January 2009

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January 1989

  • The teenagers of Summer Bay await their HSC results.
  • Bobby continues the search for her parents, leading her to suspect Barbara.
  • Carly returns to Summer Bay.

January 1999

  • Gypsy suffers nightmares and flashbacks relating to her kidnap by Robert Perez.
  • Aaron Wells returns to help out Joey.
  • Robert Perez returns to Summer Bay and burns down the Nashes house.
  • Ailsa is the victim of a road rage incident.
  • Joey's condition continues to worsen and he becomes a danger to Irene.
  • Ailsa shoots Alf!
  • Sally and Vinnie get together.

January 2004

  • Kane saves the Sutherland family from the collapsed mineshaft.
  • Tasha finds out that her mother was Angela Russell.
  • Brodie returns to Summer Bay and immediately Alex is drawn to her again.
  • The drop-in centre burns to the ground.
  • The Hunter twins, Matilda and Henry arrive in Summer Bay.
  • Kirsty and Kane become engaged.

January 2008

  • Sally finds Milco written in the sand.
  • Ric celebrates his 20th birthday.
  • Cassie finds out she's pregnant.
  • Reverend Hall is rushed to hospital.