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Christian punches Lewis as he’s investigated for malpractice

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Christian turns violent when the hospital opens an investigation into his spate of patient deaths. Is Lewis about to cause his downfall?

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Monday 12th April (7530)

Mac comes home but remains broken. Christian learns the outcome of the autopsy. Willow makes a chance phone call.

Tuesday 13th April (7531)

Roo comes up with a plan to help save the Surf Club. Willow begins to hope for a future with Alex. Christian is surprised when Lewis makes a surprising move.

Wednesday 14th April (7532)

Willow makes a decision. Will Justin overdo things and risk his recovery? Will the article be a help or a hindrance?

Thursday 15th April (7533)

Ryder and Chloe crash Nikau and Bella’s romantic weekend away. John decides to sell his house, it’s time for a fresh start. Dean and Amber want different things.

Thursday 15th April (7534)

Mac pushes herself too far. Justin takes his pain meds early. Nikau and Bella’s getaway takes a scary turn.

Thursday 15th April (7535)

Can Mac keep her secret from Ari any longer? Lewis and Christian come to a head again.

And now for an extended look at the latest Home and Away spoilers, as we explore everything we know that’s coming up in the months ahead…

Susie flees with Leah and Justin’s money!

This week, Susie flees with the Surf Club cash and Justin and Leah’s deposit, after knocking Irene out.

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Blockbuster night sees Lewis try to murder Ari Parata

Monday night sees a triple bill of Home and Away, as new nurse Lewis Hayes stops at nothing to frame Christian! Will he murder Ari Parata as he tries to bring down the doctor’s career once and for all?

Also this week, Susie takes drastic action as she grabs Irene and places a cloth over her mouth. Will someone find them before it’s too late?

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Kieran holds Martha hostage in dramatic return to Summer Bay

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Kieran Baldavis (Rick Donald) finally returns to Summer Bay, but he has no intention of trying to patch things up with his mum.

Home and Away hints at Sneaky Susie’s next moves in new promo

A new promo has hinted at major drama yet to come for Susie McCalister, as “Sneaky Susie” continues to con the residents of Summer Bay.

Ari Parata in a coma after hit and run attack!

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Ari fights for his life following a hit and run, whilst Lewis reignites his feud with Christian…

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The Paratas’ kidnap drama is resolved

The Parata kidnap drama resolved itself pretty quickly in Thursday’s episode, but it seems the drama for the family is far from over. A new promo shows Ari get hit by a car in next week’s episodes, and it’s pretty obvious who’s behind it.

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Mac discovers she’s pregnant… as Ari ends things!

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Mackenzie is devastated when Ari splits up with her, particularly after making another lifechanging discovery…

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Is Ari falling back in love with Mia?

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Ari and Mac’s relationship heads toward rocky ground as he battles with his buried feelings for Mia…

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New Home and Away promo shows Jai return to Summer Bay

A brand new Home and Away promo shows Jai return to the bay, finally reunited with his dad after months apart – will 2021 finally bring happiness for Dean Thompson?

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Lewis confronts Christian over his wife’s death

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, after Summer Bay throws an engagement party for Tori and Christian, Lewis finds he can’t hold his tongue any longer… Read more…

Spoiler Roundup – Ryder’s new business explodes, and new cop in town!

Fans have spotted a number of exciting storylines being filmed at Sydney’s Palm Beach. In our latest Home and Away spoiler roundup, we explore the arrival of two new characters, including a new cop, and Ryder’s new business puts lives at risk.

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Ari’s ex and her daugher arrive in Summer Bay

Ari Parata faces some ghosts from his past as his ex-girlfriend Mia Anderson, and her daughter Chloe, turn up in Summer Bay. Read more…

New Home and Away promo promises a year that’s to be “Bigger and Better than ever”

As we move into the final two weeks before the show’s return in Australia, check out the latest trailer released by Seven. Read more…

Everything we know about Home and Away in 2021

With the show about to go off the air for 8 weeks, read our bumper 2021 Spoilers article, running through everything we know about Home and Away next year. You can expect:

  • A ghost from the past to cause trouble 👻
  • An engagement 👩‍❤️‍👨
  • Romance for Ryder 😻
  • Some happiness for Dean! 😄
  • Multiple returnees 💃
  • Another health scare for Justin 😷

Plus lots more!

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An Unexpected Proposition!

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, as Tori and Justin continue to bicker over his proposal for Christian to move in with them, Christian surprises Tori with a proposal of his own!

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Home and Away release Season Finale trailer, with a huge shock for Alf

Home and Away have released a brand new trailer for final week of 2020, teasing a shock for the Stewarts, more prison drama for Colby, and a potential new relationship. Read more…

Martha’s estranged son arrives in town

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Martha’s estranged son arrives in town, causing problems between her and Alf. As we hurtle towards the Season Finale, things are about to get complicated.

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Will Tane and Ari carry out an armed robbery?

As Tane’s life goes from bad to worse, he and Ari are given an ultimatum – carry out an armed robbery or gang leader Paul will hand over incriminating photos to the police. What will they do? Read more…

Heath Braxton is back!

The River Boy left Summer Bay for the last time in 2017, but actor Dan Ewing is back on the set of Home and Away!

Fans spotted him filming this week, and it looks like he’s set to return later this year as the River Boys and the Parata brothers clash. Read more…

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