Can Tori and Ash really say goodbye? Ty and Ryder continue to bond.


Will Tori find the strength to say goodbye as Ash leaves the Bay for good? Raffy is feeling left in the dark as Ryder protects Ty’s secret. Ty is not coping with his sexuality and runs away.


Ty reveals his truth to Marilyn and John. The search for Ty continues. Justin is trying to keep his sisters from falling apart. Raffy feels sidelined with a broken heart.


Ebony’s revenge plan is executed with deadly consequences. Raffy’s heartbroken as Ty and Ryder repair their friendship. Marilyn and John try to heal their fragile family.


Tori and Jasmine race against time to save Colby. Robbo fights to clear his name. Can Ben pull off a miracle before the wedding?


Will Brody get the quiet bucks night that he’s asked for? Does Ziggy have cold feet? Willow and Dean get kicked out of the caravan park.

Three major departures!

There are at least three confirmed departures over the next few months, as Olivia, Hunter and Ash all wave goodbye to Summer Bay – and one is happening sooner than you’d think. Read our full Spoiler Roundup for more info.

Who is Ebony? Who’s the mysterious woman who kidnapped Ava? And what is Robbo’s real identity?

After dramatic recent episodes in which a mysterious woman kidnaped Ava, and Robbo’s trial descended into chaos as it was swarmed by the Federal Police, we take a peak at the Bay’s newest villains – Ebony and Hazel – and dissect everything we know about Robbo and Beckett Reid. Read more…

A dramatic showdown and gunfire, as Ava’s kidnapper is revealed

In episodes to come this week, a ransom note for $25,000 turns up on the Morgans’ doorstep, confirming everyone’s worst fears that Ava has been kidnapped! Colby, haunted by a missing girl from his past, comes up with a dangerous plan to get Ava back, and Justin agrees.

In a dramatic showdown in a triple episode on Thursday, things come to a head and gunshots ring out, as Dean gets himself in the way of the operation. Will someone be shot? Will Ava get away safely? Read on to find out more.

Wedding bells and adultery

There’ll be wedding bells in Summer Bay in the coming months with the marriage of Brody Morgan (Jackson Heywood) and Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman)! But it looks like their happiness may be short lived, with some unexpected bed-hopping between a few Bay favourites. Read on for more info…

Not one but two pregnancies, two new characters, a new couple, and a gambling addiction!

There’s plenty of excitement to come when Home and Away returns after the Commonwealth break. Read our bumper April spoiler roundup for more information on these storylines and a whole load more.

Ashleigh Brewer Joins the Cast of Home and Away

Former Neighbours actress, Ashleigh Brewer has joined the cast of Home and Away as Summer Bay’s newest police officer, with new details, exclusive to Back to the Bay.

The truth behind Kat’s exit

In the aftermath of Monday’s dramatic finale, Pia Miller (Kat) took to Facebook Live to talk about her time on the show. View or read Pia Miller’s live interview as she reveals why she left Home and Away, which were her favourite moments from her 3 years in the Bay, and what it was like to play a cop in the show.

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