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New Home and Away promo promises “Greatest week in years”

A new trailer aired in Australia on Wednesday evening, promising “a week like no other” as the Ross Nixon murder storyline takes a dramatic next step.

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Monday 21st September (7413)

Angelo has Bella cornered. John makes himself busy. Willow throws a lifeline.

Tuesday 22nd September (7414)

Dean throws everything away. John continues to make excuses. Taylor’s in deep.

Wednesday 23rd September (7415)

Justin’s surgery is imminent. Can Ziggy ever trust Dean again? Owen’s persistence pays off.

Thursday 24th September (7416)

Justin’s surgery brings new challenges. Amber presses Dean for the truth. Can Dean convince Ziggy he’s still the same guy?

Thursday 24th September (7417)

Dean continues to spiral. Tori makes a challenging decision. Angelo can sense something is brewing. Tori is mortified by her daring mistake.

Thursday 24th September (7418)

Tension rises for Colby and Taylor. Bella seeks refuge in Nikau. Roo deals with her feelings. Leah and Justin finally get a break.

Monday 28th September (7419)

Nikau throws Tane and Ari a curveball. Mackenzie faces the music with Tane. Roo and Owen share a moment.

Tuesday 29th September (7420)

Roo and Owen enjoy some quality time. Ari is concerned about the future of his relationship. Ziggy and Mackenzie come up with a plan.

Wednesday 30th September (7421)

Colby takes a dark turn. Ari is concerned for his future with Mac. Bella takes a timely photo.

Thursday 1st October (7422)

Bella and Colby go head to head. Roo and Owen get serious. Mac and Ari navigate their relationship. Colby is falling deeper.

Thursday 1st October (7423)


Thursday 1st October (7424)


And now for an extended look at the latest Home and Away spoilers, as we explore everything we know that’s coming up in the months ahead…

This week – There’s a new doctor in town

This week sees the arrival of Dr Christian Green, a neurosurgeon who’s set to make a serious impression on the Morgan family. He’s set to help make Justin’s mind up on his spinal surgery, whilst riling Tori up the wrong way in the process. Read more…

A surprise new couple!

2021 will see some shock new couples, as new paparazzi shots from Palm Beach show Ziggy and Tane are set to hook up. Read more…

Colby and Taylor kiss, while Amber wants Dean back!

Coming soon to Home and Away in the UK, Colby jumps at the chance to get even closer to Taylor, while Amber makes a proposition that could tear Dean and Ziggy apart.

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Tori’s engaged, new loves for John and Jasmine, and Colby in prison?

In our latest in-depth spoiler roundup, we take a look at a number of storylines coming up in Home and Away over the next 6 months. There’s lots of drama in store as:

  • 💍  A new doctor arrives, and Tori gets engaged
  • 👩‍❤️‍👨  New loves for John, Nikau and Jasmine?
  • 🚓  Colby looks set to end up in prison
  • 🏖  Summer Bay beach is going to look very different

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What’s wrong with Justin?

In a couple of weeks in the UK, a horrific accident at work leads to one Summer Bay resident receiving a life-changing diagnosis… Read more…

A new trailer shows Justin collapse, and Dean’s son arrives in town!

A new trailer currently airing on Seven shows:

  • Amber confess to Dean that she has a son, as a little boy asks him “Are you my dad?” 👨‍👦
  • Bella and Nikau run away to the Blue Mountains, as Colby realises that they’re gone 🏔  More on Bella and Nik’s adventures here… 
  • Justin collapse at work, after suffering headaches last week 🤒
  • Tane and Mackenzie come close to kissing 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
  • A new doctor arrive in town, riling Tory up straight away 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️
  • and Roo see what appears to be Evan! 👻  More on Evan’s mysterious return here…

Lots and lots to come over the next few weeks! You can view the trailer above.

Evan’s twin arrives in Summer Bay!

This week on Home and Away in the UK: Roo can’t believe her eyes, and wonders if she’s seen a ghost, when she spots a very familiar face in Summer Bay…

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Bella and Nikau run away!

Seven has dropped another new Home and Away promo teasing the latest developments in Ross Nixon’s murder investigation, as Bella and Nikau choose to flee Summer Bay.

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Heath Braxton is back!

The River Boy left Summer Bay for the last time in 2017, but actor Dan Ewing is back on the set of Home and Away!

Fans spotted him filming this week, and it looks like he’s set to return later this year as the River Boys and the Parata brothers clash. Read more…

Ava Gilbert returns

Justin’s daughter Ava will also be returning later this year, with actress Alice Roberts having been seen filming with James Stewart and Ada Nicodemou at Palm Beach in March.

Ava was last seen on-screen back in October, where she was sent to stay with Justin whilst her mother Nina and stepfather Brian were going through a messy divorce.

Although Ava will no doubt be excited to see her little cousin Grace, and Aunt Tori who was in hospital during her last visit, there will no doubt be a tinge of sadness following the death of Ava’s uncle Mason.

Scenes filmed in March see Ava once again playing football with Leah and Justin near the surf club, as well as Ava having a heart to heart with Leah whilst sitting near the Pier Diner.

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