We explore all of the 2021 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

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Amy instigates a mature heart-to-heart with Evelyn to help her understand their relationship.

Melanie is keeping her distance after Toadie and Rose’s kiss, going so far as to meet up with her ex Justin Buke.


Toadie makes a bold romantic gesture, hoping to remind Melanie of what makes them great as a couple, but it backfires massively.

Levi decides to crash Amy’s sauna session, but Ned’s already there.

Kyle attaches a mini camera to Gary the pigeon, but the footage he captures is a little more risqué than Kyle could have imagined.


Terese insists on visiting Julie Quill in prison.

Rose wastes no time comforting Toadie in his heartbreak.

Paul is forced to reveal the full extent of his deception to David.


Although dinner with Rose is fun, Toadie makes it clear that nothing is going to happen between them, just yet.

Terese is left feeling bereft when she learns that Jesse has handed in his resignation and is moving to Sydney.

Harlow learns that the Lassiters’ staff receive a free drink at the end of their shift without Paul’s knowledge.


Harlow decides not to inform Paul and Terese of the free drinks for staff, but quickly regrets her choice.

Toadie is thrown when Nell questions Amy’s relationships after seeing her physically close with both Ned and Levi.


Rose organises a family picnic for Toadie for Father’s Day now that Melanie’s plans for the day are no longer happening.

After her confrontation with Toadie, Amy has a suggestion to keep both her relationships and their friendship intact.


Melanie launches a secret project to win Toadie back with the help of Susan and Mackenzie.

Aaron and David revel in their first Father’s Day as a family of three, unaware that someone has taken an interest in them.


After gentle encouragement from Karl, a reluctant Hendrix visits the Testicular Cancer Testing Booth, shocked by what he discovers.

Rose is upset when her date with Toadie at the Film Festival is interrupted by a screening of Melanie’s ‘Ode To Toad’.

Aaron and David arrive with Isla at the festival, excited for their daddies/daughter date.


All of Ramsay Street pitch in to help find Isla.

Levi finds a desperate Britney and the baby at the community centre where she reveals a shocking piece of information.


Three households are thrown into chaos as the truth of what has really been going on over the past few months finally comes to light.


Tensions are high between David, Aaron and Nicolette, with the latter declaring their original parenting arrangement will not go ahead.

Already disgusted by Paul’s actions, the final blow for Terese comes when she learns the truth about Jesse’s departure.


Leo and Britney agree to work things out between them, but the cracks in their dynamic quickly begin to show.

David and Aaron struggle to bond with Isla and a different option is laid on the table by David.

Hendrix convinces himself he’s dying of cancer, despite not being tested further.


Roxy winds up with a twisted ankle after her night out with Hendrix.

When Karl can’t find the prize money Melanie said she left on his table, he accuses her of pulling a swifty.

Levi and Ned feel terrible about leaving Amy alone on the first night in her new place and decide to throw her a housewarming party.


The prospect that there were three in Amy’s bed drives Sheila wild and leads her to gossip about it, leaving Amy deeply uncomfortable.

Aaron and David offer to babysit Abigail while Terese deals with an issue at The Waterhole, but it doesn’t sit well with Leo and Britney when they return home.


Aaron and David are glad to hear that Nicolette will be moving into No. 32, giving them a small reprieve from the news that Leo and Britney are leaving with Abigail.

After seeing Chloe wearing the engagement ring, Nicolette makes it clear for a final time that she wants to be left alone.

Paul invites Jesse to Melbourne to help win Terese back, but he doesn’t receive the intended response.

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