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Monday 24th January 2022 (7686)

Irene does her best with Marilyn. Cash feels helpless while Felicity’s missing. Ryder dares Theo to another challenge.

Tuesday 25th January 2022 (7687)

Theo chalks up a win. Tane’s in danger again. Marilyn continues on her warpath.

Wednesday 26th January 2022 (7688)

Will Felicity and Tane be found in time? Irene draws the line with Marilyn. Mia has to face her past.

Thursday 27th January 2022 (7689)

Is Dean ready to overcome his trauma? Mia doesn’t want her past to become her present. Nikau has a career path present itself.

Friday 28th January 2022 (7690)

Nikau starts a new course. Dean takes the next step. Bella starts a trial run.

Monday 31st January 2022 (7691)

Tane and Felicity find solace in each other. Jasmine’s cautious with her future. Nikau tries again.

Tuesday 1st February 2022 (7692)

Jasmine learns the truth about Felicity. Cash warns Tane to back off. Mia avoids facing the truth.

Wednesday 2nd February 2022 (7693)

Mia warns Matthew the truth will come out. Irene calls on Logan’s help. Marilyn starts a new business venture.

Thursday 3rd February 2022 (7694)

Marilyn files an unexpected complaint. Mackenzie doesn’t know how to fire Bella. Justin and Leah get a rude shock.

Friday 4th February 2022 (7695)

Dean’s keen to get out into the surf. Nikau’s finding his passion. Leah gets called away suddenly.

Monday 7th February 2022 (7696)

Marilyn’s vulnerability increases. Dean’s worst fears are realised. Logan tries to get through to Marilyn.

Tuesday 8th February 2022 (7697)

Nikau achieves his goal. Dean accuses Jasmine of being Logan’s mouthpiece. Bella’s confidence hits a hurdle.

Wednesday 9th February 2022 (7698)

Dean looks towards a new future. Ryder and Theo set the ultimate challenge. Bella finds an opportunity to build her new business.

Thursday 10th February 2022 (7699)

A stranger changes Chloe’s world. Tane and Felicity develop a deeper connection. Mia has little answers for her daughter.

Friday 11th February 2022 (7700)

Marilyn continues to rock boats in the bay. Ari confronts Matthew. Mackenzie warns Tane.

Monday 14th February 2022 (7701)

Not telling Chloe the truth continues to create problems. Ryder confronts Chloe about her kiss with Theo. A prickly Marilyn puts Justin in his place.

Tuesday 15th February 2022 (7702)

Mia’s nightmare gets worse. Is there more to Felicity’s reluctance? Alf sees Marilyn’s change first-hand.

Wednesday 16th February 2022 (7703)

Felicity gives Cash an ultimatum about attending their father’s memorial. Alf’s sacrifice sees Marilyn finally agree to get help. Dean’s headspace continues to deteriorate.

Thursday 17th February 2022 (7704)

Alf and Roo do their best to support Martha. Nikau’s first day as a lifesaver turns into a disaster. Will Justin’s warnings get through to Theo? Mackenzie is stuck in the middle of Dean and Logan.

Friday 18th February 2022 (7705)

Ryder chooses between his pride and his family. Theo answers for his mistakes. Roo and Alf spar over Martha. Can Nikau save his job?

Monday 21st February 2022 (7706)

Marilyn finds her new normal. Justin helps Theo find a new interest. Alf struggles with Martha’s approach.

Tuesday 22nd February 2022 (7707)

Ziggy and Theo challenge one another. Logan distracts himself from the tribunal. Roo’s shocked by her mother’s reaction.

Wednesday 23rd February 2022 (7708)

Roo asks some hard questions. Nikau saves the day. Dean puts Ziggy in her place.

Thursday 24th February 2022 (7709)

Chloe tries to rebuild family ties. Marilyn realises she may lose everyone she loves. Felicity spirals while Cash is out of town.

Friday 25th February 2022 (7710)

Tane offers his gentle support to Felicity. Mia is backed into a corner with only one option. Ari’s planning his future with Mia.

Monday 28th February 2022 (7711)

Mia tells Chloe an awful truth. Cash reveals to Felicity the nature of their father’s death. John tries to repair the broken trust with Nikau.

Tuesday 1st March 2022 (7712)

Bella causes unexpected problems for Mackenzie and Logan. Ziggy’s stunned to learn that Brody has had a baby. Jasmine tries to reconnect Cash and Felicity. Nikau and John extend an olive branch.

Wednesday 2nd March 2022 (7713)

Ari plans to ask Mia a life-changing question.

Friday 4th March 2022 (7715)

2021 Season Finale

Ryder and Theo’s challenge turns dangerous.

Monday 7th March 2022 (7716)

2022 Season Opener

Will Mia’s escape end in cuffs? Ari puts his life on the line. Will Ryder be buried alive? Alf asks Martha for answers.

Tuesday 8th March 2022 (7717)

Have Theo and Ryder dug their own graves? The Paratas are splintered by Ari’s actions. Roo and Martha reach breaking point.

Wednesday 9th March 2022 (7718)

Ryder says his final goodbye. Alf seeks justice for Ryder. Guilt-ridden Chloe goes to the police.

Thursday 10th March 2022 (7719)

Logan and Mackenzie rekindle their romance. Felicity gets shut out. A mysterious woman arrives for Logan.

Friday 11th March 2022 (7720)

Logan’s secret kiss is exposed. Mackenzie faces Logan’s past. Bella discovers Chloe’s crime.

Monday 14th March 2022 (7721)

Mia tries to hold her family together. Logan faces his ex. Mackenzie has an unlikely plan.

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