The cast of Neighbours 2024

We explore all of the 2024 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store in the coming months. Scroll down to discover what’s in store!

How do I watch new Neighbours episodes?

In the UK, new episodes drop on Amazon Freevee every Monday to Thursday at 7am. Freevee is a completely free, ad-supported streaming service, and you can watch it via the Freevee or Amazon Prime apps on your phone or smart TV, using an Amazon Fire Stick, or via the Amazon Freevee website.

In Australia, new episodes air on Network 10 at 4pm every Monday to Thursday, with a second chance to catch it on 10 Peach at 6:30pm. Episodes will be available to stream on Amazon Prime one week later.

In New Zealand, Neighbours airs Tuesday through Friday at 5:30pm on TVNZ 2.

In Ireland, Neighbours airs at 2pm on RTE One, every Monday to Thursday. In the USA, Neighbours is available via Amazon Freevee.

Upcoming episode spoilers

Episode 9024

Krista closes in on the truth. Paul’s generosity raises eyebrows. Karl finds himself in a tight spot.

Episode 9025

Krista falls into a trap. Melanie attempts to rebuild. Cara and Remi fight for their son.

Episode 9026

Mackenzie digs into the past. JJ exhausts his options. Karl gets his moment in the spotlight.

Episode 9027

Haz races against the clock as his deadline approaches. Erinsborough tackles a fresh crime wave. Sadie faces a trial by fire.

Episode 9028

Krista finds an unlikely ally. Mackenzie gets close to the truth. Terese has an unsettling dream.

Episode 9029

Dex reaches breaking point. Krista and Aaron toe a dangerous line. Karl struggles with a public humiliation.

Episode 9030

Haz confronts a cruel ultimatum. Susan is made a tempting offer. Dex’s silent frustrations find a voice.

Episode 9031

Haz is forced to consider the unthinkable. Susan struggles with a secret. A persistent rumour follows Karl like a bad smell.

Episode 9032

Krista sees something she shouldn’t. Terese is plagued by troubling dreams. Haz faces the music.

Episode 9033

Leo confronts a personal crisis. Krista struggles with her simmering pain. Remi and Cara push too hard. Sadie’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Episode 9034

Chelsea finds herself in a tight spot. Aaron’s wracked with guilt. Toadie commits to do whatever it takes.

Episode 9035

Haz puts his safety on the line. Terese finds comfort in the familiar. Aaron and Nicolette reach an agreement.

Episode 9036

Haz finds himself in dire jeopardy. Mackenzie faces her greatest fear. JJ makes a devastating discovery.

Episode 9037

JJ pushes back. Krista’s confronted by a startling realisation. Paul reassesses his plans for the future.

Episode 9038

Chelsea’s special day faces a set-back. Toadie is urged to make peace. Sadie and Byron embark on a covert operation.

Episode 9039

The street deals with the aftershock of a surprise departure. Melanie makes a life changing decision. Susan and Terese are challenged.

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