Neighbours releases spoilers and photos for late July and early August

Neighbours has released new spoilers covering the last two weeks of July, in which Aaron is hospitalised, Wendy’s secret comes back to bite her, Krista is shocked by a returnee, and Toadie struggles with his past.

It may only be 1st July, but Neighbours has now revealed another two weeks of teaser spoilers and pictures, giving us a sneak peek of what’s in store through to the end of the month and the first day of August.

This week sees Cara (Sara West) discover that Wendy (Candice Leask) is living a secret double life on the campus of Eden Hills University, dressing younger as a way to impress her new friends Parker (Gaz Dutlow) and Quinn (Louis Lè), who have no idea just how much older she is.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

In mid-July, Wendy plays with fire as she invites her new friends to No. 24 for a party, having managed to get Andrew (Lloyd Will) and Sadie (Emerald Chan) out of the house.

She’s busted when her husband and daughter return early, but thankfully the pair see the funny side.

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However, what Wendy hasn’t revealed is that not only do her new friends think she’s much younger than she is, they have no idea that she’s also married with a teenage daughter.

Now, the new spoilers reveal that on Monday 22nd July, “Wendy’s lies come back to bite her.” Has Andrew discovered that her friends have no idea he exists?

Earlier this week, Ryan Moloney revealed that he’s departing Neighbours later this year, meaning we’ll be saying goodbye to Jarred ‘Toadfish’ Rebecchi after 29 years on our screens (minus that one year Neighbours was cancelled, but that’s long forgotten…)

Neighbours has been back for over 9 months, and Toadie has spent much of that time building, destroying and rebuilding his relationship with new wife Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

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The pair got together after Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) walked out on her marriage to Toadie, not long after Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Terese’s own marriage imploded.

Things were going well until Melanie returned to Ramsay Street with the revelation that she still loved Toadie and never wanted to leave him and the kids after all.

Jackson Finter / Amazon Freevee

Terese was nervous about Melanie’s return, and she was proven right when Toadie and Mel slept together.

Since then, Toadie has been trying to repair his marriage, and this week sees him and Terese be intimate together for the first time in months. When Toadie christens Terese with her very own ‘fish name’, it seems things are finally back on track.

So, this latest batch of spoilers comes as a bit of a surprise. On Thursday 18th July, “Toadie is faced with a hard decision,” and on Monday 22nd July, he “struggles to move on from the past.” Again!

The new photos show him looking melancholy at Sonya’s Nursery, the workplace of his late wife Sonya (Eve Morey), who was widely considered by fans to be his one true love.

At the end of that week, “Toadie continues to feel off-kilter.” Then, the following week, on Wednesday 31st July, “Toadie’s inner turmoil boils over,” while on Thursday 1st August, “Toadie tries to keep it together.”

Australian TV publication TV Tonight reports that Ryan Moloney has already filmed his final scenes as Toadie, meaning his exit is just months away.

Could producers be laying the way for Toadie’s departure with yet another crisis of confidence for the now twice-adulterous lawyer, who has always struggled to let go of the past?

There’s no word yet on whether Toadie will be killed off or simply leave Erinsborough for a fresh start, but it certainly looks like he’ll once again be reconsidering his life decisions.

Elsewhere, “Susan finds herself in a compromising position” on Monday 22nd July, with pictures showing her looking awkward in one of Eirene Rising’s massage rooms.

Considering the last spoiler release for mid-July saw Susan trying “to romance a clueless Karl” after craving intimacy, it’s not hard to guess the sticky situation Susan is about to find herself in.

The love triangle between Dex (Marley Williams), Nell (Ayisha Salem-Towner) and JJ (Riley Bryant) reaches its crescendo at the end of the month.

“A chasm opens between JJ and Dex,” shortly before “A teen love triangle explodes” on Monday 22nd July.

It seems that the boys’ mutual crushes are about to be discovered, as “Nell, Dex and JJ are confronted by home truths.”

With Nell having harboured a crush on JJ for months, will the revelation pave the way for them to start dating, or just tear the lovesick trio apart?

Harold, Sky, Kiri, Hilary – the past few weeks have seen numerous faces return to Erinsborough, but this month sees the biggest and most anticipated returnee yet – Tess Carmichael (Anica Calida).

Wait, who?

Tess was the briefly seen assistant of Conrad Sinclair, the rich father of Krista (Majella Davis) and Reece (Misha Barton) who invested in Lassiters before dying last November after suffering a stroke.

Tess arrived in Erinsborough last year to put the pressure on Reece as she tried to track down Krista, who had been missing for months.

Reece eventually left Erinsborough after Tess called her to let her know her father was in hospital, and we thought that was the last we’d hear of Conrad’s overbearing assistant.

How wrong we were.

She’s back, and this time it’s Krista’s turn to buckle under the pressure from Tess, before she “has a breakthrough” on Thursday 25th July.

Of course, Tess has an ulterior motive for her return, as she “conceals her endgame from Krista.” Yay.

She brings with her a new face, Heath Royce – no details on his character have been released, but with a name like Heath Royce, we’re assuming he’s rich and powerful and here to cause some trouble for someone or other.

That someone or other seems set to be Holly, whose “attraction is sparked by a handsome newcomer” on Wednesday 31st July.

Spoilers for the following day, Thursday 1st August, tell us that “Holly’s unknowingly playing with fire.”

When is she not?

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Leo (Tim Kano) finally gets some good news later in the month, as he’s “given hope for the future” on Wednesday 24th July.

He’ll be left devastated this week, with the revelation that Victor (Craig Hall) has skipped town, reneging on his deal to buy a 49% stake in Leo’s Yorokobi vineyeard.

