As the wedding plans are made, John accidentally puts his foot in it with Roo. Sophie interrupts Nate and Hannah in an intimate moment. Will Brax kill Jake?


Nate goes to great lengths to prove Hannah’s no threat to Sophie. Will John’s accident force the wedding to be cancelled? Spencer attempts to steal Shandi away from Chris. VJ struggles to accept Leah and Zac’s new romance.


Will John recover in time for the wedding? Maddy tests how far she can push Roo. VJ struggles to accept Leah and Zac’s new romance.


Marilyn and John finally tie the knot! Ricky finally tells Brax that he’s going to be a father. Andy commits murder to keep Brax’s family together. Maddy disgraces herself at the wedding.


Brax is arrested for the murder of Jake Pirovic. Andy admits to Kyle that he killed Jake. Maddy steals Roo’s credit card and Shandi tells Chris that its over between them.


Sophie surprises Nate by telling him to invite Hannah to their BBQ. Tyson starts taunting VJ again. Brax is released as the hunt for Jake’s killer continues.


Matt is punched in the face by a mysterious man. Evelyn tries to reach out to Josh. Tyson continues to taunt VJ. Nate and Sophie’s BBQ is ruined when Sophie burns herself.


Things get off to a rocky start when Matt’s father arrives in Summer Bay. Evelyn tells Josh she’s ready to be friends. Oscar finds himself in a dilemma after discovering Maddy has stolen Roo’s credit card.


Will Josh’s lie save Andy from a murder charge? Maddy hits rock bottom when her tangled web of lies unravel. Phoebe drifts further away from Kyle. Marilyn debates taking John’s last name.


Maddy goes on a self-destructive rampage. Will Marilyn change her last name? Clearing up Casey’s room threatens to tip Brax back over the edge. Phoebe and Kyle end up in bed.


Brax finds an engagement ring Casey intended to give Denny. Chris helps Spencer take the perfect selfie. Nate and Hannah share an intimate moment – will Sophie find out?


Nate chooses between Hannah and Sophie. When Tyson fakes an injury, Leah’s duty to her son and her job is put to the test. After a night of drinking with his father, will Matt miss his first HSC exam?


John’s newest money-making scheme becomes an embarrassing failure. Will Gray drive Sasha and Matt apart for good? Things get serious between Spencer and his internet girlfriend.


Ricky urges Brax to give Andy a chance at running the gym. Leah’s worry escalates when VJ remains missing. Maddy cooks the books – but will her guilt give her away? Marilyn’s humiliated when John’s botched CD goes public.


Andy discovers Maddy’s betrayal. Josh’s jealously derails his fledgling friendship with Evelyn. Nate injures himself attempting to rescue VJ.


Brax rescues Nate and VJ, but it does nothing to dull the pain of losing Casey. Denny takes the first step to moving on from Casey. Josh’s artistic efforts draw Evelyn back in.


Ricky helps Denny find a way to honour Casey’s memory. Spencer’s internet girlfriend isn’t what she seems. Gray causes trouble between Matt and Sasha. Phoebe gets a big career opportunity in Melbourne – will she take it and leave Kyle?


Adoption day brings back sad memories for Jett. Desperate not to lose Phoebe, Kyle suggests they get their own place. Matt’s disappointed when Gray is arrested for taking Ellie without permission. Chris races to save Spencer from an internet predator.


An embarrassed Spencer refuses to tell his side of the story. Ricky’s wary when a handsome stranger blows into town looking for Brax. The tension between Sophie and Hannah escalates. John’s delighted when Jett calls him Dad.


Spencer bravely confronts his internet predator. Brax fires Maddy from the gym. Nate confesses to Hannah he wants out of his marriage.

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