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Inside Sheila #2’s file, Bea finds a comprehensive dossier on Ned, including Fandangle pics.

Noticing the tension between Toadie and Melanie, Mackenzie confronts Toadie about his harsh treatment of Melanie in the office.


Harlow agrees to a reconciliation with Paul if he hires his PI to find Brent, but Paul refuses.

Toadie and Melanie can barely keep their hands off each other, with their secret romance almost uncovered by Terese.


Nicolette gives David and Aaron an ultimatum – Emmett or their baby.

After a rendezvous during work hours, Toadie returns to the office looking satisfied and his dishevelled appearance piques Mackenzie’s suspicions.

An uneasy Chloe is torn between her brother and her girlfriend.


Emmett is thrilled to see that Jenna has been working hard to get her life back on track, but Aaron and David remain unsure that she can be trusted.

Bea braces herself to reveal to Lucas about the breach of privacy with Sheila #2, but Lucas already knows the truth.

Frustrated that Aaron and David were so quick to blame her for Jenna’s arrival, Nicolette feels Jenna’s proposal could be the solution to all their problems.


Ned gets the two Sheilas together, resulting in Sheila #2 opening up about the loss of her grandmother and the impact it has had on her life.

Bea is enraged at Levi for telling the truth to Lucas, which ultimately leads to her getting fired.

Terese learns that Ned was the one who leaked The Hive’s financials, intent on telling Paul.


When Harlow learns that an anonymous user has been accessing the Year 13 info portal, she sneaks into the school to find out if it’s Brent.

Ned learns that Sheila #2 has agreed to pay more for The Hive that she previously stated, and he’s convinced something else is at play.

Throwing herself into the podcast, Bea realises it might be time for a career change.


A concerned Hendrix offers to cover for Harlow at work so she can go try and find Brent.

Finally face-to-face, Harlow and Brent are unable to deny their attraction for each other.

After Mackenzie tells Karl of her suspicion that Toadie is seeing someone, Karl is determine to find out who it is.


Emmett decides to go with his mum to New Zealand, getting an emotional Ramsay Street goodbye.

Harlow confirms with Hendrix that she has found Brent, begging him to keep the secret.

Under the misguided assumption Hendrix and Harlow are back together and hiding it from Mackenzie, Toadie worries that their deceit will end up hurting her.


Jane returns from Mildura to the tension between Chloe, Nicolette, Aaron and David, and decides to throw an impromptu intervention.

Before Brent turns himself into the police, he and Harlow finish the toy he has been making for Aaron and David’s baby.

Paul grows increasingly suspicious of Harlow’s behaviour, finally finding the evidence that confirms his hunch that Harlow has been speaking with Brent.


Paul surprises everyone when he hires Toadie to be Brent’s lawyer.

Hurt to learn that Hendrix was keeping Brent’s whereabouts a secret for Harlow, Mackenzie can’t help but suspect that Hendrix still has feelings for his ex.

While decorating Aaron and David’s new nursery with Chloe, Nicolette accidentally smashes a lamp that may have been a family heirloom.


Susan has concerns regarding some of Bea’s revelations in her debut podcast episode and how it might affect Levi.

After her work trip to Mildura, Jane is on a high and returns with a renewed confidence for her role at Erinsborough High.

Stunned by Hendrix’s declaration of his feelings, Mackenzie is unsure how to respond.


Levi admits to Bea that he is hurt by the idea she will never be able to trust him.

Nicolette decides to coach Chloe and Aaron in the upcoming volleyball competition.

Ned and Sheila #2 continue to connect over art, leading to a heated and unexpected moment together.


Rattled by their moment of intimacy, Ned and Sheila #2 can’t help feeling awkward around each other.

After suggesting they explore something more, Toadie mistakes Mel’s flirting as disinterest and is left disappointed.

When Mackenzie discovers Toadie is having a secret “work meeting” with Angela Lane, she shares her suspicions with Susan and Karl.


Susan struggles to accept that Toadie is romantically involved with Angela Lane, making the mistake of telling Angela how much Toadie deserves a good woman in his life.

Brent’s gratitude for Paul prompts Harlow to finally open up to the possibility of forgiving him, unaware that Paul is about to go behind her back once again.

After the green light from Susan, Angela turns up at Toadie’s house and makes a bold play for his affections.


Driven by his concern for Harlow, Paul has a plan to ruin Brent’s chance of release by urging Holden to paint him at the criminal ringleader of his gang.

