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Upcoming Episode Spoilers


Due to the World Cup continuing to affect schedules, the air dates for next week’s episodes won’t be confirmed until closer to the time.

Monday 5th OR Wednesday 7th December (Episode 10813-10814)

Gail and Audrey put pressure on Stephen to invest the £10,000 Sarah needs.

Maria proposes a change to the Christmas markets.

Eileen’s had enough of Tim and Steve’s bickering.

Tyrone decides it’s time to put a ring on it.

Wednesday 7th OR Thursday 8th December (Episode 10815-10816)

Griff threatens Alya when she gets him fired.

Hope is deadly serious about talking to her dad.

Stephen plays a cruel trick on Elaine.

Sally calls a truce with Tim.

Thursday 8th December OR TBC (Episode 10817-10818)

Griff uses Alya’s attack to further his agenda.

Fiz admits she wishes they could skip straight to their wedding day, giving Tyrone an idea.

Summer can’t keep her secret from coming out.

Brian is unsettled by Ken and Martha’s chemistry.