Neighbours Spoilers and News

We explore all of the 2019 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.



14th-18th January

There is panic in the Waterhole after Terese is shot. After she is rushed to hospital, Leo confronts Delaney and demands that she confess everything to the police.

Ivan Renshaw is collared by Ned and Mark, but Raymond is still at large. He’s holed up in Harold’s when Yashvi recognises him. He draws his gun and holds everyone hostage.

Raymond takes everyone’s phones, but Kirsha has already called the police.

Leo tries to persuade Delaney to talk to her father, but she can’t go through with it. Instead, he offers himself up as a hostage, distracting Raymond to enable the police to mount a rescue.

A remorseful Paul refuses to leave Terese’s bedside, and confesses his guilt to Jane.

When Terese needs urgent surgery, Paul arranges for a specialist to be flown in.

Jane realises that Paul will never stop loving Terese and leaves town. Piper is confused when she hears a semi-comatose Terese call out Paul’s name.

After Delaney makes a mysterious phone call, Leo arranges to meet a visitor, but what’s he getting himself into?

Delaney’s mystery contact is Mannix, whom Leo and Paul thought to be dead.

It was he who told the Renshaws that Leo was the informant.

He now causes more trouble by trying to blackmail David over his role in providing painkillers, but David sends him packing then confesses to Karl, after which he is suspended from his job.

Ned is not happy when Bea admits that she visited Shaun, who confessed to telling Susan a pack of lies about Finn.

While cleaning up after the siege, Gary and Dipi fall asleep in Harold’s, and next morning Sheila sees them leaving together.

Sonya and Toadie are embarrassed after they accidentally set off a smoke alarm in the Waterhole.

21st-25th January 2018

Sheila suspects that Dipi and Gary are having an affair after they both lie about where they spent last night.

Pushed by Aaron to open up, Chloe admits that she’s in love with Elly.

Sonya comes up with an idea to benefit the community by planting a friendship tree, and Toadie offers his support after being initially sceptical.

After some soul-searching, Terese agrees to resume her relationship with Leo, despite Piper’s doubts.

Hoping to cheer up his sister, Aaron invites Mel, a former girlfriend of Chloe’s, to visit Erinsborough.

Fay learns that she has the Huntington’s gene and decides to visit Tyler in Bali. David’s pet dog Reggie goes missing while out on a walk.

During discussions about Lassiter’s, Piper notices that there is still a spark between Paul and Terese and tells him to back off.

David and Mrs. Punt, the late Valerie Grundy’s sister, have a stormy argument over who should have custody of Reggie.

Ned lays his heart on the line to Bea, but she struggles to forgive him for the incident with Shaun.

After Paul avoids her, Terese agrees to let Leo move back in with her – but is it for the right reasons?

After spotting Gary and Dipi talking about Amy’s return, Sheila voices her erroneous suspicions about them to Yashvi, which leads to Shane confronting Gary just as it seems that he might be getting back with Amy.

Bea and Ned are reconciled.

Mel turns up at the Brennan household, but Chloe’s reaction is the opposite of what Aaron had hoped for.

Dipi and Gary clear up Sheila’s misunderstanding, explaining all to Shane, Sheila, Amy, and Yashvi.

Although Amy is reluctant to take Gary back, he remains hopeful.

Sonya goes to water the newly-planted friendship tree but collapses in pain.

28th January – 1st February


Sonya learns that she has a cyst on her ovary. The specialist strongly recommends that it should be removed immediately, but the surgery involves some risks, including a possible hysterectomy.

Chloe refuses to speak to Mel, and the messy story emerges of their falling out while running a subletting business in Jamaica.

Elly persuades Chloe to hear Mel’s side of the story.


Sonya goes into surgery but the news is grim. The specialist tells her and Toadie that the cyst was malignant and the cancer has spread through her entire body.

Mel apologises to Chloe for her previous behaviour and begs for another chance while taking the opportunity to make friends with David, Amy, and Mark. Chloe is non-committal but agrees to letting Mel stay in Erinsborough.


Sonya is shocked at her diagnosis but immediately resolves to fight, asking Toadie to keep her condition a secret. Despite being affected, Karl insists on remaining a part of her medical team.

Terese is not happy that Paul seems to be avoiding her, but Piper admits that she’s told him to stay away.

Mark is delighted when his appeal to rejoin the police is successful.


Terese sets matters straight with Paul, but is left wondering what she really wants.

Chloe and Bea have radically different ideas for Elly’s hen party, but Elly decides to combine them.

Mel is looking for a business and sees Amy’s Robinson Pines development as a golden opportunity. She goes behind Chloe’s back to gain access to her work computer.


Amy is caught on the hop when a number of potential buyers turn up for her reception several hours early.

Mel, who has engineered the situation, offers her services as a sales person and impresses Paul so much that he offers her a role in the project. Gary also rushes to Amy’s aid, but is given the cold shoulder.

Chloe later invites Mel out for a few drinks as the two rebuild their friendship.