Find out what’s coming up over the next few weeks in Australia with all the latest Home and Away spoilers.

Home and Away is now off the air in Australia for two weeks, returning Monday 9th August.

All dates refer to Sydney airings. Regional airings may differ during AFL season, with the possibility of double episodes, or episodes moved to 7TWO. Check local listings for variations.

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New promo teases Home and Away’s post-Olympic return

A bumper minute-long promo has given us our first glimpse of what’s in store when Home and Away returns, as we get our first glimpse of new doc Logan Bennett.

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Home and Away’s car crash victims revealed

A dramatic three-part episode of Home and Away in Australia saw a huge car crash, with three characters’ lives on the line. Just who was involved and what does their future have in store?

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And now for an extended look at the latest Home and Away spoilers, as we explore everything we know that’s coming up in the months ahead…

Mid-Season Final leaves a car teetering on the edge

Home and Away begins its two week break for the Olympics after tonight’s episode, but there’s drama aplenty to keep viewers guessing over the break.

A dramatic car crash leaves a car teetering on the edge of a cliff – but who’s inside?

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Ziggy and Dean kiss at Bella’s exhibition

As Dean and Ziggy head off to the city together for Bella’s exhibition, all signs are pointing to them getting back together. Will Ziggy betray Tane?

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Jasmine’s memory loss worsens

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Jasmine’s memory worsens after the explosion. Meanwhile, Nikau confesses all to Bella about his night with Sienna.

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New Home and promo hints Justin is being framed

A brand new Home and Away promo shows that the Susie storyline makes a big jump forward next week, as Justin is arrested for her murder. Is he being set up?

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Rachel’s life is on the line again

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Christian is forced to try to save Rachel’s life once more, after she’s caught up in the explosion.

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An explosion rips through the bay!

A new Home and Away promo gives us our first glimpses of an explosion which rips through Chloe and Ryder’s food truck next week, leaving Summer Bay residents’ lives in danger.

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Who killed Susie?

The body of con-artist Susie has been found in the waters of Summer Bay. With no shortage of enemies, there’s a myriad of suspects. The question on everyone’s lips is who killed Susie McAllister?

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Home and Away welcomes new character Cash Newman

This week on Home and Away in Australia, we meet Summer Bay’s newest cop. Welcome, Senior Constable Cash Newman, played by Nicholas Cartwright.

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Home and Away death teased in new promo

A new Home and Away promo has revealed that a body will be found in the waters of Summer Bay. Teasing an arrest and an arrival, the promo promises to keep viewers guessing who the victim is!

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Justin punches Stephen!

Justin’s anger gets the better of him when he suspects Stephen is getting a little too close to Leah.

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A body washes up on the shore of Summer Bay!

But who is the identity of the gruesome discovery?

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Christian tells Tori he’s moving out!

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Christian breaks Tori’s heart as he continues to focus on Rachel, and he reaches a devastating decision.

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