Births, Marriages and Deaths
Lists of all of the births, marriages and deaths that have occurred over the 21 years of Home and Away's history.
Latest entry: Marriages

Entrances and Exits
Lists containing information on how characters past and present arrived and departed from Summer Bay.
Latest entry: You Say Goodbye

From Summer Bay to...
Find out where your favourite Home and Away characters have ended up after leaving the show.
Latest entry: ...Melbourne

Information on some of the ex-cast members who've gone on to have a "career" in the music industry.
Latest entry: Tammin Sursok

Scene Counts
Details of exactly many scenes characters appeared in on a week by week basis.
Latest entry: Scene Counts (2008)

This Month Then
Find out what was happening in Home and Away this time one, five, ten and twenty years ago.
Latest entry: January 2009

Facts and figures that don't fit into any other category, such as actor birthdays and characters' middle names.
Latest entry: Cliffhangers

Two Timing
Details of actors who've played two or more characters and characters who've been played by two or more actors.
Latest entry: Reused Actors

Discover who lives where in Summer Bay, and who has lived where over the past 20 years of the show's history.

Humorous and significant quotes from Home and Away's long and dramatic history.

Discover the real life homes of many of Home and Away's famous locations. Perfect for planning a trip around Australia.

Find out about the selection of Home and Away merchandise produced since the show's beginning.