Maggie’s illness takes a turn for the worse. Ebony drives a wedge between Colby and Jasmine. Coco pushes Ryder further away.


The Astonis prepare for the worst when finally, Maggie wakes up! Ebony drives a wedge between Jasmine and Colby. Ash is back in the Bay!


Robbo returns to basic police training in order to get his job back. But can he tick all the required boxes? Ash returns to the bay as a changed man. How long can Willow string Dean along?


Leah’s vlog gets some unwanted attention. Robbo turns down the job with the Feds. Dean gets the girl!


Maggie is worried that Ben isn’t ready to face the reality of her cancer. Young love blooms between Raffy and Ty. Leah is standing up to her cyber trolls – but has Ryder taken things too far?


Raffy deals with the fallout from her kiss. Leah teaches Ryder an important lesson about consent. Can Colby and Jasmine salvage their friendship?


Will Colby be suspended from the police force? Hunter and Mason wonder if its time to hit up the single scene.


Ebony starts asking questions about Robbo but does he buy her innocent act? Maggie plans an impromptu getaway. While Justin and Willow are at odds, Ash and Tori reconnect.


Can Tori and Ash give their relationship another go? Maggie’s goodbye letters are discovered. Alf tries to help Robbo find a purpose in life.


Mason and Hunter are promoting the Singles Mingle at Salt. Ziggy finds motivation from Maggie’s letter to propose to Brody. The Astoni’s deal with the fallout from Maggie’s letters.


Ziggy proposes to Brody – but this the wedding off before it’s even started? Ebony is getting closer to Colby, but are her plans foiled by Robbo? The Singles Mingle night kicks off at Salt.


Brody and Ziggy’s engagement is back on. Tori and Ash have deep trust issues. Mason finds potential love at the Singles Mingle. Ebony plays Robbo right into her hands.


Justin learns about Nina’s ultimatum. Has Tori ruined her chances of rekindling a relationship with Ash? Raffy feels sidelined as Ryder and Ty’s friendship grows.


Willow steals money to pay for rent and hide her gambling addiction. Raffy and Ty finally get some time alone. Colby falls apart under pressure and he and Dean comes to blows.


Maggie receives a little help from her friends. Willow reveals the truth about Bella to Justin. Justin and Colby forge a plan.


Justin finally gets a lead on the kidnappers. Ziggy attempts to appease her mother. Raffy beings to make Ty uncomfortable.


Colby hits rock bottom. Robbo’s suspicions about Ebony continue to grow. While Coco and Ryder plans details of Ziggy’s wedding, Ben and Maggie begin to worry about the financial side.


Robbo plays a dangerous game with Ebony. Ben worries about the cost of the wedding. Ash considers his future with Tori.


Can Ash promise Tori the future she so desperately desires? Willow falls further into debt as her gambling spirals out of control. Who will be Brody’s best man?


Jasmine and Willow clash over her gambling. Despite suffering chemo side effects Maggie finds a way to do wedding planning. Mason and Hunter get inspiration for Brody’s bucks night.


Willow is fired from the gym after stealing. Hunter and Mason are forced to abandon their elaborate bucks plan for Brody. Maggie discovers that the cancer has spread and decides to stop treatment.


Willow’s gambling hits rock bottom when she steals Ziggy’s wedding money. Ziggy and Ben try and convince a stubborn Maggie to start cancer treatment.


Will Brody and Ziggy have their happily ever after? Mason gets lucky. Will Hunter and Olivia get back together?


Colby discovers the phone planted in Willow’s van. Will Robbo successfully catch Ebony in a lie? Ash considers an impromptu trip to Cyprus.


Can Tori and Ash really say goodbye? Ty and Ryder continue to bond.


Will Tori find the strength to say goodbye as Ash leaves the Bay for good? Raffy is feeling left in the dark as Ryder protects Ty’s secret. Ty is not coping with his sexuality and runs away.


Ty reveals his truth to Marilyn and John. The search for Ty continues. Justin is trying to keep his sisters from falling apart. Raffy feels sidelined with a broken heart.


Ebony’s revenge plan is executed with deadly consequences. Raffy’s heartbroken as Ty and Ryder repair their friendship. Marilyn and John try to heal their fragile family.


Tori and Jasmine race against time to save Colby. Robbo fights to clear his name. Can Ben pull off a miracle before the wedding?


Will Brody get the quiet bucks night that he’s asked for? Does Ziggy have cold feet? Willow and Dean get kicked out of the caravan park.