We explore all of the 2020 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

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Bea feels betrayed by her family after Elly’s confession, especially when Susan reveals she knew too.

Aaron thinks David isn’t ready to work.

Sheila confronts Karl with a theory about Finn and Susan, leaving Karl to wonder if it is actually true.


Mackenzie arrives to ask the Rebecchis an important question, but their grief over their friend’s death makes her hesitate.

Fearing he may never trust his skills as a doctor again, Mark shows David Finn’s video diaries to help him understand what went wrong with Finn.

Kyle dreads returning to work at The 82.


Elly, Bea and Susan watch Finn’s video diaries and all react differently to the content.

Mackenzie and her aunt are to move interstate, unless the Rebecchis let her move in.


Mackenzie and Roxy come up with a plan to make sure Mackenzie stays in Erinsborough – she pretends to live at No. 22 while actually still staying at her aunt’s flat.

Claudia arrives and the Kennedys are wary of what fresh drama she could bring.

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