The final episode of this week (Thursday 4th July) sees Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson) return, and while Leo is happy to see her, things take a turn when Nicolette (Hannah Monson) shows up at the vineyard, leading to an awkward encounter between the two ex-girlfriends.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Thankfully, the new photos reveal that the exes manage to put the past behind them, with Leo seen alongside Byron (Xavier Molyneux), Krista, Nic and Kiri in No. 24 as they look delighted by some good news Leo has to share.

Are Leo’s financial difficulties finally behind him?

However, all is not well for everyone involved in that interaction, as “Byron is crushed by the consequences of his actions.”

It seems Kiri and Nicolette are also set for happiness, as “Nicolette finally speaks her truth” on Thursday 25th July, before “Nicolette and Kiri consider their future” the following Monday.

Moving on, Aaron gets some shocking news on Monday 29th July, and he “faces serious repercussions” the following day.

Photos from that episode show him in Erinsborough Hospital, where he looks concerned as Remi (Naomi Rukavina) gives him a once-over.

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Recent episodes have seen the arrival of Logan (Matthew Backer), a man with a mysterious connection to Aaron’s late husband David (Takaya Honda).

Aaron “grapples with shocking revelations” in the weeks to come, as he “grows closer to Logan, unaware of his true agenda.”

Does Logan play a part in Aaron’s shock news and hospital trip?

Whatever is going on, Aaron is set to keep it hidden from his friends and family, as he “grapples with his secret” on Thursday 1st August.

Here’s everything coming up in the final weeks of July and the start of August:

Monday 22nd July (Episode 9080 / 177)

Wendy’s lies come back to bite her.

A chasm opens between JJ and Dex.

Toadie struggles to move on from the past.

Susan finds herself in a compromising position.

Tuesday 23rd July (Episode 9081 / 178)

Wendy and Cara face the fallout of their lies.

Krista flirts with catastrophe.

Nicolette is offered an olive branch.

Wednesday 24th July (Episode 9082 / 179)

Leo is given hope for the future.

Krista buckles under the pressure.

Mackenzie’s success tests her loyalties.

Thursday 25th July (Episode 9083 / 180)

Byron is crushed by the consequences of his actions.

Krista has a breakthrough with Tess.

Nicolette finally speaks her truth.

Toadie continues to feel off-kilter.

Monday 29th July (Episode 9084 / 181)

Nicolette and Kiri consider their future.

Aaron receives shocking news.

Wendy’s guilt threatens to ruin her uni experience.

A teen love triangle explodes.

Tuesday 30th July (Episode 9085 / 182)

Aaron faces serious repercussions.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Nell, Dex and JJ are confronted by home truths.

Wendy’s win is tarnished.

Wednesday 31st July (Episode 9086 / 183)

Wendy is rocked by an accusation.

Holly’s attraction is sparked by a handsome newcomer.

Tess conceals her endgame from Krista.

Toadie’s inner turmoil boils over.

Thursday 1st August (Episode 9087 / 184)

Holly’s unknowingly playing with fire.

Aaron grapples with his secret.

Toadie tries to keep it together.

Before then, we’ve still got three weeks of July. Here’s what’s in store in the next few weeks:

Monday 1st July (Episode 9068 / 165)

Holly’s peril reaches new heights.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Wendy attracts an unexpected admirer.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Leo faces a tough decision.

Tuesday 2nd July (Episode 9069 / 166)

Vic reaches a crossroads.

Toadie and Terese reignite the spark in their marriage.

Aaron grows closer to Logan, unaware of his true agenda.

Wednesday 3rd July (Episode 9070 / 167)

An unexpected visitor arrives at Eirini Rising.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Byron and Nicolette grapple with a betrayal.

Melanie lays down the law.

Wendy and Cara hide their double lives.

Thursday 4th July (Episode 9071 / 168)

Jane puts a plan into action to keep a beloved resident home.

Cara makes a secret smart move.

A familiar face returns to Erinsborough.

Monday 8th July (Episode 9072 / 169)

Aaron deepens his friendship with Logan, whose obsession takes a disturbing turn.

Havoc breaks out at Yorokobi.

The Share House face their toughest battle yet

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Tuesday 9th July (Episode 9073 / 170)

Melanie inches closer to the truth.

Nicolette reveals a painful truth.

Wendy and Cara find themselves in a compromising situation.

Wednesday 10th July (Episode 9074 / 171)

Logan and Melanie face off.

Dex’s ‘date’ with Nell comes to a crashing halt.

JJ earns a second chance.

Cara’s concerns grow over Wendy’s deceit.

Thursday 11th July (Episode 9075 / 172)

Aaron grapples with shocking revelations.

Toadie is hit with déjà vu.

Susan craves intimacy.

Jane faces a difficult truth.

Monday 15th July (Episode 9076 / 173)

Jane and Mike reach a life-changing decision.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Byron fights for his dream.

Toadie is troubled by reminders of his past.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Tuesday 16th July (Episode 9077 / 174)

Krista’s loyalties are tested.

Wendy takes a big gamble.

Aaron hides a controversial secret.

Wednesday 17th July (Episode 9078 / 175)

Melanie is troubled by Aaron’s frame of mind.

Nicolette goes all out to help Kiri.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Wendy plays with fire to maintain her secret life.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Thursday 18th July (Episode 9079 / 176)

Wendy deals with the aftermath of being busted.

JJ plays unwilling third wheel to Dex and Nell.

Toadie is faced with a hard decision.

Susan tries to romance a clueless Karl.