In trying to show their support for Toadie, the Kennedys invite a thrilled Angela to dinner, leaving Toadie confused by the unexpected dinner guest.

Harlow is devastated to learn that Holden has changed his story.


Nicolette is thrilled to open a refurbished Harold’s Cafe, but Yashvi is privately struggling with her mother’s legacy looking so different.

After offering a friendly ear, Sheila #2 suggests Bea might be in a ‘rehab’ relationship with Levi.

Ned and Terese are furious over Paul’s visit to Holden and force him to undo their deal.


Ned and Sheila #2 think that by keeping a focus on work, they will forget their feelings towards each other.

Levi’s romantic gesture piques Bea’s guilt, preventing her from instigating the serious conversation she needs to have about their relationship.


Determined to prove she is the right person for the job, Roxy throws everything into the volleyball tournament.

Ned buries his feelings for Sheila #2 and clings to his love for Yashvi.

Roxy hopes she has done enough to land her dream job, but the rug is pulled from under her when she finds another Ramsay Street legend is also in the running for the role.


Roxy is furious to find Amy has beaten her for the job and demands answers from Terese.

Toadie confides in Karl and Susan about his uncertainty over how things will progress with Melanie once they go public.

An upset Roxy goes to Chloe for answers, but Chloe suggests that she should view her new boss as a mentor.


Harlow is devastated to learn Brent is joining the army, with the young couple sharing a final heartbreaking goodbye.

When Amy keeps claiming credit for Roxy’s great work at the Flamingo Bar, Roxy is furious and decides to play dirty to sabotage Amy’s bid to remain in charge.

Toadie and Melanie are furious after being dumped from the Carmelo case, believing a scorned Angela is to blame.


Roxy attempts to sabotage Amy’s trial as the Flamingo Bar Manager by digging into past.

Mackenzie and Hendrix share an intimate moment before they’ve had the chance to come clean with Harlow about their relationship.

After an altercation with Vera Punt, Karl discovers a mound of manure dumped on his doorstep.


Melanie is thrown when she realises Toadie is uncomfortable telling his kids about their relationship.

Mackenzie fears she’s ruined her friendship with Harlow.

Noticing that Hendrix is struggling with personal issues, Jane calls Chloe in to have heart-to-heart chat with him.


Toadie is annoyed that Melanie revealed their relationship to Hugo and Nell.

Roxy finally discovers Amy’s secret about her time in Cairns and takes the damning information to Terese.

A slightly tipsy Jane and Clive partake in some evening skinny dipping and a mortified Nicolette catches them in the act.


With Bea and Levi’s road trip departure imminent, Sheila #2 encourages Bea to be honest with herself about whether she should really be going away with Levi at all.

Sheila #2 realises she has been using work to fill the void for her grief following the death of her nan.

Roxy waits for the news of Amy’s firing, but is thrown when Amy turns up to work.


Despite breaking up with Levi, Bea still decides to go on the road trip.

Sheila #2 urges Ned to tell Yashvi that they’ve crossed a line.


Bea prepared to say goodbye to Ramsay Street as she excitedly embarks on her new adventure.

Yashvi’s shocked after hearing the recoding of Ned’s conversation with Sheila #2, forcing him to admit that he had an emotional connection with her.


Both still feeling down about their respective breakups, Levi and Harlow both commiserate with each other over drinks before having a moment of unexpected connection.

Yashvi and Ned’s attempt at resolving their issues ends with Ned admitting that he thinks they both have different priorities.

Chloe and a reluctant Nicolette agree to temporarily let Clive stay with them while his place is being renovated.


Chloe witnesses Levi thanking Harlow for last night and she begins to suspect the two have hooked up, sharing her theory with Sheila and Mackenzie.

Angela Lane is furious about the manure she thinks the Kennedys have dumped on her doorstep, retaliating by spreading rumours about Susan at the school.

Karl imparts some wise money-saving driving tips during a driving lesson with Hendrix, and the pair start to bond.


Convinced Toadie deserves better, Melanie offers to end their relationship before anything else bad happens.

Terese and Paul put pressure on Amy to keep the Flamingo Bar’s profits up over winter, resulting in her reworking the roster so that Roxy picks up the slack.

Nicolette’s patience with Clive’s annoying quirks has grown thin, suggesting to Jane that it’s time for him to move out.


Amy enlists Levi as a model for her longest workout photoshoot, which results in a painful accident.

Toadie is unsure if he should continue his relationship with Melanie.

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