Friday 21st October (E4)

Liberty has a confession to make.

Diane suspects that Tony is having an affair, so she confides in Dave, but there’s a surprise turn of events.

Scott encourages Felix to join a dating app.

Monday 24th October (E4)

After being given some life-changing news, Tony does all he can to keep it a secret from Diane.

A fight brews between two students.

Liberty fears that Damon will fall back into bad habits.

Tuesday 25th October (E4)

When anonymous messages to DeMarcus become more vicious, Felix vows to find the culprit and a shocking suspect comes to light.

Tony has a change of heart.

Sienna discovers Damon’s big plan.

Wednesday 26th October (E4)

Felix and Scott make a shocking discovery.

Mason turns to dangerous Eric for guidance.

Sienna decides to have some fun with a handsome stranger.

Nancy and Olivia butt heads.

Thursday 27th October (E4)

Nancy and Olivia’s rivalry spirals out of control as they go head-to-head to raise money for charity.

Meanwhile, an explosive argument breaks out between Sienna and Leela.

Friday 28th October (E4)

Felix urges Warren to stay away from Norma.

It’s the day of the charity duathlon, but Nancy worries that she might not be able to compete.

Things get awkward for Sienna and Ste.