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The police question Ned about the bloody palette knife in the maze and blood in the boot of his car.

Nicolette ignores the Facebook message from someone desperate to get in contact with her, resulting in a text from a stranger claiming to know where she is.

Ned is distraught to hear that Yashvi can no longer say with certainty that he wouldn’t hurt Scarlett.


Try as she might, Nicolette is unable to prevent her mystery message sender from coming, and her friend Audrey arrives from Canberra,

Chloe and Pierce try to reconnect, but when she turns to thinking about her lost friendship with Nicolette, Pierce accuses her of having her mind on Nicolette instead of their marriage.

Nicolette and Audrey discuss their big secret, and Audrey reveals she can no longer live with her guilt.


Pierce seeks out Audrey to get some inside information about Nicolette, leaving Nicolette and Chloe furious and hurt.

Dipi feels resentful after another fight with Shane, thinking her feelings come second to his.

A wine-fuelled evening turns steamy for Dipi and Pierce when they turn to each other for emotional support.


Susan delivers and ultimatum – Karl and Jane must leave their hoarding in the past or Jane will have to move out.

Clive tries to stop Sheila from running, resulting in the BBQ toppling and crashing on top of Kyle.

Pierce and Dipi acknowledge that their indiscretion has helped reinvigorate them to work on their marriages.


As Kyle gets treatment for his burns, Clive tries to get to the bottom of why Sheila acted the way she did.

Ned starts to withdraw from everyone as he experiences horrifying daytime hallucinations.

Levi thinks Ned is lying, but Bea is adamant that the evidence doesn’t add up, which Yashvi agrees with.


Confiding in Paul, Ned feels his dreams are more like memories, scared that might mean he really did hurt Scarlett

Yashvi’s unwavering loyalty starts to wear Ned down, causing him to reveal something shocking to Paul and Terese

Due to her close connection to Ned, Yashvi is removed from the case


Dipi tries to focus on the marriage she has, rather than the fantasy of what could be.

Ned is determined to tell the police what he remembered during Beverley’s session, no matter the consequences.

Pierce reveals he’s planning to name a wine after Chloe.


Scarlett watches as Ned gets hauled off in handcuffs, but her anger and irritation soon shifts to Bea after hearing herself being ridiculed

Trying to help Yashvi with the case, Shane’s snooping soon brings more stress to the family

As Ned’s exhibition paintings are moved in storage, Ned is determined to dispose of his portrait but finds it mysteriously gone


After observing some tension between Audrey and Nicolette, he becomes suspicious that Nicolette is bullying Audrey.

Dipi and Pierce are tired of fighting for their marriages and crave something easier.

When Karl arrives at the school looking for Jane, it’s the final straw for Susan and she wants Jane out.


Dipi is less than thrilled with a trip away that Shane has planned, especially when Pierce outlines a much more romantic version of what a trip away with him would look like.

Hendrix’s concerns about Chloe & Pierce’s marriage grows, especially when he sees Nicolette taking advantage of the tensions.

Jane realises that Nicolette’s time in London coincided with Mrs Mangel’s death, confronting her daughter about whether the two events are connected.


Terese borrows Bea’s van while her car in being service, losing control of the vehicle and driving straight into Kyle.

Jane learns that the stress of Nicolette’s confrontation with Mrs Mangel may have led to her death, derailing everything they’ve worked to resolve.


Bea inspects the van and finds a puncture in the steering wheel fluid line.

Ned thinks he catches a glimpse of Scarlett.

Terese’s claims remind Levi of the accident that killed Scarlett’s parents.


Kyle, now on crutches to accompany his burnt arm, is paranoid that a third injury is right around the corner and so accident-proofs the house.

Ned moves into The Hive to protect his family, unaware he’s wandered right into Scarlett’s hiding place.

Bea, Yashvi, Ned and Levi are all convinced that Scarlett is alive, but Detective Graves isn’t convinced.


Ned worries about the emotional repercussions of Yashvi’s plan to stage a fake wedding to draw Scarlett out of hiding.

Pierce hears that Lisa has had her baby, withdrawing from Chloe and seeking comfort from Dipi.

Exchanging their fake vows, Ned and Yashvi are moved by their words to one another.


Despite falling victim to her own acid attack, Scarlett refuses to co-operate with police

Seeing Pierce offer his support to Dipi after hearing about what happened to Yashvi and Ned, Chloe is reminded of what a good guy her husband is

Paul stumbles upon Dipi and Pierce at Lassiters


It’s Nicolette’s birthday, but she’s struggling to enjoy the day with the tension between her and Jane

Paul is nothing but smug with the knowledge of Pierce’s dirty little secret, wasting no time to use it to his advantage


Exam stress is getting to Harlow, only worsening when she finds out she’s too late to apply for special consideration, leaving Hendrix to put himself on the line to try and help her

Pierce must decide to either come clean with Chloe or sell his share of Lassiters

Jane and Nicolette finally sit down and talk about everything surrounding Mrs Mangel’s death, both finally finding some closure


Audrey keeps trying to wiggle her way into Nicolette’s life, causing Nicolette to snap and admit she has no intention of paying the money back

Concerned about his grandmother in the wake of her breakup with Clive, Kyle sets up an online dating profile for Sheila

Terese confiscates Harlow’s phone to remove unnecessary distractions while studying, leaving Hendrix worried that Harlow is upset at him for sending her photos of the exam paper


Dipi has a close call when Nell finds the diamond necklace in her room, and while she’s able to convince Shane it’s just costume jewellery, she begins to wonder how much longer she can keep lying

Harlow is caught with the photos of the biology exam paper on her phone

Pierce reveals to Dipi that Paul knows about their affair, but that he’s brokered a deal to keep him quiet



Chloe and Hendrix are shocked when Pierce brings up the idea of moving away.

Ned’s painting of Scarlett is returned and Yashvi wants to get rid of it.

Jane spots Dipi kissing a costumed man after emerging from the hotel, unaware that it’s Pierce and not Shane.


Bea takes the leap to ask Levi out, but he’s distracted and vague, forcing her to leave the ball in his court.

Ned is shocked to learn that Yashvi has destroyed the portrait of Scarlett, dividing the pair.

Kyle tracks down one of Levi’s assailants, thinking it’s exactly what his family needs to put the past behind them.


Levi finally decides to ask Bea out, but his timing is all wrong as Bea has met a handsome stranger, Nathan.

Richie and Mackenzie discuss taking the next physical step in their relationship.

Nicolette resists her enforced volunteering at the Buddy Club foundation while Audrey revels in it.


Roxy counsels Mackenzie to tell Richie about her doubts about sleeping together for the first time.

Jane mentions to Nicolette that she saw Dipi kissing a man dressed as The Phantom of the Opera during the treasure hunt, and Nicolette realises Pierce was the only man wearing that costume.


Shane is excited to reveal the finished sunroom to Dipi, but she doesn’t come home after prioritising one last fling with Pierce.

Chloe shares her excitement for her romantic dinner with Pierce to Nicolette.

Nicolette realises that Chloe will need to see evidence of the affair for herself, so sets a plan in motion.

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