finds out about “The Ladder”, an app that the boys at school are using to rank their female classmates.

Pierce heads off to the campsite after Hendrix steals his car, with the rest of the Ramsay Street men eventually tagging along.

Shane’s grievances with Pierce get the better of him on the road and things turn physical between the pair once everyone’s at the campsite.


Shane tells Dipi that he’s tabling his efforts to fix their marriage to work on himself privately, which comes as a relief to Dipi.

Pierce arrives home with the sad realisation that things are over for him and Chloe, which devastates Hendrix.

Richie is ashamed when he admits to Mackenzie that he submitted her to “The Ladder”.


Dipi is devastated and bewildered when Pierce tells her they have no future together.

Yashvi is quick to offer Dipi support but is much less sympathetic towards Shane.

Nicolette is gutted by her mother’s lack of faith in her and delivers Jane a painful ultimatum.


Susan notices spark between Toadie and Audrey when to two agree to have dinner together.

Karl discovers an anonymous $50,000 donation towards his Movember campaign.

Discussing things over a few wines, David, Aaron and Nicolette jump into a spur of the moment decision.


Sheila tries to throw a spanner in the works when she learns that Levi is helping Nathan and Bea to reconnect.

David has concerns about the decision they’ve made.

Paul is horrified with David and Aaron’s decision, urging David to call the whole thing off.


Pierce reveals he’s moving to Sydney, and that if Hendrix wants to stay in Erinsborough, he’ll have to support himself.

After arriving back from Sydney to be by Nathan’s side, Bea is soon torn between two men after a moment with Levi.

Shane worries that Pierce and Chloe’s divorce could mean that Dipi and Pierce will officially get together.


The Kennedys welcome Hendrix into their open with open arms, but he’ll have to get a job and pay rent.

As Pierce says goodbye to Chloe, he offers one last private warning about Nicolette.

Dipi breaks down in tears after she bids Pierce farewell.


Nicolette sees that Audrey is becoming very involved in the community and fears this will lead to their secret being exposed.

Chloe doesn’t know what to make of Pierce’s warning. Aaron doesn’t believe a word for it, but David fears it may be true and Paul believes it wholeheartedly.


Kyle learns that Bossy’s brain tumour has returned so decided to fly back to Germany for one last cuddle.

Nicolette stews over Audrey’s budding romance with Toadie, planting a seed of doubt with Karl that Audrey is obsessive and Toadie should be cautious.

Sheila mistakes Clive’s kindness for romantic interest.


Sheila is determined to rekindle her relationship with Clive.

Hendrix is furious to learn that Ollie was the one who reported him for driving unlicensed.

Bea learns from Roxy that Levi still has feelings for her.


The Rebecchi family come together to clean up Harold’s after it’s trashed, leading Shane to ask about Dipi’s true feelings for Pierce.

Finally listening to Ned’s parallels between their relationship and her parents, Yashvi realises she was too hard on her father.

Hendrix manages to delete the CCTV footage of the complex for Jay, making him late for his first day of work.


Roxy spikes the punch at the Kennedy’s Christmas party to loosen Bea and Levi up.

Yashvi apologies to Shane over her treatment of him.

Sheila is determined to win Clive back at the Christmas party, but is unintentionally blocked by Jane.

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