Monday 27th November (Episodes 6809)

Suki faces a new setback.

Stacey puts a risky plan into action.

Mitch’s suspicions are raised.

Tuesday 28th November (Episode 6810)

Nish stumbles upon new information.

Stacey tries to remain resolute.

Keanu and Karen face new fears.

Wednesday 29th November (Episode 6811)

Nish calls on Ravi to see out a plan.

Stacey drunkenly reveals a truth.

Mitch demands answers.

Thursday 30th November (Episode 6812)

Ravi is forced to make a choice.

Jack makes a decision that might compromise his livelihood.

Monday 4th December (Episode 6813)

Elaine is on a Christmas mission.

Mitch is shaken by the truth.

Jack turns to Stacey for help.

Wednesday 6th December (Episode 6814)

Phil is determined to get answers.

Denise delivers an ultimatum.

Yolande starts recruiting for the community choir.

Thursday 7th December (Episode 6815)

Sonia and Reiss reach the next stage of their IVF journey.

Elaine resorts to bribery.

Ravi needles Denise.

Friday 8th December (Episode 6816)

Kathy provides a shoulder to cry on.

The battle lines are drawn between Yolande and Elaine.

Reiss endures another difficult night.

Monday 11th December (Episode 6817)

Things go from bad to worse for Keanu.

Dean receives an unexpected visitor.

Tuesday 12th December (Episode 6818)

Linda prepares to face her first Christmas without Mick.

Keanu and Nish come to blows.

Sonia and Reiss take a positive step.

Wednesday 13th December (Episode 6819)

Sharon takes precautions.

Stacey is touched by a gesture.

Friday 14th December (Episode 6820)

Stacey acts on impulse.

Kim tries to play matchmaker.