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Upcoming episodes


Amy tries to sabotage Lassiters photo shoot leading Chloe to dig into her history and uncover a big secret.

Nicolette turns down Ricardo’s offer, but she’s blindsided by a much worse counter offer.

David finds Nicolette passed out and gets her to hospital and it’s the wake-up call he needs to finally confront his issues.


Terese is fuming when she learns the truth about Amy, leaving Chloe feeling guilty for pushing Terese to use the original uniform designs.

Kane sends Hendrix a frightening message, making it very clear he isn’t messing around and wants his money.

Kirsha is home for Christmas and she’s on a mission to get her parents back together.


Shane gives Dipi the impression that he’s keen for them to get back together, and with a final push from Kirsha, Dipi decides it’s time to start repairing their marriage.

Shane and Amy work together to convince Terese to accept Amy’s new designs, and get caught up in the excitement of her success.

Jay suggests that Hendrix steal the diamond necklace that Pierce bought Dipi to pay back his debt to Kane.


When David is caught in Sheila’s crossfire, he urges Jane and Clive not to let her unfairly dictate their lives.

Roxy encourages Sheila not to give up on Clive, twisting the talk she had with Jane the other day about her feelings for Des.

Shane tells Dipi about his impromptu kiss with Amy and Dipi’s hopes for a reconciliation are secretly dashed.


Levi is struggling to assemble Bea’s billy cart and his embarrassment grows when she deems it an easy task, but he’s determined to do it on his own.

Shane takes Dipi’s reaction to his kiss with Amy as confirmation that she’s moved on and struggles with the idea that their marriage might really be over.


Paul returns from New York and informs Aaron and David that he’d like to have lunch with them and Nicolette.

Clive decides that he and Jane should slow things down for a while, leaving Jane to worry about their future.

Sheila is rushed to hospital and taken into surgery for a pacemaker.


A new blackjack game is planned and Hendrix ends up betting and losing something that he doesn’t even own to begin with.

Sheila announces that Des has offered to stay in town to look after her, secretly plotting for him to spend more time with Jane so she can win Clive back.


Nicolette’s money woes worsen when she learns Ricardo is suing her for the money she stole.

Toadie takes the plunge and signs up for Tinder, but it’s more brutal than he expected.

Hendrix is convinced he’s a dead man after losing No. 24 to Kane.


Nicolette discovers the dangers Hendrix is in with Kane, giving him 24 hours to come clean.

Amy and Shane’s chemistry is proving undeniable, and with the impression that Dipi is starting to date, gives into his growing feelings.


After walking in on Shane and Amy, Dipi comes to the conclusion that Shane is happy and gives him her blessing.

Kyle focuses on his entry for Best Dish of Erinsborough with Roxy as his assistant chef, but when she forgets to buy mushrooms, the key ingredient, she picks some growing outside the tram.

Bea secretly assembles the billy cart for Levi but his reaction isn’t what she was hoping for.


Kyle and Roxy are both unaware of the deadly surprise waiting in the mushroom gravy.

Des and Jane meet up with former resident Melanie Pearson, who is her usual talkative self and doesn’t hold  back her opinions about Jane’s romance with Clive.

When Clive accompanies Sheila to the Tram to keep an eye on her, Sheila feels a reunion is on the cards.


Des and Sheila stage a fake relationship to try and uncover the truth about Clive’s feelings for Jane.

Fearing for his life, Hendrix steals a gun from one of the blackjack players, with a petrified Jay hiding it in the Kennedy’s pizza oven.

Shane and Amy try their best to date without offending Dipi, but when Ned reveals his concerns for Jay, Shane puts his family first.


After the sudden explosion, it’s revealed that the bullet shot through Shane’s leg and when Jay confesses, Shane and Dipi are unsure about who their son has become.

Amy is thrown to find out about Shane’s injury but finds herself on the outer as his family rally around him.

Hendrix comes clean to Harlow, Chloe and the police.


Nicolette is paying the price for getting involved with Kane’s illegal activities, leaving Aaron and David frustrated by her lack of judgement.

Hendrix frets for Harlow, who hasn’t been seen or heard from by anyone all morning.


Kyle learns that the judge for the Best Dish of Erinsborough has been poisoned, soon realising that Roxy picked death cap mushrooms for his dish.

Paul and Hendrix butt heads as Nicolette decides to talk to the blackjack gamers to see if anyone knows anything about Kane and Harlow.


Sheila feels terrible for her part in the breakdown of Des’s friendships with Jane and Clive.

Dipi withdraws her nomination for Best Dish of Erinsborough when she learns that Kyle’s dish is a tribute to Gary.

In an attempt to offer her support, Amy gives Jay advice about facing his mistakes, which backfires when Dipi finds out about the conversation.


Amy continually interrupts important Rebecchi family moments leading to Mackenzie to dig up dirt by calling Hawke Airlines.

Shane and Amy manage to find time together to celebrate the arrival of the new uniforms.

Shaken after the kidnapping, Harlow is unsure about what to do about Hendrix.


Hendrix is devastated about his breakup with Harlow, announcing that he’s decided to repeat Year 12.

Jay’s feelings for Mackenzie are growing and he’s surprised to find that she might have feelings for him too.

Dipi and Amy continue to provoke each other, with everything culminating at the lip sync battle.


To thank Ned for his help, Toadie gifts him the mushroom pies from the Tram, unaware of the deadly ingredients.

Dipi decides to go to Sydney with Jay for a few days, hoping she’ll be more comfortable with Shane’s new relationship when she returns.

Jay is thrown by the news he’s leaving for Sydney, particularly given his feelings for Mackenzie.


At their baby’s first ultrasound, Aaron and David decide to forgive Nicolette and give her another chance.

Chloe wants nothing to do with Nicolette, thinking that maybe Pierce was right about her being untrustworthy.

Bea has eaten the pie full of deadly mushrooms and is unaware of the danger that she’s now in.


Chloe reads Ricardo’s new string of harassing messages to Nicolette and finally begins to see things from her point of view.

Roxy and Kyle learn about what’s happened to Bea, rushing to the hospital with the intention of coming clean.

Bea clings to life as her organs start to shut down.


Toadie is excited about his date with a former Erinsborough local, but Paul finds it hilarious.

Chloe decides she wants no more secrets between her and Nicolette, so Nicolette comes clean about her part in revealing Pierce and Dipi’s affair.

Jane offers to take care of Clive’s beloved Maidenhair Fern while he’s away, but she loses his house key.


Terese is feeling good about Lassiter’s decision to step away from Australia Day celebrations, but Tim Collins soon exposes her previous stance on the day.

Aaron and David are stunned that Brent was hiding in their shed, beginning to search for him when he flees.

Paul’s had a terrible day, so when he finds Brent in the Complex, he sends him on his way.


Emmett shows up looking for Brent.

After a long day of back and forth jabs, Nicolette and Paul agree to a ceasefire.

Shane suggests that Amy and Yashvi spend some time together.


Harlow learns that Hendrix has sold the Christmas present she bought him, the anger and hurt flaring.

Aaron and David reunite Brent and Emmett and offer Brent a room at their place.

Hendrix struggles with his first day of school, and new teacher Mr Perkins attempts to lend a helping hand.


Guilt is eating away at Kyle and Roxy.

Hendrix’s emotional outburst surprising everyone, including himself.

Levi notices inconsistencies in Bea’s memory, and when he learns that Kyle has taken to roo pie off the Tram menu, he begins to suspect who is to blame.

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