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Everybody knows about the various Home and Away Books, CDs and Videos available, but now there's a brand new piece of Home and Away Merchandise that's a little harder to get hold of.

'3' Australia, the 3rd Generation Mobile Network, is offering free 'Home and Away Packs' when you purchase a NEC e616V phone from any of their '3' Stores. The packs, apparently worth $50, include a Stereo Headset and a 16MB Sony Memory Stick, but also some exclusive Home and Away Goodies.

They contain a Video Introductory Message by Summer Bay favourites Bec Cartwright (Hayley Smith) and Kip Gamblin (Scott Hunter), along with a selection of Home and Away Pictures and a Home and Away Ringtone. As well as this, it also contains two preloaded music tracks -  possibly from Bec Cartwright and Tammin Sursok.

You can purchase the phone NEC e616V phone from any 3 Store or Dealer. To find your nearest dealer, see this page.

Picture Three

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