Will Coco forgive Raffy and Ryder? Chelsea and Colby’s wedding plans hit a roadblock. Colby and Maggie fear Bella’s education is worse than expected. An ominous presence arrives in the Bay.

A surprise offer for Chelsea forces a change of wedding plans. Raffy feels left behind as Ryder and Coco study for their learners driving licence.

Mason is troubled by his continuing career woes. Raffy comes to terms with Coco and Ryder getting their L plates without her.


2018 Season Finale
An ominous threat looms just around the corner. Justin and Tori both find themselves in emotional turmoil.

Are Colby and Chelsea leaving Home and Away?

They haven’t been in Summer Bay for long, but now that Colby has been reunited with both his girlfriend and his long-lost daughter Bella, recent episodes have seen the three of them discuss moving back to the city.

However, Colby fans need not worry – both he and Bella will be sticking around! Both Tim Franklin (Colby) and Courtney Ally Miller (Bella) are still filming, so will be on our screens for a while to come yet.

As for Chelsea, unfortunately Summer Bay’s newest police officer doesn’t have long left on our screens. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Brewer confirms that the season finale is the last time that we’ll see Chelsea, with the actress having completed her 6-month stint on the show and having returned to LA.

How does she leave? That, we’re just a day away from finding out. The Home and Away Season Finale airs Thursday, 12th December. Find out all we know about what’s to come in tomorrow’s episode.

UPDATED! 2018 Season Finale spoilers – A wedding and a kidnapping!

This year’s season finale is set to feature Colby and Chelsea’s wedding, and will also see Ross turn up in the bay and kidnap Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer) and Colby’s half-sister Bella (Courtney Miller). Read on…

Another departure?

She’s only been a Summer Bay resident for 18 months, and has already had a number of extended trips away. Could it be time to say farewell to Coco Astoni already? Read on…


A surprise engagement?

It looks like not one, but two engagements are on the cards, with another of Summer Bay’s hottest couples set to get hitched. Read on…

Martha Stewart to return

Fans disappointed by the whirlwind rewrite of Home and Away history that resulted in Alf’s long-thought-dead ex-wife turning up in Summer Bay will be glad to know the storyline isn’t yet over. Read more…

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