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Upcoming episodes


The Hive launch is a success, but Ned is preoccupied with trying to convince his subscriber he was only passing through Erinsborough.

Levi buddies up with Dax to try and infiltrate the ring, leaving Yashvi to continue their secret investigation.


Chloe and Pierce receive favourable results from the baby’s Huntingon’s disease test.

River names Yashvi as his attacker, leaving Dax to suspend her from duty.

After receiving an awkward response from Nicolette after sharing her good news, Chloe pushes Nicolette to reveal what is going on.


Rose shows interest in a specific case Toadie is working on, offering to assist him, but he politely declines.

Nicolette insists she needs to move out after her declaration of love, but Chloe asks her to stay until they find a replacement nurse.

Harlow and Mackenzie are campaigning peacefully, but Paul, Hendrix and Richie have other ideas.


Hendrix catches Rose snooping in Toadie’s office, making a deal with her to keep his silence.

Yashvi goes to the school to try and flush out the dealer, but it soon goes horribly wrong.

Hendrix sends Mackenzie’s speech to Harlow, passing it off as his own work.


Shane discharges himself from rehab early, leaving Toadie and Dipi disappointed.

A hostage situation at the school leaves several lives in danger.

Levi finally comes clean to his family about his epilepsy.


Levi realises Dax will tell all his colleagues about his epilepsy so decides to come clean with them too.

Dipi agrees to let Shane stay in Erinsborough but warns he better not let the family down.

Ned receives another enticing Fandangle request that could solve all his financial issues.


Chloe is blindsided when Pierce suggest moving away from Ramsay Street to a bigger place for their growing family.

Kyle worries about Shane’s reliance on Roxy, asking her to pull back from being his main support.


Hendrix comes clean to Toadie about Rose.

After clearing her head with a long walk, Chloe experiences a shooting pain in her stomach.

Mackenzie is elected to the youth advisor role and decides to give her relationship with Richie another shot.


Shane offers to help Dipi at Harold’s but ends up fumbling around, resulting in Dipi pleading for him to go back to rehab.

Toadie confronts Rose about Hendrix’s accusations.

Things at the hospital aren’t looking good.


Shane decides to stay home from the baby shower, with Susan dropping by to check up on him to check in on him.

David and Aaron discuss their options of the possibility of going down to surrogacy route.

Chloe insists on going ahead with the baby shower, despite Pierce and Nicolette trying to talk her out of it.


Pierce discovers Nicolette’s feelings for Chloe, demanding she move out immediately.

Shane puts aside his own struggles to reach out to Dipi.

Ned’s biggest Fandangle fan seems to know exactly where Ned is, even while on a mini-break with Yasvhi.


Ned’s mystery fan attempts to blackmail him with the video footage, wanting Ned to paint a portrait of her as a wedding gift for her new fiancé.

After an action-packed Krav Maga workout with Bea to take his mind off the future of his career, Levi begins to see her in a whole new light.


Sheila tampers with Levi’s test results.

When Rose’s accounts freeze, she melts down and Toadie softens to her betrayal.

Tormented by his crazy fan, Ned outlines his strict conditions and agrees to the deal.


Susan is appalled to learn that Karl and Jane have been bulk buying and hoarding grocery items, demanding they donate them to charity.

Rose convinces Toadie and Mackenzie to help her by offering their time to test her beauty treatment skills.

Sheila comes clean to Levi about tampering with his medical review.


Levi is furious at Sheila for meddling with his medical assessment.

Fay urges Chloe to open up about how she is feeling, with Fay eventually deciding to return to Adelaide.


Pierce and Chloe decide to use Dipi’s cooking class as a bonding session to help fix their marriage.

Susan is annoyed when she learns that Karl and Jane haven’t actually donated their bulk buys to charity. Instead, they’ve bargained with Nicolette to stash them in The Doug Out.

Shane interrupts Dipi’s cooking class, wearing Dipi’s patience thin and causing Pierce to lash out at Shane when he notices Dipi is about to breakdown.


With tensions rising in both the Rebecchi and Greyson marriages, Dipi and Pierce end up seeking refuge at Lassiter’s for the night.

Ned begins painting his crazed fan’s portrait while she toys with taunting him about his relationship with Yasvhi.

Tempted to tun to drugs, Toadie supports Shane through the night.


Just when things seem to be on the right track for Chloe and Pierce figuring their problems out, Chloe decides to visit Fay in Adelaide sans Pierce.

Ned is forced to come clean to Yashvi about Fandangle.

Shane is surprised at how forgiving Dipi is about everything, unaware that she’s filled with guilt about the night before.


Roxy and Bea decide to take action and confront Ned’s crazy stalker at her home.

The future of Ned and Yashvi’s relationship becomes uncertain in the face of his confession.

Mackenzie gives Rose some subtle hints about where she can find James’s hidden assets.


Nicolette finds out that she was accepted for the room in the share house.

Toadie points Rose in the direction of James’ hidden assets, suggesting she cook him dinner to thank him.


Nicolette uses her charm to get Aaron and David to agree on letting her stay.

James confronts Toadie and Rose, threatening to sue Toadie for his role in alerting Rose to his business assets.

Jane and Karl come up with a mysterious and cost-effective plan to protect their hoard.


Worried that he’s the cause of the tension between Dipi and Pierce, Shane organises a double date to help fix things for both couples.

Reaching maximum capacity under the house at in the Doug Out, Karl and Jane take extreme measures to protect their goods.

Mackenzie and Toadie learn that James and Rose still love one another.


Shane’s dinner party is certainly interesting, but the tension is broken between Dipi and Pierce.

Ned and Yashvi aren’t talking, leading Ned to suggest he cancel his exhibition to spend time fixing things with Yashvi.


An important art critic is in attendance at Ned’s exhibition, but no one expects what happens when he unveils his portrait of Yashvi.

Shane and Chloe bail on their partners, leaving Dipi and Pierce on a date, sharing wine and their deepest thoughts & feelings.

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