Leah and Ziggy’s attempt to help Brody backfires. The reality of being back at work hits Maggie hard. Will Colby get the answer he wants from Chelsea?


Raffy is brought out of the coma with complications. Brody prepares Raffy’s favourite meal for Leah’s vlog. Maggie is lacking direction post cancer.


Robbo struggles with juggling his commitments to Jasmine and Tori. Raffy comes to terms with her diagnosis, and the fact there’s no cure. Maggie is searching for a new life-challenge.


Dean finds a mysterious clue to his past. Robbo and Jasmine’s date goes awry when Tori gets news about the IVF. Justin and Willow struggle to get back in sync.


Dean leaves Mangrove River forever. Chelsea turns to Willow to help understand Colby’s past. Alf catches Ryder drowning his sorrows.


Ryder hits a low point when he should be celebrating. Maggie feels lost as the Astonis rally around her. Marilyn and John feel left out of Raffy’s future.


Raffy finally goes home. Can Ryder move past the fact everyone forgot his 18th birthday? Maggie announces what she’ll do with her 2nd chance at life.


Raffy is worried for a missing Ryder. Dean goes on a mission to track down his father. Maggie’s mountaineering plans face a set-back.


Dean comes face-to-face with his father. The big IVF day finally arrives for Tori and Robbo. The Summer Bay community get behind Maggie’s new venture.


Can Jasmine handle the pressure of Robbo fathering Tori’s baby? Dean revisits his father and gets more than he bargained for. Justin delivers a relationship ultimatum to Willow.


Chelsea’s father arrives in the Bay. Brody is nervous about doing another vlog for Leah. Willow is forced to choose between Dean and Justin.


A hurt Raffy accuses Brody of capitalising on her epilepsy. Chelseas disapproving father threatens Colbys career. Coco reminds Maggie of the important things in life.











NEW! 2018 Season Finale spoilers

The season finale may still be months away, but the first few details are trickling out about what’s in store. It looks set to feature a high-speed car chase, and centre around Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin), newcomer Chelsea Campbell (Ashleigh Brewer) and Colby’s half-sister Bella (Courtney Ally Miller). Read on…

Ryder to become a River Boy?

There’s a new River Boy in town, and his name is… Ryder?! Stone the flamin’ crows! Read on…

A tragic accident…

It’s going to be a challenging few months for Raffy Morrison (Olivia Deeble), when a freak accident leads to a potentially life-changing diagnosis. Read on…

Another departure?

She’s only been a Summer Bay resident for 18 months, and has already had a number of extended trips away. Could it be time to say farewell to Coco Astoni already? Read on…

Ziggy to cheat on Brody?

Ziggy and Brody have only been married a few short months, but emotions are already high, what with Brody struggling to keep his cool living under the Astoni’s roof.

It would seem that it won’t take long for Brody and Ziggy’s marriage to hit a much bigger stumbling block, with our understanding that Ziggy will cheat on Brody with Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor). This development is paved after Dean and Willow (Sarah Roberts) embark on a reconciliation of their relationship—but more on that below!

We do wonder whether this may be more than a little hypocritical of Ziggy, given her reaction to Olivia cheating on Hunter…. we only hope it doesn’t cause Brody to fall back into a dark place!

But Brodie to find a new love as well?

It looks like Ziggy isn’t the only one to find new love, with recent scenes showing Brody kissing a mystery new woman. Read on…

Dean first arrived in Summer Bay to help out Ash

Family for Dean

Poor Dean recently pointed out that he arrived in Summer Bay to help his old mate Ash, and now that Ash is long gone and his relationship with Willow has broken down, he doesn’t really have any reason to stay.

Could the arrival of a family member give him a renewed enthusiasm to stick around? Read on…

Ashleigh Brewer Joins the Cast of Home and Away

Former Neighbours actress, Ashleigh Brewer has joined the cast of Home and Away as Summer Bay’s newest police officer, with new details, exclusive to Back to the Bay. Read on…

Colby to wed ex-girlfriend?

We now know that Ashleigh Brewer is set to play Colby’s ex girlfriend Senior Constable Chelsea Campbell, and it looks like it doesn’t take long for the two of them to reconcile. Could there be more wedding bells on the way? Read on…

Bella to turn up alive and well?

Colby’s secret search for his missing sibling Bella has hit nothing but dead ends. He thought he came close after being deceived by Ebony / Lisa, but it looks like he’s finally due some luck. However, that luck may be short lived, as Bella’s stepfather is close behind! Read on in our bumper August spoilers article…

A surprise engagement?

It looks like not one, but two engagements are on the cards, with another of Summer Bay’s hottest couples set to get hitched. Read on…

Martha Stewart to return

Fans disappointed by the whirlwind rewrite of Home and Away history that resulted in Alf’s long-thought-dead ex-wife turning up in Summer Bay will be glad to know the storyline isn’t yet over. Read more…

Happiness for Tori… but at what cost?

Recent weeks have seen Tori after long for a baby and consider IVF. After originally considering a sperm bank donation, it looks like she’s set to enlist the help of a very unlikely companion, one who’s only recently got together with another Summer Bay resident. Read more…

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