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1 Gameboard
5 Story Cards
20 Home and Away Cards
40 Chat Cards
15 Character Pieces
7 Character Stands
1 Die

Object of the game:
To move around the board in such a way as to solve the problems set out in each story by asking questions of the various characters involved.

Story Cards:

Fire at Summer Bay High School
A fire was started deliberately at Summer Bay High School. Unfortunately Fisher, the Deputy Headmaster, thinks Bobby started it deliberately. He is after Bobby and wants to hand her over to the Police when he finds her. However, three people were with Bobby that day, and can prove her innocence. Can you find out who they are before Fisher catches Bobby?

The Wrong Predictions
Floss has done some Tarot card reading for two of Summer Bayís residents. She wrote down her predictions and asked Neville to deliver them personally. Neville, unfortunately, was not paying much attention at the time, and gave them to the wrong people. Can you discover to whom the predictions were given, before Floss catches up with Neville and he finds himself in real trouble?

The Boat That Did Not Float
When Alf took a boat out one sunny afternoon, he was unpleasantly surprised when it sank and he had to swim back. He is furious because he saw Martin in the boathouse earlier that day, and thinks he sabotaged the boat. But unknown to Alf, four people took the boat out earlier and holed it as they dragged it back up the beach. Can you find the real culprits before Alf finds Martin and wrongly tells him off?

A Smashing Time at the Church
Last Sunday, three vandals broke some of the church windows. Aunt Celia is convinced Lance is one of those responsible, and has decided to make a citizenís arrest. Three people were at the church at the time, and know the names of the boys responsible for the attack. Can you find out who they are before Aunt Celia catches poor Lance and gets him into big trouble?

Rumours about Roo
Rumours about Roo and a boy from the city are being circulated around Summer Bay. Roo is furious and thinks Ailsa started them deliberately. Ailsa, however, had nothing to do with it. The rumours were started by three other Summer Bay residents. Can you find out who they are before Roo finds Ailsa and tells her what she thinks of her?

Playable Characters:


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