Find out what’s coming up over the next few weeks in Home and Away in the UK with the latest spoilers and episode previews.

Home and Away to air huge UK season finale this week

The drama is ramping up for the Summer Bay residents next week, as we hit Home and Away’s UK season finale and the show’s final episodes of 2023.

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Monday 1st January 2024 (8131)

Irene faces a grim reality. Kirby receives bad news. Leah fights for Justin’s life.

Tuesday 2nd January 2024 (8132)

Bree fights to save a life. Cash questions his future. Remi spirals.

Wednesday 3rd January 2024 (8133)

A life hangs in the balance. Kirby fights the system. Felicity attempts to manage Tane’s expectations.

Thursday 4th January 2024 (8134)

Zara imposes on Mali and Rose. Felicity keeps Tane’s baby dreams at bay. Will Marilyn lie for Roo?

Friday 5th January 2024 (8135)

Mali must act on Rose’s ultimatum. Irene attempts to broker peace between Roo and Marilyn.

Monday 8th January 2024 (8136)

Mackenzie arrives home to a surprise houseguest. Can John get through to Irene? Harper is torn.

Tuesday 9th January 2024 (8137)

Mali puts his foot down. Will Irene face her grim reality? Mackenzie uncovers a lie.

Wednesday 10th January 2024 (8138)

Felicity doubles down on her lie. Leah can’t face losing Justin. Alf demands answers.

Thursday 11th January 2024 (8139)

Leah snaps. Alf gets the truth from Roo and Marilyn. Can Kirby and Remi outsmart Forrest?

Friday 12th January 2024 (8140)

Kirby makes a final bid for freedom. Will Summer Bay lose one of their own?

Monday 15th January 2024 (8141)

Everything is coming up Lyrik. Alf throws a spanner in the works. Justin’s in danger.

Tuesday 16th January 2024 (8142)

Kirby puts her foot down. Roo’s ruse backfires. Will Mali spoil Alf’s surprise?

Wednesday 17th January 2024 (8143)

Summer Bay gathers to celebrate Alf. Rose smells a rat. Justin is in mortal danger.

Thursday 18th January 2024 (8144)

Irene prepares for the worst. Each pill is harder to swallow for Felicity. Mackenzie issues an ultimatum.

Friday 19th January 2024 (8145)

Irene pushes Harper and Dana away. Felicity is caught out in her lie. Tane is inconsolable.