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Upcoming episodes


Harlow learns that Hendrix has sold the Christmas present she bought him, the anger and hurt flaring.

Aaron and David reunite Brent and Emmett and offer Brent a room at their place.

Hendrix struggles with his first day of school, and new teacher Mr Perkins attempts to lend a helping hand.


Guilt is eating away at Kyle and Roxy.

Hendrix’s emotional outburst surprising everyone, including himself.

Levi notices inconsistencies in Bea’s memory, and when he learns that Kyle has taken to roo pie off the Tram menu, he begins to suspect who is to blame.


Toadie reveals that he doesn’t support Amy and Shane as a couple.

Yashvi and Ned have dinner with Amy and Shane, deciding to keep it a secret from Dipi.

Levi is furious with Kyle, Roxy and Bea for keeping the secret about Bea’s poisoning from him.


Sheila ends up in the middle of an argument between Kyle and Levi.

Shane agrees to write Amy a bush ballad, but it doesn’t go down as well as either of them had planned.

Kyle is hurt that Levi has reported him to the council.


Nicolette take Jane’s advice and decides to be more sympathetic to the trauma that Brent has gone through.

Paul observes what looks like a shady exchange between Nicolette and Brent, believing he has the ammunition he needs to take Nicolette down.

Amy plants the idea that Dipi could be rekindling things with Pierce in Sydney.


Paul is confident that’s finally exposed Nicolette’s true colours, but Brent reveals the truth.

Hendrix calls out Harlow’s hypocrisy for forgiving Brent but not him.

Nicolette and Brent vow to stick together, united by their shared dislike of Paul.


Harlow gives Brent the final supportive nudge to return to school.

Hendrix confronts Harlow and demands she stay away from Brent.

Roxy gives the Health Officer the wrong impression when trying to resolve things at The Tram.


Karl encourages Bea to let Levi back in.

Paul’s still trying to avoid Melanie, instructing an amused Toadie to not go on any more dates at Lassiters.

Horrified about the misunderstanding with the Health Officer, Roxy’s self-esteem plummets and she decides to run away.


Amy announces she’s planning to open a boutique in the Lassiters complex, leading Dipi to make an impulsive and disastrous decision.

Sheila goes to the airport to talk Roxy into coming back to Erinsborough.


Hendrix stages a grand romantic gesture to try and win Harlow back.

Shane is disappointed with Dipi’s pettiness after she steals Amy’s proposal from Terese’s desk.

Mackenzie feels caught in the middle of two friends, who unfairly turn on her for her part in Hendrix’s scheme.


Jane, David and Aaron are thrilled that Brent is heading back to high school, but trouble is brewing on the horizon.

Shane is confused when Dipi declares that she is in love with him and wants him back.

Hearing about the tension between Hendrix and Brent, Harlow gives Hendrix an insight into the tough life Brent has had in the hopes he’ll show some compassion.


Grateful for Melanie’s work as his PA, Toadie invited her to dinner, unaware that it’s Valentine’s Day.

Brent shuts down as his confidential records spread through the school, leading Hendrix to come clean about the situation.

Aaron is shocked to learn that Chloe has refused to help with Fay’s bucket list.


Ned offers Brent a workspace at The Hive to work on his creative pursuits.

With Hendrix and Brent’s engagement lacking at school Jane suggests to Susan a Year 13 as a more targeted approach to their needs.

Nicolette suggests that the real reason Chloe is refusing to engage with Fay’s bucket list is because she’s not ready to face her mother’s mortality.


Karl pushes Kyle to consider a rebrand for the Tram and to change the expensive ingredient list, but Kyle is reluctant to tarnish Gary’s legacy.

Olivia Bell is back in town, wanted to write a new version of The Devil You Know.


Kyle and Roxy are devastated that Paul is enforcing a morals clause in Kyle’s lease to eject him from the Tram.

David is considering teaming up with Olivia to renew his professional reputation.

Shane is thrown when Amy asks him to come on board with her new venture at the Tram.


After the accident at the Tram, Shane is confused by the thought of losing Dipi and struggles with the feelings it has stirred up in him.

Kyle struggles to move on from the Tram, so Roxy and Levi work together to give the Tram the send-off it deserves.

Unaware of Shane’s feelings, Dipi returns from hospital resigned to let him go, poised to make a life-altering decision.


Fay arrives in Erinsborough, shocking Chloe and Aaron with her disappointment in Nicolette not there to greet her.

Shane is prepared to tell Dipi how he feels but is thrown when he learns she’s looking into divorce.


Susan gives Jane the go ahead for Year 13, and Jane is optimistic that the trial will be a success.

Fay thinks the awkward dynamic between Chloe and Nicolette is romantic chemistry, not realising what has gone down between the pair.

The Year 13 initiative goes down well with Hendrix and Brent, with Hendrix keen to get involved with a cooking program and Brent focusing on textiles.


Susan is having a hard time ignoring the opportunity Olivia has offered her to set the record straight.

Frustrated by Brent and Harlow growing closer, Hendrix suggests to Paul that they team up to taken Brent down.

Brent comes up with an idea to create blanket for homeless people out of Ned’s discarded advertising materials.


Harlow tells Paul about a genuine moment that she shared with Hendrix, causing Paul to reveal Hendrix’s proposal.

Roxy suggests that she and Kyle go into business, just as Karl offers Kyle the Tram back.

Karl thinks rehashing the past would be dangerous for Susan’s mental health.


Yashvi is overly invested in the success of her parent’s reunion, with Ned telling her to let them work it out on their own.

Kyle is excited to return to the Tram, suggesting that he and Roxy take on the Tram together.

Susan decides to be involved with Olivia’s new book, despite Karl strongly urging her to change her mind.


Kyle struggles with Karl’s ultimatum – Kyle can lease the Tram providing Roxy isn’t involved.

Fay asks Nicolette to organise a secret meeting at Toadie’s office. Yet when Toadie hears about what Fay has requested, he’s disgusted that Nicolette would have helped organise the meeting.


Brent confesses to Harlow that it’s her belief in him that’s responsible for the improvements  in his life.

Nicolette confirms that she had no part in Fay’s request to put her name in the will, coming clean to Fay about all her past sins.

Toadie makes it up to the Brennans by organising a dessert experience for Fay, an item on her bucket list.


Susan finds it confronting watching Finn’s video diaries, and David suggests that she use visualisation to process her feelings.

Harlow pulls back from her kiss with Brent, unsure if she should act on her attraction to him.


Paul tells Roxy that he was never seriously considering her second-hand store idea, leaving her feeling shattered.

Harlow reads Brent’s personal file and finds herself drawn to him even more.

Susan’s visualisations prove to be a surprisingly beneficial aid.


While cleaning Sheila’s gnomes, Dipi accidentally breaks one, with Shane helping her to piece it back together.

Toadie is concerned about Susan when she tells him about her visualisations, but she is adamant that she’s in complete control.

Dipi and Shane are shocked to find an injured Roxy at the university.


David insists Fay get a check-up, with Clive delivering some devastating news.

Susan tells Karl everything and both realise it’s time to close this chapter of their lives for good.

Fay acts as though all is well, but David isn’t convinces and calls Clive for answers.

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