Neighbours Spoilers – Logan revealed as David’s obsessive stalker

Next week on Neighbours, Aaron finally learns the truth about Logan’s connection to David, but how will he react when Logan explains himself?

Logan (Matthew Backer) arrived in Erinsborough last month after meeting Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) as she took the Drinks Diva van around the festival circuit.

When Mel realised that the friendly vagabond knew a thing or two about drinks, she invited him to help out on her busy final shift, before inviting him back to Erinsborough when he confessed that he was looking to settle down somewhere new.

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While it seemed like a spontaneous interaction, it soon became clear that Logan had a connection to David (Takaya Honda), whose image is still emblazoned on the side of the drinks van.

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Melanie soon introduced Logan to David’s husband Aaron (Matt Wilson), and the pair hit it off. Logan then did his best to stay in Aaron’s orbit, ‘bumping into him’ on a run and later stealing his headphones so he had an excuse to see him again.

Since then, we’ve seen Logan looking at a picture of himself and David on his phone, and more recently we saw him looking through David and Aaron’s wedding photos, happy to be in the same location where they said their vows.

This week, when Remi (Naomi Rukavina) met Logan as she and Cara (Sara West) went to buy a drink from the Drinks Diva van, Remi immediately recognised him, claiming they’d met at a medical conference some years back.

Logan denied it, before awkwardly backtracking and claiming that he’d indeed been at the conference, but only as a member of the hospitality staff. As Remi accepted his story, it was clear that she didn’t believe him.

When Logan and Aaron shared a cocktail masterclass in the kitchen of No. 24, Aaron freaked out when Logan wore his cocktail shaker like a hat, with the innocent gesture reminding Aaron of his flirty cocktail showdowns with his ex-husband. Aaron kicked Logan out, before later apologising for the overreaction.

Next week, the pair continue to bond, and Logan makes a good first impression on Isla (Hana Abe-Tucker) as he’s introduced to her for the first time.

This week also saw Aaron bag up David’s old clothes, and next week he finally feels ready to donate them to Sonya’s foundation, his first major step at moving on with his grief.

Yet when Andrew (Lloyd Will) later comments on the obvious connection forming between Aaron and Logan, it causes Aaron to freak out. He shuts Andrew down and races to the foundation, where he demands that Toadie (Ryan Moloney) give him David’s clothes back.

Sadly, Toadie is forced to tell Aaron that the clothes have already been bought by someone.

However, Toadie uses it as an opportunity to explain to Aaron that there’s no correct timeline for grief, and it’s not a betrayal of David if he finds himself enjoying Logan’s company.

Aaron realises that he overreacted again, and takes Toadie’s words on board, accepting that he’s enjoying having Logan in his life. What he doesn’t know is that Logan was the one who bought David’s clothes, as his obsession with Aaron grows.

Next Tuesday 9th July, Melanie makes an impromptu appearance at Logan’s new caravan home, as Logan is busy trying on David’s old clothes.

He manages to change out of them before Mel spots him, and he berates his new friend for overstepping – she shouldn’t be showing up unannounced!

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After Toadie’s kind words, Aaron decides to invite Logan to hang out, delighting the newcomer. They pop to the Kennedys, where they happen to find the Ramsay Street history book open on a page showing photos of David and Aaron together.

Logan can’t help himself as he suggests that they borrow the book and take a trip down memory lane. Yet Logan’s lies surrounding his identity begin to unravel when Karl suggests that Logan’s community in Parramata didn’t have a history book, and Aaron quickly corrects Karl – Logan is from Liverpool.

As Logan asserts that Karl must have misheard, Karl shakes off the odd moment. However, when Melanie later expresses her concern that Aaron and Logan are bonding too quickly, Karl shares his concern over the inconsistency.

When Remi also expresses her own concern over Logan, still sure that he’d previously claimed to be a doctor, Melanie’s internal alarm bells ring loudly. She decides to do some investigating and lets herself into Logan’s caravan, where she discovers the bag of David’s clothes, just as Logan walks in…!

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Having been caught with David’s clothes, Logan gets defensive and explains that he only bought them in case Aaron regretted donating them.

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He pretends to be shocked and insulted by Melanie’s accusations and puts her in her place, before quitting his job at the Drinks Divas.

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He immediately seeks out Aaron, explaining that he bought David’s clothes knowing that he might later regret his decision. Aaron is touched by the gesture and confronts Melanie, telling her to back off.

Meanwhile, Remi is still nervous about the newcomer and approaches Melanie with her suspicions, but Mel admits that she’s shaken by both Logan and Aaron telling her off, and she doesn’t want to stir the pot further.

Remi takes the matter into her own hands and confirms that Logan is a doctor who practised at a hospital in Liverpool. When she lets Melanie know, the pair call someone who knows him back home.

Off the back of this call, Melanie rushes to warn Aaron: Logan is unhinged and incredibly connected to David!

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In next Thursday’s episode, Aaron is shaken by the news that the flirty newcomer is a doctor who studied with David.

Leo (Tim Kano) then realises who Logan is and fills in the gaps – Logan and David studied together, and Logan became so obsessed with his brother that David had to get the university involved.

Leo is outraged to learn that Logan has weaselled his way into Aaron’s life while he’s still grieving his husband, but Aaron wants to hear Logan’s side of the story first.

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Logan backs the story up, but explains that back then, all he could see was how special David was. David didn’t reciprocate his affections, and Logan now understands how inappropriate his actions were.

Aaron can’t understand what Logan hoped to achieve by tracking him down to Erinsborough, but Logan gets emotional as he explains that he came with a pure heart – he only wanted to see the people who loved David as much as he did.

As Logan breaks down, Aaron can’t help but be moved.

Is Logan really as innocent as he makes out, or will his obsession with David cause more issues for Aaron in the weeks to come? And just why does Aaron find himself in hospital in late-July?

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There’s plenty more of this story to come…

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 8th July (Episode 9072 / 169)

Aaron deepens his friendship with Logan, who’s obsession takes a disturbing turn.

Havoc breaks out at Yorokobi.

The Share House face their toughest battle yet.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Tuesday 9th July (Episode 9073 / 170)

Melanie inches closer to the truth.

Nicolette reveals a painful truth.

Wendy and Cara find themselves in a compromising situation.

Wednesday 10th July (Episode 9074 / 171)

Logan and Melanie face off.

Dex’s ‘date’ with Nell comes to a crashing halt.

JJ earns a second chance.

Cara’s concerns grow over Wendy’s deceit.

Thursday 11th July (Episode 9075 / 172)

Aaron grapples with shocking revelations.

Toadie is hit with déjà vu.

Susan craves intimacy.

Jane faces a difficult truth.

Monday 15th July (Episode 9076 / 173)

Jane and Mike reach a life-changing decision.

Byron fights for his dream.

Toadie is troubled by reminders of his past.

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Tuesday 16th July (Episode 9077 / 174)

Krista’s loyalties are tested.

Wendy takes a big gamble.

Aaron hides a controversial secret.

Wednesday 17th July (Episode 9078 / 175)

Melanie is troubled by Aaron’s frame of mind.

Nicolette goes all out to help Kiri.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Wendy plays with fire to maintain her secret life.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Thursday 18th July (Episode 9079 / 176)

Wendy deals with the aftermath of being busted.

JJ plays unwilling third wheel to Dex and Nell.

Toadie is faced with a hard decision.

Susan tries to romance a clueless Karl.