We explore all of the 2021 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

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Glen is thrown when Terese offers him a room at her place, hoping he will be her sober companion.

Levi’s left reeling by a false accusation from Zara, and Amy doesn’t know what to believe.

Zara’s selfish behaviour continues to frustrate Toadie.


Toadie is horrified to discover the jelly shot that was given to Nell was full of vodka, thanks to Zara.

Roxy and Kyle are excited for their hen and stag parties, but things take a turn when Roxy finds out Mick has managed to upset everyone in the wedding party.


Despite Roxy’s defeated declaration that the wedding is off, Kyle refuses to give up and everyone pitches in to help make the day happen.

Will Roxy reconsider?

With Glen and Terese under one roof, it’s a pressure cooker of unspoken frisson.


Seeing Glen and Sharon together at the wedding proves too much for Terese, who finally admits her feelings to Susan.

Despite the overcast day, the wedding party is brimming with excited preparations for Kyle and Roxy’s big day, but will the storm get the better of them?


Terese returns to the site of the Flamingo Bar seven days after tragedy strikes.

It’s a sombre mood in the Tanaka house, with Leo hit hard by a loss.

Terese feels responsible for a terrible accident and, in an attempt to make amends, makes a surprising decision.


Leo’s nearest and dearest rally around to help him manage, but Leo’s hellbent on doing everything himself.

Levi discovers a mysterious woman hovering around the site of the accident.

Paul keeps his cool about Terese’s decision to move in with him.


Kyle rallies the troops at the vineyard to clean up the storm damage for Leo.

As Terese cares for Paul, the spark that brought them together comes back to life.

Levi’s mystery woman keeps gathering tidbits about him for some unknown reason.


Levi can’t say no when Sheila sets him up on a date with the intriguing Freya.

Amy, stressed about supporting herself and Zara without the Flamingo Bar, makes an impulsive purchase to stay afloat.

Zara’s hopes for a fresh start at Erinsborough High are dashed.


As Kyle and Roxy embark on their honeymoon, Kyle slaps on extra testosterone patches so he can perform in the bedroom.

Amy is shocked by Zara’s actions at school, but Zara is only acting up because she wants to spend time with Amy.


Abandoned by Zara, Amy is in dire straits, struggling to breathe and unable to save herself.

Will Ned arrive in time to get her to the hospital?

Terese is enjoying taking care of Paul, but she is still conflicted about their relationship.


A grief-stricken Leo juggles work and Abigail, but all he can think about is Britney and his desire for revenge.

Determined, Paul convinces Terese to return to marriage counselling, even though their last session was disastrous, and he actually has a personal breakthrough.


Leo is burning himself out. Paul is shocked to learn that Terese not only moved in out of guilt, but also had feelings for Glen.

In the midst of another sexy date, Levi opens up to a sympathetic Freya about his childhood.

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