Dean gets to the bottom of Mackenzie’s hostility towards him. A despairing Maggie doesn’t know how to help Ben. Ryder attempts to repair his friendship with Raffy but she shuts him down.


Robbo gets an ominous demand. Ryder and Raffy drift further apart. Justin gets mixed news about Raffy’s CBD trial. Ben’s growth is short lived.


Justin goes down a dark path in his quest to help a distraught Raffy after her CBD trial is shut down. Robbo finally learns who is after him and why – but it only leads to more questions.


Robbo faces the struggle of his life to survive. Leah offers to help Justin in his battle to support Raffy. Will Bella find the courage to attend a support group?


Mackenzie is aghast to learn of Dean’s ultimatum. Robbo questions whether Dylan Carter could possibly still be alive. Maggie is at an impasse while trying to help Ben.


Ben is pushed to his limits by those he loves. Mackenzie proves she is a match for Colby and Dean. Ryder suspects there is something serious going on with Raffy.


Ben’s wall of strength crumbles. Raffy struggles with life, post cannabis. Ryder learns break-ups have repercussions. Irene appeases Bella, but at what cost?


Bella goes to drastic measures to avoid dealing with her pain. Maggie confronts Ben about his depression. Ryder’s party gets out of hand after he buckles to peer pressure.


Ryder babysits Bella and tries to hide from Colby, but things quickly get out of hand. Colby and Mackenzie struggle to take it slow. Irene’s future is suddenly thrown into question.


Will Dean repair things with Mackenzie and ask for his job back? An overwhelmed Irene questions what to do without Bella’s testimony in court. Jasmine and Robbo are going stir crazy in the motel.


Robbo and Jasmine agree on a new normal. The bad news for Raffy continues. Ben’s erratic behaviour continues.


Ben’s life hits rock bottom. Raffy lashes out at those who care. Robbo goes to extreme lengths to appease the bad guys.


Robbo plays a dangerous game with the enemy. Ziggy struggles to cope with her fractured family. Mackenzie pushes Dean in an unexpected direction.


Has the ourboros gang given Robbo a lead? With Ben unable to help, Maggie takes over. Raffy can’t cope with everyone doting on her, but can she survive without them?


Raffy’s near drowning serves as a wake up call for everybody. Will the new lead provide Robbo with the answers he seeks? Irene is blown away by community support in the lead up to her trial.


Ryder is shocked to learn Bella’s secret. Irene makes a desperate decision regarding her future. Leah refuses to be held to ransom by Tommy.


Irene’s request has devastating consequences for Bella. Mackenzie has a proposition for Dean. Ben’s depression and feelings of inadequacy continue until he meets a mysterious stranger.


Dean attempts to hide Mackenzie’s existence from his mum. Mackenzie and Bella are starting to form a cohesive family unit, much to Colby’s delight.


Karen makes a long-lasting impression on the Astoni family. A heartbroken Maggie pleads with Ben to come home. Do Jasmine and Alex have a solution to unlock Robbo’s lost memories?


Alex attempts to hypnotise Robbo to find out the truth about Dylan Carter. After finding Maggie at rock bottom, Ziggy comes up with a new plan to help them all cope with Ben’s depression.


Irene is rattled when details about her past come to light. Jasmine offers Robbo a new perspective to aid his search for Dylan. Ryder is feeling out of the loop as Raffy gives him the cold shoulder.


Irene struggles with her fear as the countdown to her trial begins. Raffy and Ryder challenge Bella to return to school. Ben gives Maggie reason to hope.


Colby causes a scene and is thrown out of court. Bella finds the courage to testify for Irene, only to come face to face with pure evil. Justin is fearful that Raffy’s medical situation is deteriorating.


Bella finds confidence to speak her truth in court to Tommy. Will Irene find peace once her court case is finalised? A frustrated Ben reaches breaking point and begins fighting for his freedom.


Robbo is running out of places to look for Dylan Carter. The pressure mounts on Dean to tell Karen the truth about Mackenzie. A militant Teresa causes trouble for Irene.


After a massive fight, Dean and Karen reconcile through an unlikely source. Maggie is relieved when Ben’s ready to talk. Roo keeps pushing Ryder to go to university.


Some good news brings Ben and Maggie closer. Raffy is upset when Justin shuts down a potential medical trial. Roo’s constant badgering forces Ryder to consider his future.


Desperate for answers, Robbo struggles with the fallout of Jasmine’s kidnapping. Roo’s plan to help Maggie and Ben reconnect backfires spectacularly. Can Dr Alex save Scott’s life?


Can Robbo claw his way back from rock bottom in time to save Jasmine? Irene makes a bold decision about her future. Roo turns to Alf for help with her matchmaking mess.


Robbo and Colby race to find Jasmine. Irene is supported by her friends as she enjoys her last day as a free woman. Willow panics about her future when Irene gives her a sombre reality check.


Irene’s future hangs in the balance as the verdict is delivered. Dean accuses Karen of faking it when she melts down at work. Raffy has been accepted into the medical trial.


Maggie is struggling with the growing divide between her and Ben. Raffy departs Summer Bay to start her medical trial. Dean realises he’s made a huge mistake with Karen.


Dean’s struggles over having children manifests into egregious behaviour towards Ziggy. Roo wants Ryder to study for his HSC, but he’s distracted by the car of his dreams. Tommy comes after Irene.


Dean and Ziggy come together to talk about kids. Ryder gets a big incentive to do well on his HSC. Irene’s support network takes a sinister turn.


The community is shocked by Teresa’s actions. Colby tries to find balance between duty and family. Afraid of sending the wrong message, Leah decides to shut down her vlog. Will Robbo cross the line to save Jasmine?


Robbo and Colby clash before finally getting a breakthrough on Jasmine’s whereabouts. Willow begins to fear the worst for Jasmine. John and Marilyn are curious about Alf’s suspicious behaviour.


A concerned Robbo makes a big decision for Jasmine’s future. Martha’s return brings joy. Willow and Alex’s friendship takes an unexpected turn.


Willow clears the awkwardness with Alex. A distraught Jasmine is faced with more torment. Martha and Alf’s family unit becomes rocky.


Colby is burning out but is determined to help a distressed Jasmine. Martha and Alf leave on a romantic road trip. Mackenzie starts to doubt her relationship with Colby. Robbo is held hostage.


Bella is defensive when Mackenzie and Colby’s relationship starts to break down. Leah explains why she shut down her blog. The Astonis are at a loss on how to help Ben’s depression.


Marilyn feels lost and needs a new purpose in life. How will Ben shake the black dog of depression? Justin learns how awful things were for Ava at home. Robbo makes a shocking discovery.


Thanks to Alex, Mason gets a second chance. Robbo’s need for justice for his family gets complicated. Ben’s mental health struggles reach breaking point.


Colby pushes Robbo to the limit in his quest for answers. Mackenzie struggles with her uncertainty about Colby. Alex diagnoses Ben, and Maggie fears he no longer trusts her.


An overworked Colby struggles to save his relationship with Mackenzie. Is Dean’s past the key to helping Ben’s future? Bella wants revenge on Mackenzie.