Next Week’s Coronation Street Spoilers – 22nd to 26th April

Next week on Coronation Street, a beloved favourite is kidnapped as the online trolls make their next move, Toyah makes a shock revelation about her past, and a surprise discovery puts George’s business at risk.

The shockwave of Roy Cropper’s (David Neilson) arrest for the presumed murder of Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) continues to be felt by the street next week, as the disappearance of a family member starts a chain of events that leads to a shocking secret being revealed.

As evidence mounted against the eccentric cafe owner, after he admitted to being the last person to see Lauren before her disappearance, DS Swain (Vicky Myers) charged Roy with Lauren’s murder after an incident with another online troll led to him being accused of assault.


Denied bail by the judge, Roy has been left languishing in prison, afraid to leave his cell for possible confrontations with fellow inmates over his alleged heinous crime, and refusing to eat.

Next week, Sam (Jude Riordan) wants to help out the family somehow, so suggests to Nina (Mollie Gallagher) that he could take Roy’s dog Freddie out on a walk. But as Sam arrives at the cafe to collect the pooch, little does he realise that another of the internet sleuths is watching from the table in the corner.


The 13-year-old later returns to the cafe in a distressed state, explaining that Freddie has seemingly run off after he was briefly let off the lead in North Cross Park.

As Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) minds the cafe, Nina and Toyah (Georgia Taylor) head out to look for the missing dog, with Toyah asked to head to North Cross Park. Once there, she spots three people digging up a rose bed.

Uneasy, Toyah confronts them over what they’re doing, and it soon becomes apparent that they’re part of the online group targetting Roy. They explain that Roy’s dog was seen digging in this patch and therefore they think that Lauren’s body has been hidden there.

Toyah is extremely angered and begins lashing out, and while the two sleuths film the interaction on their phones, Toyah takes one of the shovels and starts smashing up their car!



Nick (Ben Price) is stunned when he comes across the scene, and talks Toyah into putting down the shovel as she then bursts into tears.



Back at home, Toyah uncharacteristically gives young Sam a serve for losing Freddie, making him feel worse than he already does.

It comes as no surprise when there’s then a buzz on the door to say that the police have arrived and want to speak to Toyah. Toyah later calls in at Preston’s Petals and purchases a single yellow rose, with Toyah telling a quizzical Joel (Callum Lill) that it’s for Leanne (Jane Danson).

Meanwhile, at the cafe, a shocked Nina shows Evelyn and Asha (Tanisha Gorey) a disturbing video that has emerged online.

It turns out the internet sleuths have taken Freddie, and they’re demanding that Roy confess to Lauren’s murder if he wants to see the dog’s safe return!


The next day, with it being ex-girlfriend Nina’s birthday, Asha decides to go on a mission that might just put her back in Nina’s good books.

Having reached out to the online trolls responsible for Freddie’s capture, Asha tells Aadi (Adam Hussain) that she’s had a response, and has arranged to meet two of them in the precinct—’TrueMan67′ and ‘Banditman’.

Aadi offers to go with her, but when he gets sidetracked in helping Amy (Elle Mulvaney) out with a radio interview, Asha ends up at the precinct alone. With Aadi not picking up her calls, Asha is about to leave when the two men arrive. As they begin asking Asha awkward questions, she wonders whether she’s bitten off more than she can chew…


Back at Victoria Court, relations remain tense between Toyah and Leanne as Nick steps in to try and keep the peace. Leanne is puzzled when Joel later asks whether she liked the rose that Toyah bought for her, with Toyah later telling her that she’d binned it.

Toyah continues to defend her bizarre actions the previous day, as she claims to have been standing up for Roy’s reputation. As she slams the sleuths for destroying such a special place in the park, Nick is bemused by her choice of words.


His intrigue is soon answered later that day however, when he returns home to find Toyah sitting on the floor in front of the sofa in tears.

Toyah finally opens up on why she had reacted so strongly to the sleuths digging up that particular spot—it’s the place where she buried her baby!

