Home and Away Spoilers – Has Alf caught out Mackenzie and Levi?

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Cash gets a panicked call from Stevie, while Mackenzie and Levi worry that Alf has discovered their affair.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) finds himself put to the test in his new job next week, as Stevie (Catherine Van-Davies) calls him in fear of her life.

Cash scored a job as Stevie’s bodyguard in recent episodes, after the ex-cop contacted the security firm he’d been working for to see if they had anything more challenging than mall security at Yabbie Creek.

Cash was puzzled by the rather informal interview scenario when he rocked up on a luxury yacht Stevie was staying on, clueless as to who the world-famous horror actress actually was.

Stevie explained that she had been terrorised by a stalker, who had gone so far as to break into her home and take pictures of her whilst she slept.

When Cash told Stevie that she should withdraw from social media and any press appearances for her own protection, Stevie was seemingly unwilling to comply and so Cash turned down the job, figuring that he couldn’t protect her if she wouldn’t help herself. He did phone his bosses however to advise that Stevie needed to get off that boat, where she was a sitting duck.

Stevie later turned up at Cash’s house in the hope of making him reconsider, after hearing that he was the only one who contacted the firm with his concerns. Cash reluctantly agreed on the condition that Stevie follow his advice, and he was able to move her into more secure hotel accommodation.

Next week, Cash struggles to have Stevie keep her side of the bargain. After finding her standing on the balcony in full view of potential threats, Cash ushers Stevie back inside then advises that she should adjust her itinerary.

A meeting she has lined up with the director of a movie she’d like to try out for should instead be conducted online, whilst she should also cancel appearances at a fundraiser and movie premiere.

Stevie reluctantly cancels the fundraiser, but flat out refuses to entertain Cash’s other suggestions, much to his chagrin. He reminds Stevie of her promise to compromise for her own safety, and asks whether she was serious or not.

The conversation is interrupted by a knock on the door from Paul (Darren Eastes), the man relieving Cash from his duties for the night.

Stevie begs Cash not to go but he assures her that she’s in safe hands with Paul.

Stevie later calls Cash, urgently telling him that her life is in danger and that he has to come back—Paul is boring her to death with talk of his kid’s footy team.

Cash reminds Stevie that Paul is there for her security, not her entertainment, and draws a line by telling her he’ll see her tomorrow before hanging up and putting his phone on silent.

Although he sees several calls come through that evening, Cash ignores them.

However, the next morning when Cash has to listen through numerous voice messages, he’s shocked when he hears a frantic message from Stevie informing him that she’s been on her own for hours after Paul was poisoned!

Cash races to the hotel, but what will he find when he gets there?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Levi (Tristan Gorey) risk blowing their affair when they forget themselves with a PDA.

The pair have been liaising at Mac’s farmhouse whilst conducting their relationship, in an attempt to ensure both Levi’s wife Imogen (Georgia Blizzard) and sister Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) don’t find out.

Although Mac had called things off after deciding that the pressure of Levi ending his marriage for her was too much, Mac gave in to temptation and the pair resumed relations.

Next week, after meeting up with Levi to vent about Cash having to be away from home a lot for his new job, Eden thanks her brother for listening. She knows that Cash would never betray her, but admits she’s always had trust issues since their father left the family home after cheating on their mother.

The next morning, after spending the night with Mac, Levi heads down to the beach with her where she has her first surf since the heart attack. Levi once again bumps into Eden, who is surprised to see her brother back there again.

Claiming he’s been called back to Northern Districts Hospital, Eden jokes that he’s still lying to Imogen about visiting her when he’s been called up there for ‘work’, and that all those years of living with their dad has obviously rubbed off.


With his own affair playing on his mind, and now knowing exactly how his father felt, a frustrated Levi asks Eden if she’d ever considered looking at it from dad’s perspective—he was just following his heart.

Eden simply retorts that their dad should have remembered he already had a wife and children, which causes Levi to storm off.

Mac follows and it’s Levi’s turn to vent, telling her that Eden won’t let up at their dad even after all these years, and how it wasn’t just an affair for his father, he’d fallen in love.

Mac comforts Levi by planting a kiss on him, but as they pull away from each other Mac is shocked to see that Alf (Ray Meagher) was walking nearby!

Has Alf just discovered their dirty little secret?!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 29th April (Episode 8216)

Old tensions die hard for Eden and Levi. Cash balances Stevie’s demands with his own needs. Roo sees red.

Tuesday 30th April (Episode 8217)

Mackenzie fears she’s been exposed. Remi is caught in a lie. Justin and Leah set a date.

Wednesday 1st May (Episode 8218)

Remi comes clean to Bree. Tane is dragged in the Coastal News. Roo finds a clue, or is it a red herring?

Thursday 2nd May (Episode 8219)

Tane’s troubles escalate. Valerie tries to hide her suffering. Dana’s apology is unwelcome.

Friday 3rd May (Episode 8220)

Theo’s holding out on Valerie. Harper and Dana clash. Cash scopes out Stevie’s body of work.