We explore all of the 2022 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

Neighbours in the UK is currently ahead of the Australian airings, so UK readers will want to scroll down a little for the latest spoilers.

Beneath each episode is both the UK and Aussie air dates, so just scroll down until you get to the relevant week.

Upcoming episodes

Episode 8834

David admits he plans to accept the full force of the law, leaving Aaron terrified.

Eager to introduce her Mum to her friends, Kiri invites Glen to dinner.

Episode 8835

Aaron tries to stay positive as David and Freya spiral. It’ll take more than positivity to get them out of this mess…

Paul sees Terese and Glen looking more than friendly, and he joins forces with Nicolette.

Episode 8836

As Fashion week looms, will Harlow and Ned be able to resist their undeniable attraction?

Hyped about Fashion Week, Mackenzie continues to bail on her commitments.

Montana’s gesture convinces Karl this is the beginning of his and Susan’s new, luxurious life…

Episode 8837

Lassiters Fashion Week by Montana Marcel kicks off, and Paul’s scheming is about to pay off…

Leo’s gin launch is a runaway success, but he can’t help longing for Montana.

Unable to deny his feelings for Harlow, Ned agrees to break up with Amy.

Episode 8838

Shocked by the infidelity, Amy demands an explanation from Ned.

The police arrive to arrest Montana early, and Fashion Week falls apart, just as Paul planned.

Susan is furious at Karl as she learns about his investment.

Episode 8839

With Lucy’s arrival in Erinsborough, things turn from bad to worse for Terese.

Glen discovers that Nicolette is digging into his past.

Susan kicks Karl out of the house after learning there’s no chance of getting their money back.

Episode 8840

Hendrix’s attempts to cheer Mackenzie up are interrupted by a serious coughing fit.

With Karl being the housemate from hell, Paul enlists Jane to help mend the Kennedys’ rift.

Nicolette bombards Lucy with questions about Glen.

Episode 8841

A devastated Hendrix reels from his diagnosis.

Corey isolates Harlow from her loved ones, as she feels judged and ashamed from the revelation.

Episode 8842

Ned realises he can’t make things work with Amy or Harlow, and decides to leave Erinsborough.

Ned’s decision hits Amy hard, as she suspects she’s pregnant.

Hendrix is frustrated about the Rodwells moving onto Ramsay Street.

Episode 8843

Ned says his final farewells as Amy panics she may be pregnant.

Nicolette and Paul uncover Glen’s big secrets.

Saddened by her empty house, Terese is once again comforted by the thought of Glen.

Episode 8844

Ramsay Street is shocked to learn Glen is Kiri’s biological father.

Corey’s manipulation of Harlow begins to attract suspicion from David.

Could Freya be Corey’s next target?

Episode 8845

A heart-to-heart brings Terese and Glen closer than ever.

A visit from Barbara helps answer some of Kiri’s questions.

Karl helps Hendrix as he has another coughing fit – is his fatherly concern helping Susan soften towards him?

Episode 8846

It looks like Kiri’s “daddy issues” are far from over…

The Rodwells have moved onto Ramsay Street, and invite the neighbours to a barbecue.

Episode 8847

Harlow is oblivious to the danger she faces at the hands of Corey.

The news of Hendrix’s condition causes shockwaves around Ramsay Street. Now he has to face his family…

The Rodwells consider moving away. Can the Kennedys help them make it work?

Episode 8848

Melanie feels like a third wheel in her own relationship.

Freya accepts Levi’s olive branch.

Corey further isolates a vulnerable Harlow.

Episode 8849

Can Glen convince Kiri to keep her job and stay in Erinsborough?

A desperate Corey whisks Harlow away for a weekend trip.

Episode 8850

The battle lines are drawn as Paul and Terese thrash out their divorce settlement.

Hendrix decides he won’t be telling his family about his condition.

Are Chloe and Kiri playing with fire?

Episode 8851

Emotions run high as Hendrix takes Mackenzie to Sydney to see his family.

Episode 8852

Hendrix and Mackenzie celebrate happy news.

Freya goes looking for Harlow and finds trouble.

Episode 8853

With Freya unconscious, Corey whisks Harlow to a new location.

Seeing Chloe and Kiri’s closeness, Nicolette decides to start again.

Chloe realises she’s crossed a line and puts boundaries in place.

Episode 8854

Will Harlow’s tormentors be brought down?

Have Freya’s heroic actions earned her a second chance with Levi?

Glen suffers an accident at the vineyard.

Episode 8855

Chloe snaps when Paul makes her deal with another work issue above her pay grade.

Glen is brought into hospital, fearing he’s suffered permanent damage.

Terese is furious to discover Paul has been hiding assets.

Episode 8856

Hendrix gets a gift of a lifetime at his engagement party.

Terese is rocked by a blast from her past.

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