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As with many Television Shows, Home and Away issues free Fan Cards to you, the fans. These are small laminate photographs of the individual members of the cast, with their name on. The cards have changed a lot in recent years.

Fan cards (or publicity cards) are used by the cast when replying to fan letters. The original Home and Away fan cards were 6x4 inch black and white pictures printed on glossy card stock, such as these shown here.

Nicolle Dickson Debra Lawrance

In the early nineties, the character names were added to the fan cards, as shown below.

Norman Coburn Lynne McGranger

 Emily Symons

In 1998, the fan cards were changed completely. They are now A5 size (approx. 8x6 inches), printed in full colour and on a thinner type of card. Most of the pictures are in portrait position but some are landscape.

Beau Brady Kate Garven

Christie Hayes Kate Ritchie


Here are some group cast photos from the nineties. They were black and white and printed on glossy card like the individual fan cards, but are 8x6 size.


1994 Cast


1995 Cast


1996 Cast


1997 Cast

For current fan cards, write to Home and Away, c/o Channel Seven Sydney, Mobbs Lane, Epping, NSW 2121, Australia. Older fan cards are frequently available on Ebay.

For current Fan Cards, write to....

Home and Away
C/O Channel Seven Sydney,
Mobbs Lane,
NSW 2121

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