Home and Away Spoilers – Levi confesses his affair to wife Imogen

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Levi confesses his affair and ends his marriage, as romance is finally on the cards for Xander and Dana.

Levi (Tristan Gorey) and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) have been skating on thin ice since starting an affair earlier this year. The pair were originally doctor and patient, but Levi’s bedside manner was too much for Mac to resist, and when she planted a kiss on the cardiothoracic surgeon, he reciprocated.

After Levi revealed that he was in fact married to a woman named Imogen (Georgia Blizzard), and promised to break up with his wife to be with Mac, she felt it was too much pressure to deal with and put a sudden stop to their affair.

However, Mac couldn’t resist the doctor’s charms and they were soon back together, first conducting their affair in the local motel whilst Levi claimed to be seeing patients in the area, before biting the bullet and meeting at Mac’s farmhousemuch to the disapproval of housemates Mali (Kyle Shilling) and Tane (Ethan Browne) who’ve been forced to keep their secret.

For a couple desperate to keep things under wraps, Mac and Levi have not been very subtle, kissing out in the open on more than one occasion.

It was one of those moments that eventually saw Levi’s sister Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) discover the affair, after she walked up to them kissing in the parkland in Summer Bay.

Eden was devastated; not only had she become close to sister-in-law Imogen, but Levi had proven himself to be no better than their cheating father, whose affair had split the family up and caused Eden to not speak to Levi for well over a decade.

While neither Mac nor Levi expected their secret to be revealed so soon, Levi knew that he couldn’t continue living a lie indefinitely.

After a big bust-up with Eden, he headed home to the city, knowing that he had to tell Imogen the truth before she found out through someone else.

Now, TV Week reports that he sticks to his word, as he breaks Imogen’s heart by admitting to his affair.

“Levi is well aware he has been living in a fantasy land with Mac in Summer Bay,” Tristan Gorey told the magazine. “But as all good things come to an end, Levi knows he has to deal with the consequences of his actions… the truth always comes out, sooner or later.”

When he and Imogen reunite, Imogen immediately suspects that something is wrong, but she initially thinks it’s their disagreement over having children.

The pair have always been on different pages over having kids, and Imogen recently learnt from Eden that the topic is causing Levi to keep his distance.

But no, Levi confesses, the real reason is because he’s been having an affair, and their marriage is over. The painful confession leaves them both heartbroken.

“Though Levi has broken her heart, he has broken his own too, considering this is exactly how his own father shattered the family unit,” Tristan adds.

With the truth out in the open, Levi is free to return to Summer Bay and start his new life with Mackenzie. But are they strong enough to cope with the ongoing backlash from their closest friends?

“Levi holds Mac close now that the truth is out,” Tristan says. “But only time will tell how true their love really is.”

Elsewhere this week, romance is finally on the cards for Dana (Ally Harris) and Xander (Luke Van Os), only months after Xander rejected Dana’s offer to go on a date.

After first setting sister Harper (Jessica Redmayne) up on a blind date with Xander, where the two decided that they’d rather be friends, Dana soon came to the realisation that she actually had a crush on the Salt barman herself.

Xander’s sister Rose (Kirsty Marillier) was quick to notice the eyes that Dana was giving Xander, and promised to suss him out for her, but Dana insisted at that time that she wasn’t looking for a relationship and so Rose kept quiet.

It was Irene (Lynne McGranger) who inadvertently started the ball rolling when, after Dana confided in her that she had a crush on someone, she triumphantly told Harper that she’d worked out it was Xander.

The fact that Dana had a crush on someone in the first place was news to Harper, with Irene realising she’d put her foot in it.

Harper went to Xander and subtly brought the topic of Dana up in conversation, and his responses had her convinced that Dana was in with a chance.

Spurred on by Harper to ask Xander out, Dana was left mortified when he subsequently friend-zoned her.

Thinks were awkward between the two for a while, with Dana taking steps to assure Xander that she was over him, but as a promo for this week’s episodes shows, it’s Xander who seems to have a change of heart.

After Dana confided in Xander about her worry over whether Harper would face charges, for not immediately revealing the whereabouts of Tane (Ethan Browne) to the police, Xander let slip that Rose had been given the decision by her boss as to whether both boyfriend Mali (Kyle Shilling) and Harper should face consequences.

Rose immediately found Dana on her doorstep pleading Harper’s case, and Rose isn’t pleased with her brother for dropping her in it.

Xander goes back to Dana and berates her for piling the pressure on Rose.

You’re unbelievable,” he tells her as they bicker in Salt.

Why? Because I care about my sister?” Dana replies.

No, because you’re sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong.

Xander storms off, but Dana is later seen visiting the Pier apartment to apologise to Xander.

I made a mistake alright,” Dana admits. “I shouldn’t have hassled Rose or Mali, and I shouldn’t have had a go at you.

Xander smirks and as Dana accuses him of not taking her seriously, he walks up to her and plants a kiss on her!

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

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Tuesday 23rd April (Episode 8246)

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Wednesday 24th April (Episode 8247)

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Thursday 25th April (Episode 8248)

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