Colby is burning out but is determined to help a distressed Jasmine. Martha and Alf leave on a romantic road trip. Mackenzie starts to doubt her relationship with Colby. Robbo is held hostage.


Bella is defensive when Mackenzie and Colby’s relationship starts to break down. Leah explains why she shut down her blog. The Astonis are at a loss on how to help Ben’s depression.


Marilyn feels lost and needs a new purpose in life. How will Ben shake the black dog of depression? Justin learns how awful things were for Ava at home. Robbo makes a shocking discovery.


Thanks to Alex, Mason gets a second chance. Robbo’s need for justice for his family gets complicated. Ben’s mental health struggles reach breaking point.


Colby pushes Robbo to the limit in his quest for answers. Mackenzie struggles with her uncertainty about Colby. Alex diagnoses Ben, and Maggie fears he no longer trusts her.


An overworked Colby struggles to save his relationship with Mackenzie. Is Dean’s past the key to helping Ben’s future? Bella wants revenge on Mackenzie.


Willow and Dean struggle to make a vengeful Bella see sense. Justin intervenes when Ava is caught between her parents separation. Alex helps a nervous Mason on his first day at the hospital.


Justin and Leah take Ava camping with an ulterior motif. Blake offers Ryder an opportunity but he’s faced with a moral dilemma. Robbo uses his prisoner for leverage.


Robbo comes face to face with his family’s killer. Jasmine puts her fears for Robbo aside when Tori goes into labour. Ryder refuses to help Blake, but Blake has a more sinister plan.


A very big moment for Tori. Ryder man’s up to tell Maggie the truth.


Ryder fears for Blake’s future when the police get involved. The fight is on to save Tori’s life. Ben struggles with the side effects of antidepressants.


An overworked Dean is feeling the burden of balancing two jobs and a girlfriend. Ben hits a roadblock in his mental health recovery and Maggie feels helpless. Willow battles her own work expectations.


Bella works hard to keep Colby and Mackenzie apart. Willow is overwhelmed at the gym and gratefully accepts Alex’s help. Dean is under pressure and chastises Ziggy for meddling in his affairs.


Robbo and Justin clash over what’s best for the baby. Ryder celebrates the end of high school. Mackenzie gives Colby time to sort out Bella’s trust issues.


Justin and Robbo reach breaking point when Justin makes a terrifying threat. Jasmine fears that Robbo will crash and burn. Ava’s first meeting with her new cousin does not go as expected.


Tension remains between Justin and Robbo over Grace’s welfare. Willow and Alex have a moment. Colby has second thoughts about ending his relationship with Mackenzie.


Great news for Ben means Dean’s life will get more complicated. A confused Willow receives guidance from Irene. Colby underestimates Bella’s reaction when he reignites his relationship with Mackenzie.


Ben takes a gamble in re-opening the Board Shop. Mackenzie throws Dean a lifeline when he crumbles under work and life pressures. How long can Marilyn maintain her facade before her devastation.


Justin’s feeling the strain of life without Tori. Marilyn struggles to describe her loneliness and anxiety. As Ben’s work anxieties peak, he decides to start taking his medication again.


Ben has a setback when he re-opens the Board Shop. Marilyn is feeling lost and forgotten. Robbo wrestles with admitting he needs help. Leah does her best to ease Justin’s burden.


Jasmine pushes Robbo for the truth about Grace. Alex is spooked when Willow makes a bold move. Will ghosts from the past derail Leah’s happiness?


Dean’s new surf student rattles Ziggy’s relationship insecurities. Willow and Alex take a leap of faith. Irene serves Robbo some tough love.


Mackenzie accuses Bella of deliberately trying to keep her and Colby apart. Dean fears Ziggy’s reaction to the news that Jade is staying in town. Alf and Martha have some happy news to share.


Happy for Alf and Martha, Leah is inspired to take the next step with Justin. Bella’s immunisation record is scrutinised by Alex. Ben and Maggie celebrate a turning point with their business.


