Emmerdale Spoilers for Next Week – 29th April to 3rd May

Next week on Emmerdale, Billy and Dawn receive heartbreaking news, Manpreet worries that she’s destroyed her relationship, and Belle fears she may be pregnant.

Billy (Jay Kontzle) and Dawn (Olivia Bromley) are forced to face their worst fears next week, as they’re given heartbreaking news about baby Evan (Malachi McKenzie).

The pair are still getting to grips with juggling the demands of their four-month-old with existing children Clemmie and Lucas, whilst Billy has recently restarted his PT business alongside his estate manager role at Home Farm.


Dawn is concerned next week when she spots a new bruise on Evan’s leg, several days after he suffered a fall.

He was taken into hospital and given the all clear, so he gets brought back,” Olivia Bromley told EverySoap earlier this month. “But then they start noticing that he’s got bruises on him, and it’s unexpected because he’s not fallen or anything.

After Dawn contacts Liam (Jonny McPherson) at the surgery, he advises that they take Evan back to the A&E at Hotten General immediately.

As a paediatrician looks over Evan, the parents are concerned that all eyes will fall onto them, particularly after the accident the previous week.

As a couple they deal with social services a lot,” Olivia reminds us. “So any bruising is quite difficult. Billy and Dawn are worried they’re going to get the wrong impression.


That issue is soon pushed aside though when the doctor returns with the grave news that Evan is seriously ill. The blood tests show that he has abnormally low haemoglobin and platelet counts, and as a result he will need an urgent bone marrow biopsy.


As Dawn and Billy face an agonising wait, it’s all the more difficult when Dawn is told that the biopsy requires Evan to be nil by mouth. Dawn is pained as Evan cries and she struggles to pacify him, unable to breastfeed him.

A devastated Billy returns home to tell Will (Dean Andrews) and Kim (Claire King) the news, explaining that whilst it could be an infection, it could be something far more serious such as leukaemia.

Back at the hospital, Will and Kim support Dawn and Billy as Evan is finally taken for his biopsy.



When the results come through the next day, Dawn and Billy’s world crumbles as the doctor confirms that Evan has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.


We’ve worked with (charity) Leukaemia Care and have had really amazing conversations with parents,” Olivia tells us. “They were really open and generous with their own experiences, and how in that split second diagnosis, out of nowhere, everything changes and you just have to deal with it.

I think it’s really important that, if you’re going to tell a story like this, you have to you have to actually understand it from both aspects,” Jay Kontzle adds.

Obviously I’ve got children myself, and so to actually go through that with a child and then how it affects your personal lives and your relationships that you’re in. You do need to pay respect to the people who are going through this day in and day out.


Billy and Dawn have other stuff going on and this just comes as a curveball,” Olivia continues. “Their relationship is very strained, they’ve always been a massive support for each other and what has felt quite heavy is that they’re now pulling apart and really going for each other. So that’s a difficult element.

Every year 10,000 people are diagnosed with leukaemia in the UK,” Leukaemia Care CEO Colin Dyer stated. “A leukaemia diagnosis can affect not just the patient, but also their loved ones such as friends and family.

The Baby Evan storyline being featured on Emmerdale is helping to deliver a very important message, not just about the awareness of the symptoms and the condition, but about how it affects the family and those around them.

Earlier in the week, seeing that Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) is feeling low, Ella decides to organise a drink session in The Woolpack for some of the ladies in the village—though inviting Claudette (Flo Wilson) might not be conducive to Manpreet feeling she can let her hair down.

Gail (Rachael Gill-Davis) and Mandy (Lisa Riley) also join the group, and even manage to convince Claudette into partaking in an alcoholic drink.


All are having a jolly time as the sesh goes on, and as Bear (Joshua Richards) turns on the charm with Claudette, there could be a little spark between the two.


Seeing Billy in the pub, a tipsy Manpreet can’t help but be a little flirty, after realising last week during a class that she’s developed a crush on him.


Ella sees what’s going on and drags Manpreet outside, who admits that she does have the hots for the personal trainer.

Ella warns Manpreet not to act on it, but when Manpreet later sees Billy leaving, she can’t help but kiss him on the cheek, before pulling him towards her for a full on kiss!



Manpreet is feeling a little worse for wear the next morning, and whilst Ella doesn’t think that Manpreet’s partner Charles (Kevin Mathurin) needs to know about her drunken antics, she tells Manpreet that she owes an explanation to Billy.

Seeing Billy out on Main Street, Manpreet offers up a grovelling apology… only for her to then realise that Charles is standing in the doorway of Woodbine, and has heard every word!


Manpreet tries to explain but Charles is furious, and as he storms out of the house Manpreet is left wondering whether she’s destroyed her relationship with Charles for good!

Elsewhere, as she continues struggling to come to terms with her new body image following her double mastectomy, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) is torn over whether to start wearing the prosthetic breasts she’s been provided with.


Chas eventually decides to bite the bullet and wears them in the bar for the first time, where she is encouraged by the show of solidarity from the women present.



Kerry (Laura Norton) later manages to put her foot in it though with some insensitive comments, and Chas lashes out, refusing to be defined by her chest.


Chas later confides to Charity that she still has one major step to overcome however, looking at her surgery scars in the mirror. Charity offers to stay with her for support, and Chas bravely faces her new body for the first time as she removes her top.

Also next week, Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) is concerned when she believes she may be pregnant.

Having seen hints of husband Tom’s (James Chase) true colours in the months following their marriage, as he asserts control over her, having a baby added to the mix is the last thing that Belle wants. Tom however is keen to start a family, and so is thrilled by the prospect.


When Belle takes a pregnancy test, she’s secretly relieved when it turns out to be negative, but Tom is disappointed.



Will Tom be keen to ‘rectify’ the situation?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Emmerdale episodes:

Monday 29th April (Episode 9980)

Ella arranges a few drinks to cheer up Manpreet, leading to chemistry between Claudette and Bear, and Manpreet and Billy.

Manpreet grabs Billy and kisses him on the lips.

Charity pulls Mack over his behaviour towards Sarah.

Tuesday 30th April (Episode 9981)

Chas wears prostheses to the Woolpack for the first time, receiving solidarity from supportive women.

With businesses struggling, Jimmy suggests a village fete.

Manpreet apologises to Billy, but Charles overhears – has she ruined their relationship?

Wednesday 1st May (Episode 9982)

Dawn and Billy take Evan to A&E, and are left reeling when the doctor orders an urgent bone marrow biopsy.

Chas faces her new reality head-on.

Kerry’s insensitive comments unleash Chas’s fury.

Moira is delighted by Isaac’s interest in the farm until he’s shaken seeing an abandoned lamb.

Thursday 2nd May (Episodes 9983-9984)

Evan is ready to be taken for his biopsy.

Moira and Ruby end up in a tense standoff.

Friday 3rd May (Episode 9985)

Dawn and Billy buckle as their worst fears are confirmed.

Ruby starts a vicious rumour about Moira.

Belle takes a pregnancy test but its results leave Tom disappointed.