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Still angry after being fired, Hendrix tries to warn Chloe that Leo still has feelings for her, but Chloe doesn’t believe him.

Leo apologises to Paul about their blow-up over the vineyard, asking him for help with a dubious business matter.

Roxy’s suspicions about Jesse mount when she discovers him in Terese’s office.


Still hoping to make things work with Amy, Ned’s is left gutted when she shuts him down again.

Harlow and Roxy decide to tell Paul about Jesse being a spy, but Paul has a plan of his own.

An innocent night of roasting marshmallows with Amy by the fire pit quickly turns racy for Levi.


Yashvi’s home for hospital but doesn’t seem herself, resulting in her making a life-changing decision.

Amy’s excitement about her night with Levi soon turns into to concern as she realises Levi is the same age as her son.


When Chloe and Leo arrive late to the baby show, Aaron confronts Chloe wanting know what’s going on.

Confused by Amy’s rejection, Ned quits the Flamingo Bar, wanting space from the situation.


Chloe admits to Aaron and David that she is having doubts about her relationship, leaving the couple shocked and worried about the potential fallout.

Harlow begrudgingly agrees to the next step in Paul’s plan, even though she’s uncomfortable with the deception.

David catches Leo in an unguarded moment of gazing at Chloe, realising that Hendrix might be right.


With Paul and Roxy pushing her on, Harlow feeds false information to Jesse with the hope it will get back to the Quills.

Nicolette’s talk of future plans over a romantic brunch triggers another freak-out from Chloe.

Leo confesses to Paul that he does have feelings for Chloe.


Toadie brings Yashvi to the Nursery for one last surprise – a farewell gathering.

Although stunned, Chloe accepts Nicolette’s proposal but is worried she has made another huge mistake.


After Amy’s weekend away, both Ned and Levi appear at her house at different times wanting to pick up where they left off.

Harlow is unsure how to keep the ruse up when Hendrix and Mackenzie learn that Jesse is with Curtis.


Harlow’s unnerved by the close call with Terese, telling Paul they better act fast against the Quills.

Ned wrestles with his hurt when he learns about Amy and Levi’s hook up.

A curious Terese is on a mission of her own, edging even closer to uncovering the truth.


Terese is appalled by Paul and Harlow’s deceit.

During their engagement party, Chloe feels suffocated, fleeing into the arms of the one person she trusts will understand – Leo.


Chloe escapes to work where Leo is more than happy to be a supportive ear while the vino flows.

Karl and Jane are both excited about the local talent category for the Shorts and Briefs film festival, but Karl is thrown when he realises Jane and Clive are streets ahead with their entry.

Chloe begs Aaron and David to lie to Nicolette, saying she’s staying at their place.


Nicolette’s getting the vibe that something’s off between Chloe, Aaron and David, and when evidence of the lies Chloe’s been telling lands in her lap, it’s only a matter of time before the explosive truth comes out.

Chloe wakes up alone in the vineyard, surrounded by evidence of the alcohol-fuelled night before, wearing only Leo’s jacket, and a hazy memory where she can’t rule out that she slept with Leo.


Nicolette is devastated when Chloe confesses about her drunken night with Leo, and hurt even more when she learns that David and Aaron had been lying to help Chloe.

When Paul finds out about going on, he takes it out on Nicolette, making sure she knows she is still expected to follow through on the original plan with the baby.


Shock sets in as Ramsay Street realises Nicolette’s disappeared, and tension is running high between David, Aaron and Chloe.

Amy’s bitterly disappointed when Levi has to cancel on their date as he’s helped in the search for Nicolette.


After a confrontation with David, a wounded Leo packs his bag and moves into No. 22.

When Harlow learns that the Quills bought the dodgy land, she tracks down Jesse who admits he wanted to find a way to apologise for what he did, setting his family up for the fall.

Aaron unleashes his rage and disappointment on a vulnerable Chloe, who leans on Leo for support, resulting in him making a big move.


David is increasingly overwhelmed by the stress of it all as the search for Nicolette continues.

Seeing Jesse still stirs up too much pain about Josh for Terese, so Harlow accepts she can’t pursue the friendship.


Following David’s outburst at Nicolette’s obstetrician, Karl suggests he take a leave of absence.

Mackenzie discovers that Melanie didn’t include some of the big, fancy law firms she worked for in her CV, leaving her and Toadie to wonder what she’s is hiding.


Karl reveals to Susan that Melanie once had a very messy affair with her boss, and the news quickly travels to Hendrix and Sheila.

Ned plans his own adventurous day out with Amy, but it quickly falls apart when he’s forced to deal with a work issue.


Susan digs further into Melanie’s past by meeting up with Dr. Anna Buke, and things aren’t looking great.

Ned calls for a catch-up between himself, Levi and Amy and proposes an option no one saw coming.


David refused to acknowledge Leo, meanwhile Aaron reaches out to Chloe to rebuild their relationship.

Everybody is gobsmacked by Ned’s proposal that Amy officially date him and Levi, and the guys are taking idea of polyamory more seriously.


Terese’s protectiveness of Jesse intensified when she learns Shay Quill is pinning the downfall of the family company on him.

Mackenzie is determined to help Melanie with her job hunt and accidentally emails Melanie’s old CV to new prospects.


After Amy makes it clear that she’s not keen on the idea of polyamory, the trio try to return to their casual fun, but Levi and Ned express they both want more.

Melanie doesn’t think Toadie needs to know the details of her affair with Justin, but Toadie wants to truth.


Despite Melanie’s insistence that her relationship with Toadie is different to any she’s had before, Toadie can’t but worry.

While at the hospital, David plans to use the electronic patient file system to find Nicolette, a risky move that could end his career if he is found out.

Amy, Levi and Ned officially begin their polyamorous relationship by establishing ground rules, with all of them committed to making it work with their mutual girlfriend.


Unaware that Paul is on a secret mission to find Nicolette, Aaron and David struggle with the loss of their daughter.

Paul flies to Canberra to find Nicolette, contacting Audrey who suggests he go to a park where Nicolette is known to exercise.


Stunned to see that Nicolette has given birth, Paul demands to be taken to his granddaughter, but Nicolette refuses.

Leo cooks up a peace offering, which slowly thaws David and the brothers talk through their issues.


Leo keeps his stance from Chloe, deciding that he can’t stay in Erinsborough right now.

Jane returns from Queensland, full of questions about why Nicolette hasn’t returned.

Aaron and David embrace fatherhood when Paul returns with baby Isla, but things aren’t as they seem.


When Sheila accidentally catches Amy and Ned in the act, she warns Levi that Amy’s actions are no different from on partner cheating on another.

Paul puts the breaks on when Terese starts to make the necessary arrangements for the Quill investment.

Paul is shocked to learn that Jane’s hired he own PI to hunt for Nicolette.

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