Ty celebrates his 16th birthday in the Bay. Will Dean get caught with Brett’s dirty money? Robbo and Colby remain vigilant – suspecting that Ebony’s games aren’t over yet.


The search for Bella continues. Jasmine suspects Colby still has feelings for her. Ty feels rejected by John and Marilyn.


Will Ebony lure Colby into her trap? Ben asks the Stewarts to have ‘the talk’ with Ryder. A frazzled Tori searches for a renewed purpose in the wake of Ash’s departure.


Will Colby walk headfirst into Ebony’s trap? Hunter and Christina cross a line. The Palmers wait on tenterhooks for Ty to make a big decision.


Robbo comes to the rescue. But is he too late to save Colby? Leah disapproves of Hunter and Christina’s budding relationship. Justin makes a shocking confession to Willow.


Coco is excited about her date as Ryder gets ‘the talk’. Ziggy avoids Brody’s talks about planning for their future. Willows guilt weighs heavily on her.


Ziggy busts Dean using a stolen credit card and Brody puts his foot down. Tori suspects she’s pregnant. Maggie and Ben finally receive the news they’ve been hoping for, with mixed emotions.


Marilyn and John clash over what is best for Ty. After a pregnancy scare, Tori wonders when it will be her time to start a family. A traumatised Jasmine reaches out to Robbo for support.


Marilyn meets Ty’s mother Jodi with unexpected circumstances. Tori decides to take the next step in her decision to have a baby. Maggie is home from hospital.


Ty has a surprise visitor. Dean is faced with an impossible decision. Ryder struggles to find a private location for his special date with Coco.


Colby, Dean and Willow must rely on their old friendship to face a bigger threat. Maggie retakes control of her life and family.


Colby faces the Tribunal. Leah interferes in Hunter and Christina’s burgeoning relationship. Jasmine resolves to crack through Robbo’s defences. Olivia faces a tough choice.


Hunter and Christina’s affair reaches an explosive crossroad. An old flame turns Mason’s world upside-down. John and Marilyn protect Ty as his relationship with Jodi grows.


Ty makes a decision. Unaware of Tori’s IVF plans, Mason reveals Dempsey is pregnant. A heartbroken Hunter takes control of his relationship with Christina.


Is Willow’s secret about to be brought into the limelight? Brody feels suffocated living in the hectic Astoni household. Tori deliberates on whether to pursue IVF.


Will Dean take the fall for Willow? Robbo and Jasmine’s budding friendship continues. Will Ziggy and Brody find the perfect abode to start their married life together?


Jasmine makes a connection with Robbo and hes completely thrown. John and Marilyn have opposing views about fostering again. Maggie has reservations about re-modelling Ziggy’s room.


Dean is MIA as Willow and Colby rally to find him. Maggie’s road to recovery is starting to feel like prison. Robbo ends his friendship with Jasmine after a shocking confession.


Justin offers to help Dean stay out of prison. Jasmine’s guilt of turning down Robbo intensifies. Maggie finds her creative side.


Tori reveals her big plans to her family. Mason makes a decision about the baby. Justin comes to Dean’s aid.


Hunter’s future is in jeopardy after a desperate move by Christina. Mason and Dempsey are feeling the pressure of their life choices. Tori is trapped in limbo awaiting news from the fertility clinic.


Raffy and Coco are in trouble when Maggie realises their grades have dropped dramatically. The teens parent trap Marilyn and John into making up.


Hunter responds to Christina’s harassment allegations. Are Justin and Willow on the same page?


Dempsey wants to have the baby with Mason – as a couple. Willow moves out to give her and Justin a fighting chance. In a desperate move to take back control, Hunter decides to drop out of university.


Mason’s attempt to separate the baby from his relationship with Dempsey is shadowed by memories of Beth. A frustrated Tori is struggling with the donor situation.