Episode 1457

Australian Air Date: 3rd May 1994
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Jovita O’Shaughnessy

Shane plans his revenge against Jack. Irene sacrifices her savings in an attempt to boost Fin’s spirits.

Extended Summary

Nick is at Alf’s store for some aspirin. Irene asks him about golf and shows him a flyer on yoga. He laughs it off, and says that he can’t see himself doing it. She points out that he did not see himself with high blood pressure. Nick returns home and Shane is calling for Angel, telling her to hurry up. He notices a flyer on the fridge and makes some jokes abut yoga. Nick is not amused and Shane apologises; Shane tells him he should go.

Alf is working and talks to Irene. She is absent minded when she does not respond to Alf’s comments. He asks her is she thinking about Fin. She says that she can’t stop thinking about her; she wants to cheer her up. Alf suggests she buy something. Tug drops into the store and gets his pay. He hands Irene the money for his rent. He suggests she use her money jar to get something for Fin. Alf tells her there must be some shops open now and tells her to go and find something for Fin. She refuses to leave Alf alone, but he insists.

Nick arrives at the school and sees Beth there. She says she did not know he did yoga, and he admits it is his first time. The class begins. When it ends, he apologises for this afternoon, and asks her to come to the Diner for a coffee to make up for this afternoon. He thanks her for the chance to prove that he can be a normal person, and she comments that it is from yoga. Fin asks Nick is this the new teacher, and he says yes. She says that she is nice.

The party is going on at the Rosses. Sarah goes over to Tug and tells him about the party: he agrees to come. A lot of people have turned up.

Shane makes some comments giving them the impression that Angel and Shane have ‘done it’. Jack asks Tug if he really means it. Tug says no, and Jack asks him how does he know. He says that Angel tells Sarah and Sarah tells him, and that Shane wants everyone to think that he is a stud.

Irene pops into the Diner after her shopping and gives Fin her present: it is a jewellery set. She is delighted and tries them on. She really likes it and thanks her mum. She asks her when would she be able to wear it, and Irene suggests she wear them at the party at the Rosses. She says she can’t leave work, but Irene pushes her, saying she would not take no for an answer.

Jack suggests playing a game called “Truth or Dare” and challenges someone to ask him a question. If he does not answer the question, he will drink out of his shoe. Shane decides to ask him a question: what did his stepfather do that made him hate him so much. Jack refuses to answer and Shane pours him a drink in his shoe! Jack drinks it all! Jack has hit upon an idea. He begs Sally to go to the shop for some custard ands her his money, asking her to get as much as she can with that amount of money. She asks him what is he going to do but he won’t reveal anything. Sally returns from the shop and Jack sets about making the custard.

Fin goes over to the party and shows her jewellery to Tug ands Sarah. Tug says that his rent money paid for this, and she says that he is paying too much rent. He says that Irene must have used her money jar, and she goes in and asks Damian for a word. She tells Damian that she feels bad now as her mum has used her money she wanted for her dress. Fin returns to the Diner and almost bumps into Alf. Alf comments on her nice jewellery and says that she has a nice mother. He advises her that they are better off with the likes of Haydn around and leaves. Irene asks what is she doing back, and Fin hands her jewellery back, saying that she should use the money for the dress, and that she wants her to get her dress.

Jack leaves the kitchen with a bucket of custard and challenges Shane: his question is has he ever “done it” with Angel. Angel tells him to tell the truth as she does not mind, but he is stuck. He begs Jack to ask him a different question. Jack does not ask another question. Shane still does not answer, and Jack throws the custard over him! Damian goes mad at Jack for the mess, and Jack makes a quick getaway.

Angel cleans up the mess, along with Sarah. She comments on Shane’s childish behaviour and Sarah talks. They realise they have spoken to each other by accident, and Angel tells her she can stop talking if she wishes. Sarah continues talking; they are friends now.

Outside, Damian apologises to Tug for the party ending early. Tug tells him it’s alright as he has an early morning anyway. Tug says “goodnight, loser” to Shane who is standing at the steps, wearing one of Michael’s t-shirts. Shane tells Damian to lock all the windows, but Damian refuses, telling that he would have to do them himself. Shane is determined to catch Jack…