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Bea prepared to say goodbye to Ramsay Street as she excitedly embarks on her new adventure.

Yashvi’s shocked after hearing the recoding of Ned’s conversation with Sheila #2, forcing him to admit that he had an emotional connection with her.


Both still feeling down about their respective breakups, Levi and Harlow both commiserate with each other over drinks before having a moment of unexpected connection.

Yashvi and Ned’s attempt at resolving their issues ends with Ned admitting that he thinks they both have different priorities.

Chloe and a reluctant Nicolette agree to temporarily let Clive stay with them while his place is being renovated.


Chloe witnesses Levi thanking Harlow for last night and she begins to suspect the two have hooked up, sharing her theory with Sheila and Mackenzie.

Angela Lane is furious about the manure she thinks the Kennedys have dumped on her doorstep, retaliating by spreading rumours about Susan at the school.

Karl imparts some wise money-saving driving tips during a driving lesson with Hendrix, and the pair start to bond.


Convinced Toadie deserves better, Melanie offers to end their relationship before anything else bad happens.

Terese and Paul put pressure on Amy to keep the Flamingo Bar’s profits up over winter, resulting in her reworking the roster so that Roxy picks up the slack.

Nicolette’s patience with Clive’s annoying quirks has grown thin, suggesting to Jane that it’s time for him to move out.


Amy enlists Levi as a model for her longest workout photoshoot, which results in a painful accident.

Toadie is unsure if he should continue his relationship with Melanie.


A concerned Sheila and Kyle ask Levi to find balance in his life and start taking care better care of himself.

Roxy realises she has gone too far with her vendetta against Amy, but jealously continues to rear its ugly head.

Yashvi offers to move out with Ned to give their relationship a fresh start.


Just as Nicolette is about to tell Clive he’s overstated his welcome, he discovers that his beloved Herbert is dead and is overcome with grief.

While out driving together, Karl admits his pride in how Hendrix has grown up and Hendrix revels in feeling like part of the family.

Yashvi isn’t comforted by Ned’s explanation as to why he has a sketch of Sheila #2.


News that Pierce is returning ricochets around Ramsay Street.

Karl convinced Hendrix to spend time with his dad, but he soon feels foolish as he realises Pierce is actually here for a very different reason.

When Chloe seems open to spending time with her ex-husband again, Nicolette begins to feel a niggle of concern.


Pierce hits a weak spot with Nicolette when he tells her that they both know her relationship with Chloe will never last.

Hendrix is upset by Pierce’s intimation that he is here only for business.

Misunderstanding Toadie’s response to her request to move in, Amy moves herself right into No. 30 and doesn’t get off to the best start in her new home.


Pierce tells Chloe that she is making the same mistake with Nicolette as she did with him by rushing into another relationship to escape grief, which leaves Chloe troubled.

Amy blames Roxy for another mishap at the bar and Amy is confident that she finally has grounds to fire Roxy.

A nervous Ned pops over to see Yashvi, hoping to get their first chat as exes over and done with.


Roxy spills her knowledge about the fire in Cairns, resulting in a cat fight with Amy that Paul and Terese have to break up.

Sheila resolves to keep Levi busy by giving him a series of small, menial tasks around the house.


When Melanie obviously thwarts Toadie’s attempts to hang out with Karl and a boys’ night with Kyle, Toadie goes to drastic measures to get some much-needed alone time.

Levi attempts to access the police database to find details on two mystery people.


When Melanie is left hurt by Toadie wanting space from her, Susan suggests that she and Melanie spend the morning together, leaving Karl and Kyle to take Toadie off for a boys’ day.

Levi covertly prints out the police records of his attackers, and deliberates about whether or not to act, eventually heading off on a mysterious mission.

Seeing Chloe and Pierce’s wedding album out, and unaware that it’s Fay’s birthday so Chloe is grieving, Nicolette’s jealously is piqued by Chloe’s distance.


Chloe is left shocked to see the remains of her destroyed wedding album.

Amy and Roxy work together to make the Longest Workout a success, but Roxy still privately hopes Amy’s poor managerial skills will speak for themselves.

Hendrix accuses Pierce of causing trouble, and challenges his dad to stop interfering in Chloe’s relationship.


Erinsborough’s Longest Workout kicks off, and Karl and Kyle’s competitiveness ramps up.

To Amy’s surprise, Roxy takes partial blame for the fire accident, and the two begin to realise how similar they are.

