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2005 Calendar
Recently, an official 2005 Home and Away Calendar was given away for free with Australia's New Idea magazine. The Calendar, of size 9inch x 11inch, is not available in the shops, so is very difficult to get hold of. Each month contains a picture of a member of the Home and Away cast. The characters featured are Irene, Kirsty & Kane, Alf, Jesse, Sally, Hayley, Kit, Matilda, Leah, Scott and Tasha.

2004 Calendar
This 2004 Calendar was released in Australia by Hallmark at the end of 2003 and can be bought from many good gift shops across Australia. The top of each page contains a different promotional shot of one or more members of the cast.

Channel 5 Calendar
The UK's Channel 5 bought Home and Away from rival station ITV in 2000 but were prevented from showing the programme for a year because of a clause in ITV's contract. Channel 5 produced this calendar to promote the show's re-launch in 2001. It features a full page picture of a cast member for each month. They're no longer sold, but you may find one on E-Bay.

UK Soundtrack Postcard
This postcard was mailed to promote the UK release of the first Home and Away Soundtrack in November 1997. It has the name of the UK store WHSmith on it. They're no longer sold, but you may be lucky and find one for sale on E-Bay.

Location Schedules (Click the yellow Location Schedule pictures above to enlarge)
Location schedules are a series of photocopied sheets issued to cast and crew for the filming of each block (one week of episodes are filmed as one block). The schedule shows the date and time that each cast and crew member (including the caterer!) needs to arrive at exterior locations and the timing of each scene to be filmed there. Obviously location schedules are a behind-the-scenes item and are very hard to find unless you are friends with a cast or crew member! However, one may appear on E-Bay every so often.

Cast Letters (Click the picture on the right to enlarge)
If you write to a member of the Home and Away cast they may send you a personal reply. The address to write to can be found in the FAQ section.

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