Alf finds himself in trouble with the police when he tries to protect Sarah’s honour. Angel is devastated when Shane holds her past against her.


Shane refuses to listen to Angel’s reasons for giving up her baby. Sarah receives some unexpected good news in the midst of her troubles.


Roxy demands that Luke stops interfering in her love life. Tug and Roy suffer a setback when Alf refuses to give them credit.


Damian is determined to go camping with Nathan. Tug faces a dilemma that will affect his entire future.


Damian resorts to stealing in order to go camping with Nathan. Shane finally sees sense, but is it too late to save his relationship with Angel?


Tug thinks he’s found the perfect way to win the forthcoming fishing competition. Shane agrees to listen to the story of Angel’s pregnancy.


Luke and James are eager to find out who has scored Luke’s old job. Angel admits she didn’t want to give up her baby.


Michael and Damian are at loggerheads over Nathan. Shane is confident that Angel will soon decide to see her child.


Ailsa turns on Nathan when he causes a commotion in the diner. Tug is grateful when Alf deliberately loses the fishing competition.


Nathan is faced with temptation. Angel is determined to track down her child.


Fisher is shocked to discover an intruder has broken into his office and stolen the school fees. Shane confronts Angel with a plea that could delay her finding her child.


Nick is frustrated when he is unable to uncover any clues to the school robbery. Angel goes to the city to track down her son.


Fin is upset to think she has overstayed her welcome with the Ross family. Damian confronts Nathan about the robbery.


Tug faces a dilemma that will decide his future.


Shane tracks Angel down in the city and promises to help her find her baby. Tug moves to the farm with his father.


Michael suspects that Damian knows more about the robbery than he’s letting on. Angel and Shane are forced to stay over in the city together.


Angel sees her son for the first time in three years. Sarah strikes out at Damian for thinking the worst of Nathan.


James seeks Luke’s help to win Roxy’s heart. Angel and Shane try to gain access to Angel’s son.


Sarah realises she is wrong to put her faith in Nathan.


Sarah and Damian realise that Nathan has fooled them both.