In the aftermath of the explosion, a life is lost and others are still in danger. Kyle wakes to find himself trapped in the shipping container with the twins. Harvey has returned but what happened to him and how did he get back?


It’s a race against time as Zac, Hannah, Tamara and Casey work together to rescue Kyle and the twins. The Summer Bay residents question who is behind the explosion. Alf learns the truth about Harvey’s disappearance.


Montgomery is caught out, but will someone take justice into their own hands? Leah follows her suspicions and asks Matt for the truth about Montgomery. Maddy, Josh, Spencer and Sasha play a revealing game of truth or dare. Roo and Harvey struggle to navigate their relationship.


Hannah and Zac get caught kissing by the twins. Josh wants Andy back in his life, but Maddy’s not sure she can forgive him.


Spencer’s romantic evening with Sasha doesn’t go according to plan. Ricky is rushed to hospital.


Bianca wakes from her coma after the bomb. Chris ruffles Leah’s feathers when he tries to change how the Diner is run. Phoebe forces Tamara to question whether her and Kyle can really be friends.


Bianca and Heath struggle with her memory loss. As Roo admits that her relationship has been a struggle since Harvey’s return, Marilyn organises a girls night in the hope of cheering her up.


Roo worries that she and Harvey aren’t meant to be. Jett is determined to have fun and keep his mind off Nina. Sasha and Spencer suspect Chris is up to mischief.


Jett and VJ work to make their party a success. As Andy looks for work, a mysterious stranger is looking for him.


Roo pushes for a breakthrough with Harvey, but is devastated when he finally reveals the reason for his state of mind. Andy is angry to find he’s been framed for trashing the gym.


Sean applies pressure to Andy to recant his testimony and clear his name. Josh, Kyle and Maddy find themselves in dangerous situations. Chris, Sasha and Spencer struggle to meet Irene’s demands. Harvey struggles with his identity in the Bay.


Irene’s house is under siege by Sean. Tamara struggles to keep herself separate from the Braxtons. Kyle is shocked by his own actions, prompting him to question his nature.


It’s the day of Ethan’s funeral, but will the twins cope? Kyle and Phoebe grow closer, but Phoebe remains unsure. Tamara reconsiders her job at Angelo’s. A mystery girl arrives at the funeral with a connection to the bay.


Hannah discovers the identity of the mystery girl. Heath struggles to keep his composure as Bianca’s memory loss continues. Marilyn takes pity on Jett as John continues his punishments.


Jett and VJ play detective and discover who owns the stolen bracelet. Harvey appears to be a changed man – can he and Roo make it work? Bianca’s memory loss leads to a life-threatening situation.


Heath struggles to help Bianca as Andy struggles to help find cash for the school. With Jett using the knowledge of Marilyn’s secret to his advantage, Marilyn is forced to confess her crime to Alf.


Bianca is convinced she is ready to go back to school. A change in Brax’s prison sentence will leave Ricky with nowhere to go. Zac and Hannah dig for answers about Denny.


The twins uncover a shocking secret. Maddy and Spencer attempt to help Roo and Harvey’s relationship.


Kyle tries to win Phoebe back, but has he pushed her too far? Roo and Harvey arrive at a crossroads in their marriage.


Bianca struggles on her first day back at work. Ricky makes a tough decision about Brax.

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