Back in the late 80's and early 90's, Home and Away used to publish Annuals with information on the show and the events of the past year. View the front covers of a number of these annuals.
Older Books
A large number of books have been released over the years. Books covering Carly's Crisis and Bobby and Frank's Wedding, one going Backstage on the show, and more!
Recent Books
A large selection of new Home and Away books have been released over the past couple of years, beginning with novels charting Dani's trial.
Fan Cards
As with many TV Shows, Home and Away issues free Fan Cards on request. These are small laminate photographs of the cast. See how the style of the cards has changed over the years.
Game of H&A
A little-known board game of the show was once produced. The aim was to move around the board, solving problems by answering questions about the various characters involved.
H&A Magazine
For about a year, an official Home and Away magazine was published in the United Kingdom. It contained large posters and reviews of what was happening in the show one, two, three and four years ago.
"3" Packs
Mobile network '3 Australia' recently gave away a special 'Home and Away Pack' when you purchased one of their phones, containing a small number of H&A-related goodies.
A number of soundtracks have been released over the years, in both the UK and Australia. They feature songs which have been featured in the show on a number of occasions.
Older Videos
Information on Home and Away videos released before the year 2000, including the unusually titled "Home and Away : The Movie", containing the feature length pilot episode.
New Videos and DVDs
A number of DVDs and Videos have been released fairly recently, including two exclusive 'bubble' episodes, never aired on TV.
Other Merchandise
Merchandise old and new that doesn't fit into any of the other categories.