Paul becomes determined to get Harlow out of her long-distance relationship with Brent, mulling over a potential match with Jesse.


Although Amy is mortified at misreading Ned’s interest in her, it makes him wonder what it might be like to have a fling with her.

Kyle is shocked to discover Levi has been surveilling the blokes who beat him up as a kid.

Yashvi & Mackenzie struggle to warm to their two strong-minded and highly energetic housemates.


Pierce gifts Chloe another set of wedding prints causing a furious Nicolette to blow up again.

Paul’s excited as Leo arrives from New York, making him an attractive offer to help rebuild their relationship.

Levi is shaken to find a toy train on his doorstep, explaining to Kyle it’s a threat from the crew he was surveilling.


After an unfortunate slip of the tongue, Nicolette informs Chloe and David what she’s said, both of whom are annoyed at another instance of Nicolette being unable to control her emotions.

Alarmed by Nicolette’s attitude about the baby, Pierce shares his concerns to Leo who decides to keep an eye on her.

After Levi’s boss checks in on Mitch and Nelson, the pair accost Levi and insist he stay out of their business.


Leo invites Chloe to the vineyard he’s buying off Pierce and surprises her with a dream offer.

An oblivious Hendrix boasts about his recent life successes, crediting Mackenzie and making Harlow feel like he’s forgotten everything she’s done for him.

For the first time, Hendrix and Pierce part on good terms.


Melanie’s still privately upset about Toadie’s reaction to the girls making fun of her laugh.

Still uneasy about Nicolette’s possessive comments about the baby, doubts continue to grow when David and Aaron feel pushed out of the antenatal classes.

Harlow is still feeling low and Brent’s letters don’t make her feel any better, so Terese tries to distract her to lift her up.


Terese is shocked to learn that Paul is trying to match-make Harlow with Jesse.

In the wake of his flashbacks of Sonya at the nursery, Toadie shares his turmoil with Karl and Susan.

Roxy comes up with an idea to help Lassiters win the Shorts and Briefs film festival and suggests they produce a flirtatious ad starring Amy and Ned.


Harlow seems happier with her new job and dating life, but little do Paul and Terese know that she is enacting a secret plan of her own.

Yashvi has undertaken surveillance on Levi’s behalf and it turns out she hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Ned starts to realise the effect he is having on Amy and deliberately ramps up his efforts to tease a hot and bothered Amy.


Sheila fears that someone has been in her house, forcing Kyle and Levi to reveal what has been happening with Mitch and Nelson.

Chloe and Leo continue to bond as they prepare for the vineyard reopening, with Leo trying to get Chloe to open up about her relationship problems.

Nicolette assures Aaron and David that she’s not feeling possessive of the baby and promises not to behave like that again.


Levi’s at a loss of what to do to protect the people around him and, only seeing more danger looming, has a panic attack.

Convinced that Leo is interested in Chloe, Hendrix is determined to keep an eye on him.


Toadie and Melanie decide to play cupid with another couple in trouble.

Hendrix plans to make Nicolette and Chloe a picnic lunch until something goes terribly wrong.

Toadie finally explains to Melanie how guilty he feels about the thought of replacing Sonya with her, and she reassures him that she is keen to keep Sonya’s memory alive.


By the time Nicolette is found in the vineyard, she is in danger of losing the baby.

Roxy discovers that The Quill Group submitted an identical pitch for the short film festival and won.

Amy sets Ned up on a blind date, but quickly realises how jealous she is when she sees them together.


Kyle and Toadie set up a neighbourhood watch and soon get carried away with the comings and goings on the street.

Roxy discovers Jesse making out with Curtis and breaks the news to Harlow.

Levi and Yashvi are thrown when Mitch approaches them to make a deal in return for immunity.


Dipi rushes to the hospital where Yasvhi has been admitted with serious injuries as a result of a frightening accident.

Levi hunts down Mitch and Nelson through the bush, which provides a perfect opportunity to enact his revenge.

Ned is tempted when Amy admits that she likes him and is up for a bit of fun, but news of Yashvi’s accident complicates things.


Amy is doubting whether she and Ned can continue their uncomplicated fun.

Chloe enlists Aaron and David to take over caring for Nicolette, and their overbearing efforts to help drive Nicolette to the point where she’s desperate to escape.


A protective Hendrix gives Leo a clear warning to back off, only to have it backfire.

Aaron and David’s overbearing concern for Nicolette, eventually causes her to snap.

Sheila decides to come clean to the police about Levi’s childhood attack.

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