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All dates refer to Sydney airings. Regional airings may differ during AFL season, with the possibility of double episodes, or episodes moved to 7TWO. Check local listings for variations.

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Ryder and Chloe go into business together

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Ryder and Chloe decide to go into business together, but it’s a decision that’s set to end in disaster for numerous Summer Bay residents!

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Christian’s new wild side is too much for Tori

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Christian’s irrational behaviour begins to worry Tori – has his near-death experience changed him forever?

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Monday 17th May (7560)

Justin hides his pain medication. Bella’s insecurities seep in. Ryder and Chloe get an offer they can’t refuse.

Tuesday 18th May (7561)

Nikau threatens to quit. Mackenzie is ploughing ahead with her train wreck of a life. Ryder and Chloe get stuck on a name for their food van.

Wednesday 19th May (7562)

Nikau confronts a manipulative Sienna. Dean struggles to help Bella with her career crossroads. Alf’s work stress builds to a peak. Ari encounters a few curveballs on his last day off.

Thursday 20th May (7563)

Ziggy worries about Justin’s mood swings. Concerns for Dean after discovering he is now aware that Ziggy and Tane are living together. Ari discovers what Tane has been doing at work.

Thursday 20th May (7564)

Jasmine’s job news receives mixed reviews. Justin’s erratic behaviour does not go unnoticed. Roo comes to Alf’s rescue.

Thursday 20th May (7565)

Mackenzie gets in a fight with Ryder and Chloe. Justin manages to hide his true motives. All Christian needs to do is pick up his suit.

And now for an extended look at the latest Home and Away spoilers, as we explore everything we know that’s coming up in the months ahead…

Amber and Jai leaves as Dean admits he loves Ziggy

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Amber confronts Dean about his feelings for Ziggy, while a drunken Mackenzie makes a move on Tane.

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Lights, Glamour, Action! Nikau embarks on a new modelling career

Nikau begins a new modelling career in this week’s Home and Away, but a new promo hints that the fashion, fame and fortune will have a big impact on his relationship with Bella.

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Justin Morgan suffers an overdose

This week on Home and Away in Australia, the surf competition arrives, but Justin doesn’t turn up for his heat. At home, he begins overdosing on pain meds… will Leah get to him in time?

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New promo teases Ziggy and Dean reunion

A brand new Home and Away promo hints that “the perfect family” of Dean, Amber and Jai faces a Ziggy-shaped hurdle, as the Summer Bay Surf Competition gets under way next week.

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Justin turns to pain meds as Leah searches for Susie

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Leah’s preoccupation with tracking down Susie means she can’t see the dangers closer to home.

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Spoiler Roundup – Ryder’s new business explodes, and new cop in town!

Fans have spotted a number of exciting storylines being filmed at Sydney’s Palm Beach. In our latest Home and Away spoiler roundup, we explore the arrival of two new characters, including a new cop, and Ryder’s new business puts lives at risk.

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Lewis gets his final revenge in new Home and Away promo

Two new promos show what’s in store for Christian Green as we rejoin the action in this week’s dramatic episodes of Home and Away.

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Willow Harris leaves Summer Bay for good

On this week’s Home and Away, Willow leaves Summer Bay behind for a fresh start in Queensland, as Mackenzie struggles to cope with losing her baby. It’s set to be an emotional week!

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Christian punches Lewis as he’s investigated for malpractice

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Christian turns violent when the hospital opens an investigation into his spate of patient deaths. Is Lewis about to cause his downfall?

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Susie flees with Leah and Justin’s money!

This week, Susie flees with the Surf Club cash and Justin and Leah’s deposit, after knocking Irene out.

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Blockbuster night sees Lewis try to murder Ari Parata

Monday night sees a triple bill of Home and Away, as new nurse Lewis Hayes stops at nothing to frame Christian! Will he murder Ari Parata as he tries to bring down the doctor’s career once and for all?

Also this week, Susie takes drastic action as she grabs Irene and places a cloth over her mouth. Will someone find them before it’s too late?

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