Dean learns there’s a link between Karen and Ross. Chelsea and Colby make wedding plans. Mason and Tori deal with hyper-protective Robbo.


Chelsea and Dean are visiting Karen, and Colby wants in. Justin receives sage advice from the older guys. Willow’s angry that Justin’s put her in an impossible situation.


Justin’s ultimatum brings he and Willow to breaking point. Maggie feels the love from the Summer Bay community. Tori and the medical team reassess Raffy’s medication.


Coco and Ryder’s attempt to cheer up Raffy backfires. Maggie makes a bold decision amid the success of the Fund A Cure Fair and fundraising dinner. A mystery woman arrives in the Bay.


After Robbo’s admission, he and Jasmine are closer than ever. Can Justin and Willow work things out? Ziggy and Brody are caught in the middle of the family fallout.


Dean and Colby saddle up to get answers from Karen. Willow resolves to turn over a new leaf with a little help from Robbo. Ziggy is unsure of Simone’s agenda when Brody hires her at Salt.


Will a shocking revelation push Colby past the point of no return? Justin deals with his heartbreak in the worst possible way. Leah’s night on the town takes a bizarre turn.


Justin is in a world of pain over Willow. Are Raffy’s school woes clouding her judgement? The Bait Shop is becoming a little too cosy for Alf and Ben.


Jasmine considers Tori and the baby while making future plans. Coco’s suspicious as Raffy and Ryder are determined to avoid each other. Ben’s future is in the hands of John Palmer.


Is everything ok with Tori? Consumed by the hunt for Ross, Colby suggests postponing the wedding. John and Ben go head to head over the proposed changes to the Surf Club.


Robbo struggles with his grief. Tori is confident that she and Robbo will try again. Ziggy is irked by Brody and Simone’s closeness.


Raffy reaches breaking point when the only thing keeping her afloat abandons her. Simone causes problems in Ziggy and Brody’s marriage. Justin bears the brunt of Raffy’s mounting problems.


Colby deceives Chelsea in his quest to find Bella, but it’s not the happy family reunion he expected. Justin gets to the bottom of Raffy’s unhappiness.


Colby and Dean’s rescue attempt grows fraught with danger. Alf intervenes when Ben and John look set to spill blood. Willow and Chelsea grow closer but clash over how to help the boys.