We explore all of the 2020 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

Neighbours in the UK is currently 3 weeks behind the Australian airings, so Australian readers will want to scroll down a little for the latest Aussie Neighbours spoilers.

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Upcoming episodes


Sheila takes drastic measures to keep tabs on Gary the pigeon.

Ned’s theme of body positivity for the rooftop pool launch is welcomed by everyone, except Paul.

Roxy stumbles upon Kyle and Jess on a date, going against the advice given to her by Harlow and Hendrix.


Kyle grows more confused about how to help Sheila with her grief, especially after the near-death of Gary the pigeon.

Ned realises his dream and decides to finally pursue it.

Elly convinces Chloe to let Claudia buy the island so they can keep tabs on Aster.


Dipi has reservations about Dee and Toadie getting close again.

Elly finds out just how much power Andrea has in prison.

At The Waterhole, Karl happens across former fling Oliva Bell, and fails to return home that night.


Sheila is surprised when daughter Naomi returns to Erinsborough, but doesn’t appreciate the reason she’s there.

Andrea’s torture of Elly has only just begun.

Dee moving into No. 28 helps Karl and Susan find some common ground, but it’s short-lived.


Chloe breaks into the penthouse to snoop on Claudia, finding some incriminating evidence.

Locked in No. 22, Susan and Sheila are forced to finally open up to each other.

Naomi decides to stick around and get a job at the hotel, but is surprised to find a blast from her wild past.


Naomi is disappointed to learn about Pierce and Chloe.

Mackenzie celebrates her 18th, but is disappointed when both her parents fail to show up.


Shane and Dipi learn that Grant has been injured and Shane decides to pay him a visit.

Dee feels overwhelmed by how things are moving with Toadie.

Harlow worries that her relationship with Hendrix will soon reach its end.


Naomi struggles working so closely with Pierce, who soon learns that she once was engaged to Paul.

Aaron and Chloe uncover a huge secret about Claudia.

Toadie is determined to get Elly out of prison.


Shane gives Clive a crash-course in wrestling.

Paul sees an opportunity to stir up trouble for Pierce.

Naomi hires Ned to work on a piece for Lassiter’s Biggest Morning Tea event – a cast of her breasts.


With Elly and the Kennedy’s dealing with everything that’s happened, Shaun feels isolated.

Chloe confronts Naomi about her feelings towards Pierce.

Dee grows curious about her birth mother.


Despite the trio getting along, Paul is determined to use Naomi to drive a wedge between Pierce and Chloe.

Susan finds Karl with Olivia, resulting in a massive public meltdown.

Toadie doesn’t think he can handle Dee having any sort of relationship with Heather.


Shaun continues to notice Elly’s resistance to leave the house, even with Aster’s vaccinations due.

Toadie worries that Dee is being played by Heather, deciding to take matters into his own hands.

Hendrix tries to bring Karl and Susan back together.


Dee and Toadie reach a compromise about Heather.

Aaron and David have secured a foster carer assessment.

Bea suggests to Shaun that he watch Finn’s video diaries to see where it all went wrong.


Shaun tries to confide in Elly about Finn, but she’s still not ready to talk.

Paul tries to use the Biggest Morning Tea prep to get under Pierce’s skin.

Rattled by some hard-hitting questions, David and Aaron wonder if they’re ready to foster a child.


The Biggest Morning Tea is a success, with plenty of bidders throwing their cash at Ned’s artwork.

Chloe, Pierce and Naomi celebrate their success in the Canning’s spa.

Shaun announces he’s leaving for Switzerland, reassuring Elly he’ll be back when he can be a better father.


Dipi and Shane discuss the possibility of Grant coming to Erinsborough for his Worksafe case.

Toadie’s resentment towards Dee and Heather continues to build.

Naomi hears the rumour Paul is spreading about Chloe being attracted to her and an idea comes to mind.


Mackenzie is hopeful about the prospect of strengthening her relationship with her father.

Dee is left emotional after visiting Heather.

Naomi’s proposition leaves thing awkward between her, Pierce and Chloe, leading Naomi to doubt her future in Erinsborough.


Dee decides she wants to track down her biological father.

Pierce and Chloe decide to work through their awkwardness, securing a huge name for Erinsborough Pride.

Toadie and Dee reach an impasse in their relationship.


Shane and Dipi discover more about what Grant is hiding.

Dee contemplates an illegal search of medical records to track down her father.

Elly and Bea worry that Karl is getting too involved with with Heather and Dee as a way to avoid his marriage problems.


A cheeky comedy routine by Courtney Act has Pierce and Chloe finally putting everything on the table.

Mackenzie is shocked to see her father at Erinsborough Pride.

Courtney Act has some fun with Paul during Drag Bingo.

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