Selina tells Curtis that their romance is over. Sgt Hale informs Irene that the body in the bush was Murdoch – and he was murdered!


Nelson is tormented by traumatic dreams that he will be permanently scarred. Sgt. Hale questions Irene about her relationship with Mud.


Evidence surrounding Mud’s murder points directly at Selina. Fisher falls further into depression, while Shannon is excited at her article on the bushfire being published.


Dylan asks if he’s going to heaven. Selina protests her innocence to Sgt. Hale.


Shane and Angel come to terms with the fact that Dylan might die. Nelson has a sudden flashback when he gets near the car that will take him home.


Angel suspects she might be pregnant with Shane’s baby. An acclaimed novelist contacts Shannon about her writing. A strangely familiar figure wanders through the empty Ross house.


Shane discovers Angel is considering an abortion. Nelson has trouble facing people again as he feels he looks like a freak.


Angel makes her decision about the baby. Nelson is convinced to visit the burns unit. Pippa receives a phone call from Dodge’s prospective employers.


Shannon introduces Mandy to the Ross household. Steven moves in with Kelly. Dodge helps Jack get a band to play at the concert.


Shannon is shattered by Mandy’s criticism. Angel, Shane and Dylan are off to Disneyland. Jack finds his school locker has been vandalised.


Kelly has a sleepless night after a patient asks to be euthanised. Shannon’s admiration for Mandy increases. Dodge plans to frame Steven for a crime.


Selina tries to convince Mrs. Clarke to live. Jack gives up on the concert after learning the town is still against him.


A mature Jack begins to emerge. Threats from Dodge concern Steven. Selina begins to understand death.


Dodge discovers a way to incriminate Steven. Jack misreads Shannon’s kindness as affection. Travis returns to the Bay.


Alf considers building some timeshare apartments near the caravan park. Jack asks Shannon out only to be let down. Marilyn fusses over Travis after his trip to hospital.


Alf and Michael feud over the planned development. Dodge steals the school computer. Selina sits with Mrs. Clarke as she takes her final breath.


Jack tries to comfort Sally after her break-up with Nelson. Alf and Michael have words over the apartment proposal.


The tension between Alf and Michael continues. Sally decides to help Jack with the concert. Dodge’s set-up backfires.


Selina has a near death experience after swallowing a bee. Shannon confronts her feelings towards Mandy when she realises that Mandy and her female editor have more than a professional relationship.


Shannon continues to avoid Mandy.

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