Home and Away off the air in Australia

It has been announced that Home and Away won’t air on Australian TV screens for the next few weeks. It is being replaced by The Latest, an hour long 7NEWS programme airing from 7-8pm. Read more…

The show is currently set to return on Monday 13th April. We will update the episode schedules below as soon as we have hear anything further.


Maggie fears for her marriage when Marco blackmails her. Leah and Justin struggle to reconcile after her outburst. Jasmine is rocked by huge news.


Maggie is blackmailed into a compromising position. Jasmine’s attempt to spread good news is unexpectedly tempered. Justin and Leah’s reconnection hits bumpy ground with an unexpected package.


An emotional farewell leads to a new beginning in the Morgan house. Willow’s breakup is causing her to lash out at friends. The town discovers Jasmine’s big news. Maggie tells Roo her big secret.


A reluctant Dean gets caught up in Mackenzie’s love triangle. Willow continues to emotionally struggle with her break-up. Leah and Justin try to move forward and get their groove back.

All the Home and Away Spoilers for 2020

Could Jasmine be pregnant?

Still reeling from losing Robbo in a horror car crash, it seems Jasmine has another big shock to deal with in the coming weeks, as she begins to suspect she’s pregnant with Robbo’s child.

She’s been increasingly exhausted in recent weeks. After initially putting it down to her body getting used to back at work, she soon begins to suspect there’s something more afoot. Could Robbo’s legacy live on through a second child?

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Tim Walter will star as Marco Astoni. ©Tim Walter

Ben’s Brother arrives

We recently revealed that Marco Astoni, played by Tim Walters will be heading to Summer Bay, in a storyline which is to have a dramatic effect on the Astoni family.

Very little has been mentioned about the previously unseen Marco during the Astonis time on the show. However we do know that when Ben has a conviction for assaulting Marco from when he was 18 years old…

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©Seven/Channel 5

Angelo Rosetta returns to Summer Bay

In February it was announced that Luke Jacobz had reprised his role as Angelo Rosetta after nearly 9 years.

The show said in a statement that “It’s been almost a decade since his character Angelo Rosetta left the Bay, and now he’s back on the police force with everything to prove.

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Courtney Miller

Will Bella go too far for Colby’s attention?

Bella’s manipulation of Colby has been getting more extreme in recent weeks.

With Colby overhearing Bella tell Mackenzie that “I promise you you’ll be long forgotten, long before that day ever comes“, he’s finally clocked that his sister has been trying to manipulate him.

And with Colby now doubting that his sister has been ill for the last few weeks, Bella gets more desperate, downing a bottle of pills in the season finale in an effort to make him think she wasn’t totally faking things.

She’s rushed to hospital and gets herself caught up in the siege. However, it seems the medical emergency and near death situation still isn’t enough to calm the teen, with speculation that Bella’s actions could be set to become even more dramatic in 2020.

In the trailer for the second episode of the Home and Away Christmas Specials, Jason Smith asks Courtney Miller “How far will Bella go to protect her brother?

In perhaps a joking move, but maybe a sign of what’s to come, Tim Franklin (Colby) makes a stabbing motion behind Bella’s neck. With the Nixon / Thorne family no stranger to murder, will Bella take things to a lethal end?


Cameron Daddo joins the cast as Ryder’s dad?

As we revealed last year, there could be yet another member of the extended Stewart clan coming out of the woodwork in coming months, with speculation that Ryder’s father is being introduced.

Actor, presenter and musician Cameron Daddo was first pictured by press photographers back in October as he filmed a scene with Georgie Parker (Roo) outside Alf’s bait shop, where Cameron’s character appeared to be introducing himself to a surprised Roo and shaking her hand.

In the same week, Cameron had posted a picture on Instagram sharing his excitement at working with Georgie Parker once again.

Photo thanks to the Official Home and Away Tour

Cameron was later spotted by fans on the Official Home and Away Tour in November filming a scene with Lukas Radovich (Ryder), which saw Cameron’s character getting ready to board a waiting bus as Ryder seemingly pleaded with him not to leave. Whether intentional or not, this scene appears to bear a remarkable resemblance to a scene from 1995, where Alf stopped Ryder’s mother Quinn from leaving Summer Bay after finding out she was his daughter.

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And this was before make-up!

A post shared by Belinda Giblin (@belinda_giblin) on

Belinda Giblin later posted her own photo from the make-up room featuring Cameron, further confirming that his role appears to have a strong link to the Stewart family.


The 2020 promo all but confirmed the theory about Cameron playing Ryder’s father, when we saw a short clip of his character arriving at Summer Bay House with his guitar, where he revealed to an unseen character “I’m your dad“.

Not a huge amount is currently known about Ryder’s dad. When Quinn visited the bay in 2017 after Ryder’s appearance, she explained that she had met Ryder’s father on a cruise ship, and that he was a musician like her. He had wanted to settle on the Gold Coast, but ended up leaving Quinn to bring up Ryder on her own.

Further Instagram posts have been made in February which seem to suggest that Cameron’s character could be sticking around for a while (or has at least returned after an initial stint). Cameron has been given his own pigeon-hole in the cast green room, and he also posted another group photo with Georgie Parker and Emily Symons

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