Shane and Damian plan a party. Nick’s attempts at stress relief end in disaster.

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Shane plans his revenge against Jack. Irene sacrifices her savings in an attempt to boost Fin’s spirits.

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Roxy comes up with a scheme to raise money for the school. Shane finds himself in hot water with Angel.

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Luke begins teaching his female students ballroom dancing. Shane sets Jack up for a fall.

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Jack falls for Shane’s plan of revenge. Tug makes a date with Beth that will make his future a lot brighter.

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Jack’s rendezvous with Angel lands him in the wrong bed. Sarah finds herself with one too many dates for the d̩butante ball.

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Angel is horrified to discover the identity of the intruder. Michael is forced to sell the boat shed.

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Tug is more than impressed with his new tutor. Shane comes to grips with losing Angel.

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Fisher discovers the identity of the person who crept into his bed. Luke believes Nick is returning to work for all the wrong reasons.

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Tug’s feelings for Beth could have disastrous results for them both. Pippa takes desperate measures to help the family’s finances

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Tug is embarrassed when he discovers that Beth is aware of his attraction to her. Shane is determined to prove his worth to Angel.

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Jack believes he’s found the perfect way to attract women. Shane is forced to accept that Angel is no longer a part of his life.

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Beth decides to continue tutoring Tug despite Fisher’s warning.

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Jack tries to rescue his puppy from Alf’s store. Alf is crushed when he discovers Fisher has been chosen to host the d̩butante ball.

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Shane’s act of generosity backfires. Jack admits his involvement in the break-in at the store. Fin leaves for university.

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Michael is furious to discover his wife has taken on a job without his knowledge. Sarah and Angel finally decide where they stand with one another.

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Ailsa and Roxy’s friendship reaches a crisis. Jack is shattered to discover his family no longer wants him.

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Jack is welcomed as a permanent member of the Ross household. Shane gets a rude awakening about the cost of living.

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Fisher searches for a suitable partner to take to the d̩butante ball. Tug’s hopes for the future improve.


Shane’s attempts to make money have disastrous results for Alf. Tug’s relationship with Beth takes a romantic turn.

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