2022 Season Opener

Will Mia’s escape end in cuffs? Ari puts his life on the line. Will Ryder be buried alive? Alf asks Martha for answers.


Have Theo and Ryder dug their own graves? The Paratas are splintered by Ari’s actions. Roo and Martha reach breaking point.


Ryder says his final goodbye. Alf seeks justice for Ryder. Guilt-ridden Chloe goes to the police.


Logan and Mackenzie rekindle their romance. Felicity gets shut out. A mysterious woman arrives for Logan.


Logan’s secret kiss is exposed. Mackenzie faces Logan’s past. Bella discovers Chloe’s crime.


Mia tries to hold her family together. Logan faces his ex. Mackenzie has an unlikely plan.


Mackenzie keeps her enemies close. Felicity and Tane have a steamy reunion. Mia gets a bad sign from Ari.


Mia is desperate to have her wedding. Cash offers Tane a lifeline. Roo’s still avoiding Martha. Tane leans on Felicity for support. Alf and Justin clash.


Ryder struggles on his return home. Theo tries to make amends as Alf goes on the war path against him. Jasmine and Cash are loved up.


Bella finds a new home. Alf has a vengeful plan for Theo. John gets implicated in revenge.


Theo faces criminal charges. The Stewart family is torn apart. Dean searches for his missing Mum. Tane gives Nikau the bitter truth.


Theo and Ryder are pulled apart. Alf cannot find an ally. Mia witnesses Chloe’s torment. Tane has a rescue plan for Nikau.


Mackenzie doubts Logan’s motives. Mia and Chloe destroy the evidence. Tane teaches Nikau to be a warrior. Martha gives Alf an ultimatum.


Jasmine keeps her birthday under wraps. Mackenzie forces Logan to choose. Alf makes a peace offering. Dean discovers the truth about Karen’s situation.


Jasmine and Cash declare their love. Justin rejects Alf’s apology. Dean tells Karen the truth about Jai.


Jasmine and Cash ditch their third wheel. Felicity fights loneliness. Dean lets Karen be a grandmother.


Tane gives Nikau warrior strength. Chloe punishes herself. Dean plays cupid for Karen and Brett.


Bella reaches a drowning Chloe. Theo and Justin get a court-ready makeover. Tane welcomes Felicity to the family. Ryder gets trapped, again.


Logan is caught red-handed. Dean stands up for his sister. Theo forces Alf to look in the mirror.


Jasmine makes a proposal to Cash. Neve’s revenge hits Mackenzie. Alf turns the blame on himself.