Neighbours Spoilers and News

We explore all of the 2019 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.



Monday 17th – Friday 21st June


Andrea learns that Toadie isn’t looking for Dee, leaving her free to put the next part of her plan into action. She tricks Toadie into thinking she’s about to end up homeless, leading him to offer to pay for her to stay at the hotel.

Heather is spotted at a hostel in the city. She’s almost caught by the police until Andrea tells her to run… leading to her turning up at Andrea’s apartment.

Chloe turns to Kyle for advice on Ebony, who warns her to keep out of it, but will Chloe take his advice? Pierce tries to diffuse tensions by asking Ebony to make up with Chloe, and she apologises, but Chloe can see right through it.


Heather begs Andrea to let her stay at her apartment, as Andrea does her best to hide her from Willow. Later, Andrea overhears the two of them talking about the way Heather supposedly treated Andrea when she was a kid – leaving Heather upset. Andrea explains to her that it’s all part of her plan, but feeling guilty she offers to let her stay in the apartment.

Toadie sees how upset Andrea and Willow are at Willow having to move back to Port Macquarie, so offers to re-enrol her in Erinsborough High. Andrea’s plan to re-integrate herself into life in Erinsborough is working.

Shaun suspects that Mark is still in love with Elly, so offers to leave town to make it easier for them to reconcile. Elly, concerned about losing her baby’s father, is eventually talked around, realising it’s better for her to try and save her marriage. Karl and Susan do their best to ensure she doesn’t get her hopes up, but she’s given renewed hope when she discovers Mark hasn’t yet filed for annulment. Will the two get back together?


Andrea does all she can to stop Heather from being spotted, which proves more difficult as Heather grows ever more restless. Eventually, Heather gets sick of waiting and turns up in Erinsborough to see how things are getting on.

Meanwhile, Andrea also needs to stall Ian, who still wants to gain more rewards from her.

She does have some good news – she manages to secure herself a job with Terese, convincing her that she’s trustworthy.

Elly has got her hopes up that she and Mark can reconcile, despite Karl and Susan trying to manage her expectations. Mark asks for some time to sort through his feelings, and Elly is still sure that she’s managed to win him round… until he finally tells her the truth. He can’t do it, and he’s finally filed the annulment papers.


The walls are closing in on Andrea – she’s continuing to be pestered by Ian, while Heather continues to hang around Lassiters. Eventually Ian turns up – he wants a relationship with Andrea, and threatens to tell Toadie everything if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Out of nowhere, Toadie appears, and demands to know what’s going on. Will the truth finally be revealed?

Sheila lets slip about Vance and Terese’s intimate dance at the waterhole, and it’s not long until Roxy passes the message onto Paul!

Kyle and Gary’s tram plans are scuppered as they discover all of their tools have been stolen.


Andrea tells Toadie that Ian had come to Erinsborough to catch up with him, and that she was warning him away. Toadie believes her, telling them both that he needs no reminders of Dee.

Having dodged that bullet, Andrea tells Ian to leave, but promises him that they will be together soon. One loose end tied up, she’s faced with another as she discovers that Heather has been hanging around. Will she manage to convince her to lay low?

Terese and Paul hit another setback, when Roxy discovers a photo of Terese and Vance hidden among her work documents. Why would Terese keep the photo hidden if their relationship didn’t mean anything?

In an attempt to salvage their relationship and prove to Paul that he’s the one, Terese asks him to marry her.

Leo invites Roxy to move into Number 32.

Monday 24th – Friday 29th June


After everything, Paul might have given up on Terese for good.

Meanwhile, Chloe sneaks into Ebony’s office and finds evidence that she is scamming Pierce.

Later, Gary sees Kyle and Amy exchanging lustful glances.


Ebony’s explanation leaves Chloe with a tricky decision, while Kyle has an accident at work caused by Gary’s pride and jealousy.

Later, Bea and Elly’s mother pays them a surprise visit.


Gary faces the music and Kyle decides to leave when the tram project is complete.

Meanwhile, Toadie lets Andrea babysit Hugo unsupervised and later, Andrea discovers that Dipi is searching for Dee.


Andrea reveals an incident from her past under hypnosis. Later, she finds Heather in bed with Ian.

Meanwhile, Ned is disturbed to see Bea helping Finn make the most of an opportunity.


Despite Andrea telling her to stop interfering, Heather follows a possible lead on the elusive Karen after obtaining some information from Ian.

Meanwhile, Ned joins Yashvi for a fun afternoon, which ends in a kiss.