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Everything we know about Home and Away in 2021

With the show about to go off the air for 8 weeks, read our bumper 2021 Spoilers article, running through everything we know about Home and Away next year. You can expect:

  • A ghost from the past to cause trouble 👻
  • An engagement 👩‍❤️‍👨
  • Romance for Ryder 😻
  • Some happiness for Dean! 😄
  • Multiple returnees 💃
  • Another health scare for Justin 😷

Plus lots more!

Read the 2021 Spoilers article

And now for an extended look at the latest Home and Away spoilers, as we explore everything we know that’s coming up in the months ahead…

Home and Away release Season Finale trailer, with a huge shock for Alf

Home and Away have released a brand new trailer for final week of 2020, teasing a shock for the Stewarts, more prison drama for Colby, and a potential new relationship. Read more…

Martha’s estranged son arrives in town

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Martha’s estranged son arrives in town, causing problems between her and Alf. As we hurtle towards the Season Finale, things are about to get complicated.

Read more…

Will Tane and Ari carry out an armed robbery?

As Tane’s life goes from bad to worse, he and Ari are given an ultimatum – carry out an armed robbery or gang leader Paul will hand over incriminating photos to the police. What will they do? Read more…

Colby’s sent to prison as Willow testifies

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Willow (Sarah Roberts) does the unthinkable and testifies in court, as she’s revealed as the witness set to bring down Colby.

As Colby’s sentence is read out, how will Summer Bay recover from this? Read more…

Jasmine bails Colby out as he faces trial

Colby’s day in court looms, but there’s a surprise in store when Jasmine bails him out. Are her baby desires stopping her from seeing sense?

Meanwhile, Colby struggles to discover the identity of “Witness X”, the one person who could be his downfall!

Read more…

The drug gang catch up with the Paratas

The Parata family’s lives are in danger this week, when the drug gang arrive in Summer Bay wanting revenge.

Read more…

Colby is arrested!

Colby’s world comes crashing down, as a mysterious ‘Witness X’ comes forward claiming to know who killed Ross Nixon. Angelo finally gets his moment, and arrests Colby in front of his friends and family! But who is the mystery witness?

Read more…

Tane is attacked and needs the stolen van back

In the latest spoilers for Home and Away in Australia, Tane is left seriously injured after a brutal attack by gang thugs. Worse still, the whole Parata family now have a bounty on their heads – will they have to skip town to avoid repercussions?

Read more…

Home and Away’s first hints of what’s in store in 2021

Seven, the TV network that airs Home and Away in Australia, has given us our first clues as to what we can expect in Home and Away in 2021.

Read on for some pretty major spoilers…

Angelo discovers Colby and Taylor’s affair!

Angelo discovers the truth about Colby’s affair with his wife, and uses it to his advantage.

Read more…

Tane brings his illegal activity to the garage

In this week’s Home and Away, Ziggy offers a newly unemployed Tane a job at the garage, but it backfires when he uses the place to store illegal goods. How will Ziggy react?

Read more…

Colby reports Angelo for harassment

This week, Colby gets some dirt on Angelo as he discovers he wasn’t exactly a squeaky clean cop in his last stint in Summer Bay. Using this to his advantage, he tries to bring down Angelo’s career.

Read more…

Bella takes drastic action to end Colby and Taylor’s affair

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Bella warns Taylor off as she threatens to reveal all about her and Taylor’s advancing affair.

Read more…

A surprise new couple!

2021 will see some shock new couples, as new paparazzi shots from Palm Beach show Ziggy and Tane are set to hook up.

Read more…

Tori’s engaged, new loves for John and Jasmine, and Colby in prison?

In our latest in-depth spoiler roundup, we take a look at a number of storylines coming up in Home and Away over the next 6 months. There’s lots of drama in store as:

  • 💍  A new doctor arrives, and Tori gets engaged
  • 👩‍❤️‍👨  New loves for John, Nikau and Jasmine?
  • 🚓  Colby looks set to end up in prison
  • 🏖  Summer Bay beach is going to look very different

Read the full article and find out everything…

What’s wrong with Justin?

In a couple of weeks in the UK, a horrific accident at work leads to one Summer Bay resident receiving a life-changing diagnosis… Read more…

A new trailer shows Justin collapse, and Dean’s son arrives in town!

A new trailer currently airing on Seven shows:

  • Amber confess to Dean that she has a son, as a little boy asks him “Are you my dad?” 👨‍👦
  • Bella and Nikau run away to the Blue Mountains, as Colby realises that they’re gone 🏔  More on Bella and Nik’s adventures here… 
  • Justin collapse at work, after suffering headaches last week 🤒
  • Tane and Mackenzie come close to kissing 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
  • A new doctor arrive in town, riling Tory up straight away 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️
  • and Roo see what appears to be Evan! 👻  More on Evan’s mysterious return here…

Lots and lots to come over the next few weeks! You can view the trailer above.

There’s a new doctor in town

UK viewers will soon see the arrival of Dr Christian Green, a neurosurgeon who’s set to make a serious impression on the Morgan family. He’s set to help make Justin’s mind up on his spinal surgery, whilst riling Tori up the wrong way in the process. Read more…

Heath Braxton is back!

The River Boy left Summer Bay for the last time in 2017, but actor Dan Ewing is back on the set of Home and Away!

Fans spotted him filming this week, and it looks like he’s set to return later this year as the River Boys and the Parata brothers clash. Read more…

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