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  Home and Away: Secrets and the City
In the late 1990s the UK saw an overload of video-only episodes of British soap operas (also known as "Soap Bubbles"). They were usually accompanied by a more mature rating than the shows could get away with in their usual TV time slot. Home and Away's 2002 video-only episode was a huge disappointment to most fans. The video contained two episodes that had already been shown on TV followed by a third episode, "Secrets and the City" which was previously unseen. The episode was set mainly in central Sydney with Dani Sutherland looking for Rhys after his breakup with Shelly. The episode was sadly only 30-minutes long and the content was barely different to a regular broadcast episode, although the video has a PG rating instead of the regular G rating. The only redeeming feature of the video is some (short) behind the scenes footage and interviews at the end.
  Home and Away: Hearts Divided
One year on from the release of Secrets and the City, Home and Away released another exclusive-to-video episode in Australia on 29th October 2003. This time around, the release was also available on DVD. It was presented by Rebecca Cartwright. Once again, the content featured two TV episodes followed by the exclusive episode. This time, the storyline focussed on the on-going Dani/Kane saga. Dani accidentally runs Kane down in her car, and mistakenly presumes he was a kangaroo. When it's discovered it was actually Kane she hit, she's suspected of attempted murder. The exclusive-to-video episode features Kirsty's journey to the city to be with Kane, after which he proposes to her.
  Home and Away: Romances
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Released - 2nd November 2005
HMV Price - AUS $35.99

On the 2nd November 2005, a brand new Home and Away DVD was released. Unlike the previous two releases, which have each only contained three episodes, this one takes a different stance and looks back at classic Home and Away relationships. The DVD, hosted by ex-star Beau Brady (Noah Lawson), looks over the last 17 years of the show to enable viewers to "relive the magical moments of love at first sight, first meetings, dates, kisses, love triangles, proposals and happy endings in Summer Bay". However, it puts an emphasis on the 'steamy romances of the last 8-10 years'. The release also contains the Home and Away Pilot Episode, where the show first began.
  Home and Away: Weddings
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Released - 1st March 2006
Running Time - 90 minutes
HMV Price - AUS $29.99
In a similar style to Home and Away: Romances, the newly released Weddings DVD takes a walk down memory lane and contains clips of classic Home and Away weddings. Hosted by Kate Ritchie (Sally Fletcher), it contains footage of 22 weddings from the show's 18 year history, with an emphasis on the last 8-10 years. A must see for any hopeless romantic and Home and Away obsessive. As a bonus, you can relive Leah and Vinnie's wedding, considered Home and Away's favourite, in full.


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