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Monday 21st June 2021 (7560)

Justin hides his pain medication. Bella’s insecurities seep in. Ryder and Chloe get an offer they can’t refuse.

Tuesday 22nd June 2021 (7561)

Nikau threatens to quit. Mackenzie is ploughing ahead with her train wreck of a life. Ryder and Chloe get stuck on a name for their food van.

Wednesday 23rd June 2021 (7562)

Nikau confronts a manipulative Sienna. Dean struggles to help Bella with her career crossroads. Alf’s work stress builds to a peak. Ari encounters a few curveballs on his last day off.

Thursday 24th June 2021 (7563)

Ziggy worries about Justin’s mood swings. Concerns for Dean after discovering he is now aware that Ziggy and Tane are living together. Ari discovers what Tane has been doing at work.

Friday 25th June 2021 (7564)

Jasmine’s job news receives mixed reviews. Justin’s erratic behaviour does not go unnoticed. Roo comes to Alf’s rescue.

Monday 28th June 2021 (7565)

Mackenzie gets in a fight with Ryder and Chloe. Justin manages to hide his true motives. All Christian needs to do is pick up his suit.

Tuesday 29th June 2021 (7566)

The battle between Ryder, Chloe and Mac intensifies. Christian finds his meaning. Jasmine starts her new role with a shock discovery.

Wednesday 30th June 2021 (7567)

Leah makes a grim discovery. Alf isn’t himself. Christian can’t give Tori the answers she needs.

Thursday 1st July 2021 (7568)

Ziggy’s in Justin’s firing line. Tane offers to help Alf. Leah’s relationship slips away.

Friday 2nd July 2021 (7569)

Nikau learns of the darker side to modelling. John receives a message from the past. Ziggy’s employment woes heighten.

Monday 5th July 2021 (7570)

Nikau slips into bad habits. Bella’s opportunity with Emmett fades. Roo focuses her energy on her dad.

Tuesday 6th July 2021 (7571)

Nikau is pushing hard to look his best. Will Christian give Tori the answers she needs? Dean gets Emmett to do what’s right for Bella.

Wednesday 7th July 2021 (7572)

Christian avoids Tori but confides in Rachel. Nikau asks Tane to help him get fit and look his best. Ziggy feels lost when Tane starts work at the gym.

Thursday 8th July 2021 (7573)

Justin’s deceit continues to grow. Nikau receives, and ignores, good advice. Although struggling, Roo decides to go it alone. The search for Susie heats up.

Friday 9th July 2021 (7574)

Mackenzie continues to make new friends. The Susie stakeout doesn’t go to plan. Chloe is suspicious about Ryder’s sudden change in demeanour.

Monday 12th July 2021 (7575)

Chloe confides in Ryder. Ari and Mia have a hard time convincing Chloe. Justin’s cold turkey comes home to roost.

Tuesday 13th July 2021 (7576)

Justin struggles with his reality. Christian makes a bad choice. Roo and Marilyn rally around their friend.

Wednesday 14th July 2021 (7577)

Nikau becomes obsessed with his image. Christian makes a devastating decision. Tori’s world is shattered.

Thursday 15th July 2021 (7578)

Nikau’s party kicks off. Bella confronts Allegra. Mac makes a fool of herself.

Friday 16th July 2021 (7579)

Mac hits rock bottom. Justin’s addiction pushes his relationship to the edge. John hides his secret conversations.

Monday 19th July 2021 (7580)

Martha comes home. Dean searches for Mac everywhere. Can Justin continue his addiction recovery?

Tuesday 20th July 2021 (7581)

Nikau and Bella see different values in a photo. Sienna gets some ammo. Where’s Mackenzie? What will Kieran’s lawyer say?

Wednesday 21st July 2021 (7582)

Nikau gives Sienna an ultimatum. Is Christian’s professional boundaries starting to fray? Alf and Roo get their priorities right.

Thursday 22nd July 2021 (7583)

Justin crosses a line that could bring his world undone. Rachel’s big day out ruffles a few feathers. Ziggy makes a shocking discovery.

Friday 23rd July 2021 (7584)

Tori’s not bailing Justin out of this one. News of Justin’s assault reverberates through the Bay. Dean’s concern for Mackenzie spreads through the community.

Monday 26th July 2021 (7585)

The Bay is desperate to discover whose body is in the water. Justin tries to make amends. Dean catastrophises. Ari gets some unexpected news.

Tuesday 27th July 2021 (7586)

Mac makes more of an effort. John is interviewed by police. Justin and Leah clash over Susie.

Wednesday 28th July 2021 (7587)

Irene is named as a suspect. Mac turns a corner. Justin’s apology attempts fall flat.

Thursday 29th July 2021 (7588)

Leah and Justin are at breaking point. Tori gives Justin an ultimatum. Mia gets a worrying phone call.

Friday 30th July 2021 (7589)

Bella and Emmett show off their talent. Sienna sets her sights on Nikau. Roo has an unexpected visitor.

Monday 2nd August 2021 (7590)

Rachel mixes messages. Roo reads Kieran’s letter. Nikau enters dark territory.

Tuesday 3rd August 2021 (7591)

​​​​​​​Who will come out unscathed from the explosion? Has Mackenzie hit rock bottom? In the aftermath of the explosion, people look for answers.

Wednesday 4th August 2021 (7592)

Nikau is trying to have his cake and eat it too. Mackenzie and Ryder talk it out. Is Kieran keeping a secret from Roo?

Thursday 5th August 2021 (7593)

Dean tries to help a spiralling Justin after he lashes out at Ziggy. Irene gets a taste of the slick new homicide detective. Roo supports Kieran after his shock admission.

Friday 6th August 2021 (7594)

Ziggy continues to support Justin against her own better judgement. The new detective has started rattling a few cages. Justin continues to find new ways to reach rock bottom.

Monday 9th August 2021 (7595)

Ari and Mia take Chloe home. Jasmine wakes up. Rachel finally gets her brace off. Justin wakes out of his reverie.

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