Neighbours Spoilers and News

©We explore all of the 2019 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

11th – 15th February


Terese throws herself into work, but when Leo and Paul turn up for Valentine’s Day drinks at the Waterhole she realises that the time has come for her to be totally honest with them both.

Impressed by how supportive Mel can be, Chloe decides to take things to the next level, leaving Elly feeling like the third wheel in their new relationship.


Paul and Terese want to be together, but are aware that they must let Leo down very gently. Leo has not given up hope, until he unexpectedly witnesses an intimate moment between them, leaving him devastated.

Chloe announces that she and Mel are a couple again, but Elly still has doubts about Mel’s reliability.

16th – 20th February 2019


After discovering Paul and Terese are together, Leo lashes out. © Channel 5, 2019.

Leo trashes the penthouse, and vows to make Paul and Terese’s lives a misery.

Susan returns from her MS trial.

Toadie and Sonya decide to sell the nursery to afford the best treatment for Sonya.

Amy and Sheila are at loggerheads over Gary and how best to help him.


Susan suggests holding a fundraiser for Sonya at the Waterhole. Toadie helps Karl with the preparations, but they remain unreconciled.

Leo’s plan for vengeance hits a snag when he realises the possible repercussions.

Amy finds Gary injured. © Channel 5, 2019.

Gary starts his new job in a warehouse, but suffers an accident.


At Sonya’s fundraiser, a mystery bidder for an auction item turns out to be Callum, who has returned from Los Angeles.

Sonya is angry at Dipi for breaking her trust and collapses in front of Callum. © Channel 5, 2019.

Sonya wants to know who told him about her cancer – will Dipi own up?

Amy finds Gary and gets him to hospital, but she clashes with Sheila again.


Elly realises that Mark is bottling up his feelings about Sonya’s illness, unaware that he has found a way to offload them.

Callum is disappointed Sonya wasn’t honest with him about her illness. © Channel 5, 2019.

Callum tells Sonya that it was wrong to keep him in the dark.

Bea discovers that Harry, the new boss of the garage, is turning away work.


Mark opens up to Elly, but can he keep his promise to her?

Yashvi decides to retake two exam subjects she struggled with.

it’s a life and death situation for Bea when she sleeps while the garage goes up in flames. © Channel 5, 2019.

Frustrated that her strategy to make Lucas sell the garage is taking too long, Mel sneaks inside and starts a fire, putting Bea in grave danger!

25th February – 1st March 2019


As the fire spreads in the garage, Ned comes to Bea’s rescue in the nick of time. She is certain that the fire was no accident and her suspicions are soon confirmed.

Toadie and Karl are friends again, and Sonya is grateful when she realises the identity of the donor who made a very generous contribution to the fundraiser for her treatment.


Leo pitches up outside Terese’s place and vents his emotions in a drunken rant.

Sonya encourages Nell to pursue her ambitions.

Bea confronts Mel over the fire at the garage, but is forced to back down when Chloe leaps to Mel’s defence. Worse is to follow when Bea learns that the garage is being sold, leaving her effectively jobless.


Terese asks Piper to keep an eye on Leo, with unexpected results.

Amy tells Gary that she wants to get back together with him, but he needs to tell his overbearing mother to back off.

At the book club, Sheila discusses “Mother Knows Best”, only to find that everyone disagrees with her, including Susan whom she has invited along as a guest.


An apologetic Leo promises his father that he will try to pull himself together.

Elly is hurt when she catches Mark in a lie, indulging in an emotional catharsis beside Kate’s grave.

Gary has a difficult conversation with Sheila.

Clive takes Sheila’s parenting book, and replaces it with one about interfering mothers.


Sonya’s sister Jade arrives on a visit from San Francisco.

Mark realises that he is in danger of losing everything that he holds dear.

Sonya tells Shane about a strange piece of information that she gleaned during her recent encounter with Andrea.

Chloe begins to share Bea’s suspicions, and accuses Mel of deliberately starting the fire.