Nick is staggered as Toyah goes on to reveal that she secretly gave birth back in 2001, when she was 19 years old. Tragically, the baby girl was stillborn, and not knowing what to do, Toyah had gone to North Cross Park to bury her daughter.


Taking a deep breath, Toyah then reveals that the father of the baby was her rapist, Phil Simmonds (Jack Deam), who had attacked her in the ginnel.

When Simon (Alex Bain) later returns home, he tells them that the police are swarming over North Cross Park, with Bobby (Jack Carroll) reckoning that they must have found a body. Will Toyah’s tragic secret be revealed?

Elsewhere on the cobbles, George’s (Tony Maudsley) decision to update his will looks set to kick off a massive chain of events that could shake up Shuttleworth/Grimshaw household.

As he makes preparations, George manages to put his sister Glenda (Jodie Prenger) offside when he asks Eileen (Sue Cleaver) if she would be willing to be named as his power of attorney.

Why wouldn’t you?” Tony Maudsley laughs. “I mean, the choice between Glenda and Eileen when it comes to legal business, you’re not going to choose Glenda!

“I don’t think he thinks anything of it. He just always sees her as his little kid sister. But on this occasion she’s really offended. Unfortunately, this opens up a can of worms!


Hearing about George’s plans, business partner Todd (Gareth Pierce) puts on all the charm as he comes into the undertakers on his day off to ply George with tea and his favourite biscuits.

Eileen can see through Todd’s plans, but it would seem that Todd doesn’t have anything to worry about regarding George’s intentions.


That’s a partnership made in heaven, me and Gareth Pierce love working together,” Tony explains. “George is such a good guy. He wants to do the right thing. He’s four years into his relationship with Eileen. He’s four years of having Todd under his wing, and he wants to make sure that if he drops down dead that they’re both going to be looked after.

After seeing George file away a copy of the will, Todd takes it upon himself to have a quick gander, and is pleased to see that George plans to leave him the business. Eileen catches Todd in the act, and points out that George could well change his mind if he learns what Todd has been up to!

But as Todd goes to return the will to the back of the file, he comes across a tucked away will belonging to George’s father, Archie Shuttleworth (Roy Hudd), who passed away back in 2018 leaving the undertakers to George.


It’s a will that none of us know about,” reveals Tony. “It’s stuck at the back of a file. And this will very clearly states that Glenda should have been bequeathed 50% of everything. So it’s like – what do we do with that information?

“We don’t know if it was Archie’s last will because the date on it is smudged. So we don’t know if he wrote this will and then died before he was able to get it to the solicitors. It’s a bit of a quandary for everybody.

It’s naturally something of a concern for Todd after learning that he’s set to inherit the business one day, but any ideas he has of keeping quiet are thrown out of the window when Eileen drops the bombshell on George just as she’s leaving for Thailand.

George is torn as he reads over the will and realises the ramifications.


So he is half protecting his little sister, who he loves dearly, and half protecting his dad’s legacy, which he has diligently looked after and kept going since Archie’s death,” Tony tells us.

So he’s in this quandary of not want to short-change his sister but also not wanting to hand her half a business that she’s going to sink into the ground in five seconds, if she gets her hands on it.

He’s not about to do his sister over, he wants the absolute best for her, but he’s also very aware that Glenda’s not the sharpest tool in the box and she gets her hands on money, she’s gonna blow it on something and send both George and the company into an early grave.

Will George come clean?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Coronation Street episodes:

Monday 22nd April (Episode 11246/47)

Toyah sees red on the rec.

Freddie is led astray as the internet sleuths make their next move.

How will Dee-Dee respond as Joel makes his move?

Eileen smells a rat.

Wednesday 24th April (Episode 11248/49)

Toyah’s secret is revealed.

Asha goes on a mission for Nina’s birthday.

As Todd snoops through George’s will, what has he discovered?

Friday 26th April (11250/51)

Carla tells Roy the truth about the lie.

Leanne opens her mind to Rowan.

Tim gives Steve a boost in his online dating quest.

Will George do the right thing?