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Upcoming episodes


Olivia’s fall leaves her unconscious in hospital, with Karl looking guilty.

Dipi asks Shane to move to Sydney to be closer to Kirsha and Jay, unbeknownst to Yashvi.


Returning from Fay’s funeral, David proposes a new weekly tradition for the Brennans in her honour.

Believing that Karl caused her fall, Olivia tells police that he pushed her down the stairs.

Chloe and Nicolette have a much-needed conversation, making amends and resolving to move forward as friends.


After learning that his aunt wants him to move to New Zealand, Emmett rushes straight to David and Aaron asking is he can move in.

As Chloe and Nicolette spend more time together, Chloe realises she still has feelings for Nicolette.

Harlow proposes a family lunch so everyone can spend more time with Brent.


When Chloe tells Aaron about her feelings for Nicolette, he worries it could lead to a potentially messy situation.

Brent realises he dropped the ring at the No. 82 and starts to panic.

Aaron and David try to persuade Linda to let Emmett live with them, but she is intent on taking him to New Zealand.


Nell is upset when she hears that Dipi and Shane are leaving as she doesn’t want to lose another mother figure.

Brent takes off before Leila’s home assessment, but returns home and impresses everyone, especially Leila.

Mackenzie questions her feelings for Richie and wonders if they are more than friends.


Karl remains racked with guilt over the part he played in Olivia’s accident, and although he talks things over with Olivia, the situation is far from over.

Seeing how upset Nell is, Dipi cancels their move to Sydney.

When Sheila crashes a romantic date Kyle had planned for Roxy, it becomes a tipping point and his temper boils over.


After Karl’s arrest, Susan gets an unexpected proposal from Olivia herself.

Sheila and Roxy pretend to argue in front of Kyle to make a point that he’s been overreacting.


Aaron excitedly announces that he wants to name the baby Fay, but not everyone is a fan of the idea.

Olivia’s determination to publish her book brings Bea and Susan to the same bitter realisation.


Aaron shares his concerns about Chloe with Nicolette, who is left in disbelief that Chloe may have feelings for her.

Brent worries he will be found out when Holden’s stolen bike is uncovered at The Hive.


Roxy has a chance run-in with Holden at The Tram and it leads her to discover his gang’s hideout.

Nicolette dismisses Chloe’s feelings and tries to deny her own in the process.


Roxy and Sheila come up with one last prank to send Shane off on his last day at The Waterhole.

Jane returns from Brisbane to discover Chloe and Nicolette’s new relationship in the most awkward way possible.

With the help of Sheila’s creative idea, Dipi finds a way to stay connected to Nell while preparing for their move.


Dipi organises a girls’ afternoon for herself, Sheila, Yashvi and Mackenzie, but accidentally books the wrong kind of male entertainer.

Nicolette convinces Clive to ask Jane to stay with him for a few weeks.

Ned gets that idea that he and Yashvi should also take the next step in their relationship, but she is less than enthused.


Ned finds out by accident that Yashvi looked into a work transfer to Sydney.

Susan and Bea succeed in getting Olivia to change her statement, but Karl may be about to undo everything.

Dipi and Shane hit the road, looking forward to their new adventure together.


Terese becomes concerned and suspicious by Paul’s increasing fixation on checking the financials of all his businesses.

Olivia finally retracts her statement, leaving Karl and Susan to decide if they will follow through with their promise to collaborate on the book.


Karl and Susan are shocked when Bea reveals she’s still looking in a book deal, adamant to tell her side of the story.

While preparing for her London trip, Harlow can’t help getting lost in the pages of Prue’s diary, noticing the similarities between her and her mother’s romantic history.

Aaron is still concerned about Chloe and Nicolette’s relationship, but is placated after seeing how good they are together at the baby’s gender reveal party.


Roxy is becoming frustrated by Emmett’s constant attention and tells Aaron and David to sort it out.

Yashvi finds herself pre-occupied with worry in the wake of Shane and Dipi’s departure.

Aaron and David are furious when Brent turns up at home with no explanation after they’ve been searching for him all night.


Feeling that Curtis has disregarded her authority with Year 13 while she was away, Jane is desperate to get the program back on track and on her terms.

Chloe and Nicolette relish their honeymoon period.

Aaron and David realise their attempt at a firm hand with Brent isn’t working and pledge to do better by him.


A mysterious woman arrives in Erinsborough who questions Susan’s earrings and Chloe’s hand cream.

Susan refused to partake in Jane’s ultimatum and orders the two teachers to find a solution together.

Sheila asks Levi, hypothetically, about the legal ramifications of keeping goods that were shipped to the wrong person.


More patients hear about the incident with Olivia from Vera and, as a result, refuse treatment from Karl.

Paul schmoozes the newly arrived Sheila Canning, providing her with inflated truths about The Hive and his properties at Power Road.

Mortified at being caught out for accepting the misdirected packages, a remorseful Sheila is deeply apologetic and desperately attempts to fix the situation with Sheila #2.


While trying to get rid of a huge spider, Mackenzie and Hendrix find themselves in an awkward moment on the couch.

Bea’s patience wears thin as Karl continues to overstep with the podcast.

Paul is furious when he discovers that Sheila #2 has received The Hive’s unedited financial data.


Teaming up with Holden, Brent goes ahead with his plan to steal the Year 13 equipment from The Hive.

Seeing Emmett’s concern for Brent, Nicolette follows Emmett and lands in danger.

After their awkward moment together, Mackenzie and Hendrix worry they may have ruined their friendship.


Emmett manages to stop Brent from committing a crime.

Nicolette is trapped and calls for help before falling unconscious.

Jane, tired and worried for her daughter, is angry at Curtis and Susan for not listening to her about the power tools being at risk at The Hive.


Aaron and David struggle to believe Emmett is responsible for the robbery, tactfully encouraging Brent to do the right thing and come forward.

While Jane and Susan are left at a stalemate, Jane receives a surprising offer.


Worried about Brent and unable to be around Paul, Harlow temporarily moves into No. 30.

When Mackenzie has to cancel plans to hang out with Hendrix to take care of Harlow, Hendrix realises how much he misses his friend.

Sheila #2 hires Ned to give her art lessons and the two begin to form a genuine friendship.


Sheila is flustered as she tries to make a good impression on their sophisticated lunch guest Sheila #2.

Bea can’t help but notice the chemistry between Ned and Sheila #2, which coincides with a hungover Yashvi not giving helpful Ned the recognition he deserves.

Determined to prove he is only interested in friendship with Mackenzie, Hendrix makes a call that puts their friendship in jeopardy once again.

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