The Ross household is shocked when Sally runs away. Shane is forced to ask Ros to leave.


Ros returns to the city and the Ross household comes to grips with Sally’s disappearance.


Pippa is fearful when Sally’s bag is found in the city. Curtis is convinced Jack has more than a passing interest in steroids.


Roxy suppresses her desire to travel for the sake of her relationship with Rob. Shane discovers that Angel lied about her earnings. Irene is caught in a compromising position with Jack and Curtis!


Shane realises he has to take action if he ever wants to get anywhere in life. Sally’s disappearance helps Pippa and Michael reopen their lines of communication.


Pippa and Michael attend their first counselling session. Shane hopes for an apprenticeship at the boatshed.


Selina learns that there is more to Wendy than meets the eye. Irene foils Jack and Curtis’ plan to catch the paper thief.


Jack is humiliated when Curtis beats him in an arm wrestling match. Roxy hopes she has made the right decision about moving in with Rob.


Shane’s judgement of character threatens to cost him his job. Jack is tempted to use steroids to build up his body.


Michael gives Shane a job for the rest of the summer. Shannon warns Damian to stop interfering in her love life.


Sally’s surprise homecoming brings joy and sadness. Irene confronts Wendy with the truth about her dwindling career.


Curtis finally corners the Summer Bay newspaper thief. Nelson finds his first love when Selina makes her move.


Shannon is delighted when Eric shows some interest in her. Jack and Curtis issue Nelson an ultimatum.


Rob is devastated by a bombshell from Roxy. Despite warnings from Curtis and Damian, Shannon meets Eric for a date.


Jack finally succumbs to the temptation of steroids. Damian bids farewell to Summer Bay.


Jack wrestles with his conscience as Shannon becomes increasingly interested in Eric. Pippa asks Michael to stay the night.


Curtis unearths the truth about Jack’s shady deal with Eric. Pippa is forced to a disturbing realisation regarding her behaviour towards Michael.


Roxy realises Rob is refusing to accept that their relationship is over. Jack saves Shannon from Eric’s violent clutches.


The day of the Summer Bay Country Music Festival dawns – bringing triumph and despair. Nelson faces the toughest decision of his life.


Shannon is humiliated when her secret becomes public knowledge. Shane and Angel’s romantic picnic leaves Shane stranded in icy waters.