Home and Away begins Tane and Felicity breakup storyline

Upcoming episodes of Home and Away will see Tane discover Felicity’s lies, branding her actions ‘unforgivable’. Are the show’s golden couple about to break up?

Recent episodes of Home and Away in Australia have seen Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) make a surprise move, as she agreed to try for a baby with husband Tane (Ethan Browne).

You’d have to be a pretty inattentive fan of the show not to know that Felicity has never wanted children, and has made that perfectly clear to Tane throughout their relationship. So, when Tane brought up the subject a few weeks ago, it was no surprise that she shut down the discussion immediately.

Tane’s reason for bringing it up now was that Felicity had never wanted to get married, and now the pair were in marital bliss – if she changed her mind about that, maybe she was ready to reconsider children?

Flick understood where he was coming from, but explained that, while it was theoretically possible that she’d change her mind in the future, it was highly unlikely.

However, she soon saw that her decision was deeply hurting Tane. Others began to notice too, and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and newcomer Harper (Jessica Redmayne) saw the extent of his emotions as they drank together at Salt.

After hearing from those around her just how devastated Tane was at the idea of a life without children, Felicity made a rash decision, telling her husband that she had indeed changed her mind and was ready to start a family!

Yet, as we quickly discovered, she didn’t mean what she said.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen Felicity frequently sneaking into Salt’s store room, where she’s hiding a stash of birth control pills. By continuing to take them behind Tane’s back, she’s ensuring that she doesn’t fall pregnant, despite Tane’s best efforts in the bedroom.

Mackenzie (Emily Weir) discovered Flick’s deceit last week, but Felicity assured her that it was only a temporary move, just for a couple of weeks until she was ready.

However, in next week’s episodes, Tane himself discovers Felicity’s lies, and it leaves him inconsolable.

It looks like the bombshell discovery will come via Mackenzie (Emily Weir), who warns Felicity in Monday’s episode that if she doesn’t tell her husband the truth, she will.

“You are in fact still lying to Tane,” Mackenzie tells Felicity, confronting her after seeing the pair acting loved up on the beach.

“How much longer do you expect me to keep lying to Tane?” she asks. “Because I’m not sure how much longer I can do that. Let me make it clear, either you tell Tane the truth, or I will!”

It seems Mackenzie sticks to her word, as a new promo shows her and Tane sat on the floor of Summer Bay Fit, as Tane tells her: “I just can’t believe she did this. I mean, she’s kept a lot from me, but nothing like this.”

Another scene shows Tane walking at pace through the Parata house’s back garden, shortly after confronting Felicity about her lies.

As he walks away, Flick flings open the door and calls after him.

“Tane,” Felicity calls out.

However, he’s not willing to discuss things, as he makes his feelings clear:

“I’m done!”

Cash tries to diffuse the situation, but finds himself nursing a bust lip as an angry Tane punches him in the face. 

Later, at the gym, Cash makes another attempt to convince Tane to forgive Felicity, but Tane explains why this situation is different to any they’ve faced before.

“I can’t believe she did this,” he starts. “You know how tough things got for us. After the accident. How she pushed me away, threw the engagement ring in my face.”

The promo recaps some of the couple’s darkest times, including Felicity in hospital after the accident, and a second hospital trip after her attack storyline.

We’re then reminded of one of their darkest moments. Flick tell Tane “we’re done” as she throws her engagement ring back at him at Summer Bay Caravan Park.

“We got through all the bad stuff that’s happened because we loved each other,” Tane continues.

“How is this any different?” asks Cash, hoping the pair can reconcile once again.

But this time is different.

The promo flicks through some of the couple’s happier moments, but it seems like the happy memories will make no difference to Tane, whose mind is made up.

Family has always been the most important thing to Tane, so this is a step too far.

She did this,” Tane responds, angrily. “She made a decision to play me. That’s not love.”

We see Tane holding a PT session on the beach. He turns around and glares at Felicity, who is watching from the parkland, looking devastated.

“That’s unforgivable.”

Mackenzie tries to reassure Felicity that they’ll be fine, telling her, “he loves you, Felicity.”

However, Flick knows that this time is different, telling Mac: “I’m not sure that’s true any more.”

Is this really the end for Tane and Felicity?

Fans have been speculating for a number of months that Tane and Felicity could break up months, after actor Ethan Browne was spotted filming scenes without his wedding ring. It looks like Felicity’s lies will end their marriage, but there’s no confirmation yet on whether it’ll be a temporary split or a long-term move.

Paparazzi shots of the cast filming a major event, which is expected to air as part of this year’s season finale, also saw Tane sitting next to Harper (Jessica Redmayne) rather than Felicity, prompting fans to question whether Tane will be hooking up with one of the two Matheson sisters, who recently arrived in Summer Bay.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Dana wasted no time in making the most of her newfound freedom as she checked out the guys of Summer Bay, with Tane in particular catching her eye.

Felicity happened to be standing nearby and overheard their conversation, prompting her to point out that the hot guy Dana was checking out was actually her husband.

Dana playfully teased that if she ever fancied a break, she’d happily take over.

Will Dana get her chance, as Home and Away looks set to split up Tane and Felicity?

Australian viewers will see Tane discover Felicity’s secret next week, while the storyline will air in the UK in 2024.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 23rd October (Episode 8144)

Irene prepares for the worst. Each pill is harder to swallow for Felicity. Mackenzie issues an ultimatum.

Tuesday 24th October (Episode 8145)

Irene pushes Harper and Dana away. Felicity is caught out in her lie. Tane is inconsolable.

Wednesday 25th October (Episode 8146)

Felicity faces the consequences of her actions. Tane closes a door. Irene prepares to hear her fate.

Thursday 26th October (Episode 8147–48)

Will Irene go to prison? Leah is haunted from nightmares of her cult ordeal. Is Roo playing with fire?

Alf uncovers Roo’s plotting. Justin surprises Leah. Rose worries for a friend.

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