Ailsa and Curtis agree to make a fresh start. Donna is shocked to see Andrew in the grip of a jealous rage.


Jack lashes out at Sally when she is upgraded to the Year 11 maths class. Andrew has a tight grip on Donna.


Donna tells Rob there is no future for them. Despite all Irene’s efforts, Selina won’t change her mind about adoption.


Curtis looks for somewhere else to live. Selina realises that she wants her child.


Paul’s visit gives Shane and Angel reason to hope. Selina waits for her test results.


Donna mistakes Travis for a burglar. Shane is afraid that the new car Angel bought won’t suit his ‘real man’ image.


Jack and Joe become friends. Shane and Angel prepare for the arbitration hearing.


The arbitrator declares that Dylan’s future has been decided. Selina’s test results arrive.


The new foster child makes life difficult for the Ross family. Sally’s attempts to flirt with Joe go unnoticed.


Kim causes a stir in the Ross household. Shannon continues to believe she is destined to be with Curtis.


Shane and Angel find Dylan to be quite a handful. Selina tries to warn Shannon off Curtis.


Angel is horrified when she sees what Shane has bought. Curtis accuses Shannon of being manipulative.


Teresa rushes Selina to hospital. Alf is concerned when he finds Ailsa alone and in a distressed state.


Selina struggles to come to terms with her loss. Sally is shocked by Joe’s rejection.


Sally accuses Jack of setting her up. Ailsa’s deteriorating emotional state surprises everyone.


Sally’s plan to get Joe away from her backfires. When Ailsa snaps in the diner she fires Jack and orders him to never come back.


Sally’s frustration turns to tears when Joe continues tormenting her. Teresa and Fisher become allies.


Curtis and Selina’s friendship leads to an intimate kiss. Sally is angry with Jack for not believing her story.


Ailsa is confronted by an intruder at the diner. Curtis and Selina stop denying their true feelings for each other.


Angel learns that she cannot give in to Dylan’s every wish. Shannon feels hurt and betrayed by Selina and Curtis.

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