New living arrangements bring mixed feelings for Roo. Bella refuses her vaccinations when it means she can’t live with baby Grace or Colby. Mason oversteps his professional boundaries with Alex.


Ziggy receives an amazing job offer that jeopardises her relationship with Dean. Colby struggles to make time for Mackenzie because of Bella’s neediness. Alex and Willow make a decision.


Robbo continues to struggle trusting Jasmine with Grace. Will Dean let Ziggy miss the opportunity of a lifetime? Marilyn and John want to welcome Martha to the Bay.


Maggie is wary of Ben’s good mood after they reunite. Justin receives devastating news about Tori. Jasmine and Robbo come to realise their future as a family. Has Martha got cold feet?


Roo’s disenchanted by the reality of her parents living together. Justin and Robbo pledge to keep Tori’s memory alive for her daughter. Love is in the air for Alex and Willow.


Willow asks Bella to lie. Alf admits he’s guilty of mollycoddling Martha. Ryder misses Jade’s signals that she wants to take things further. Mackenzie shuts down Colby’s attempts to reconnect with her.


Willow struggles to tell Colby and Dean her news. Ziggy finds an unlikely ally. Mackenzie is heartbroken.


Dean worries he might lose Ziggy. Leah resolves to be a rock for Justin as he struggles to remain hopeful about Tori. Robbo and Jasmine’s love bubble is burst by an unexpected visitor.


Robbo’s pleasantly surprised when Ian and Wendy visit, but they’re not impressed with his choices. Justin and Mason clash over the possible sad reality of Tori’s future. Alf’s new living arrangements aren’t living up to his expectations.


Concerned for his future, Ian makes Robbo a life changing offer. Alf understands Martha’s relocation to the Bay comes with extra baggage. Justin and Mason unite to take charge of Tori’s future.


Robbo struggles with his parents’ request. Ryder manages to salvage his night with Jade despite Roo’s meddling.


Ryder reacts angrily to Roo’s interference. Robbo’s nervous about Jasmine’s reaction to his news. Justin grapples with the weight of a tough decision.


With Justin missing, Leah goes on the warpath with Robbo. Willow panics about losing her job. Maggie and Roo make a shocking discovery about a student.


Willow throws a party to celebrate her promotion with disastrous results. Ziggy and Dean cover their true feelings about her job prospects when she returns to the Bay.


Mackenzie enlists Dean’s help to get Colby out of her system for good. Ziggy receives some life changing news. Bella breaks out the big guns to keep Colby and Mackenzie apart.


Willow and Ziggy hold off telling important news to Dean, with disastrous consequences. Bella feigns sickness in order to manipulate Colby.


Willow gets to the bottom of Dean’s negative reaction to her relationship news. Bella continues to play the “sick” card and Maggie and Roo agree to home-school her.


Ryder discovers Jade isn’t as precious as she seems. Tori’s road to recovery hits a pothole. Everyone tries to limit Dean’s self-destructive behaviour.


Justin faces an impossible choice over Tori’s transfer. Jasmine and Robbo believe moving Tori is a risk. Ryder discovers a different side to Jade, but is she playing him?


Summer Bay prays for a miracle as Tori’s medical team attempts to bring her out of the coma. John and Marilyn renew their commitment to their marriage.


Tori wakes from her coma, but will she be her usual self? Jasmine and Robbo are filled with despair over losing Grace. Irene is concerned about Leah, who isn’t answering her calls.


Jasmine and Robbo struggle with the idea of losing Grace as Tori tries to connect with her baby. Irene’s fear builds when she suspects Leah is missing.


Mackenzie tries to stop a miserable and booze-fuelled Dean from self-sabotaging. Ziggy is throwing herself into the pit crew gig, but is clearly still hurting. Justin and Irene report Leah as missing.


Ziggy and Dean struggle with the break-up in very different ways. Ryder learns Jade is up to her old tricks but she’s unrepentant. Mackenzie fails to make Colby see that Bella is playing him


Colby questions whether or not Bella is manipulating him. Ryder’s convictions falter at the worst time. Martha sees how much her disappearance affected Alf. A grim delivery arrives for Robbo.