Upcoming Episode Spoilers

Thursday 27th October (Episodes 6581)

Kheerat’s attempts to apologise to Stacey and Eve lead to him discovering a huge secret.

A fight breaks out between Kheerat and Ravi.

Harvey goes to the police over Dotty.

Monday 31st October (Episode 6582)

Ravi reveals some alarming news.

Nish is determined to reconnect with his family.

Lola’s friends and family rally to support her in the wake of her diagnosis.

Jean is troubled as Harvey joins a dating app. Does she still have feelings for him?

Tuesday 1st November (Episode 6583)

Nina makes a worrying confession to Ravi.

Kat is furious at Alfie’s latest antics.

Jay struggles to stay strong for Lola.

Wednesday 2nd November (Episode 6584)

Ravi’s loyalties are tested as Suki fears the worst.

Jay anxiously awaits news.

Alfie gets himself into another mishap.

Thursday 3rd November (Episode 6585)

Ravi is interrogated about his past.

Janine and Mick return from their holiday.

Linda tries to protect a friend.