Shane lies in a coma in hospital. Angel panics about her unborn baby when she begins cramping. Fisher believes he hit Shane the night he was drink driving. Irene attacks Saul for seducing Selina into his cult.


Angel prays beside Shane’s bed for him to wake up soon. Kelly breaks up with Travis as she doesn’t want to put him at risk with the AIDS virus.


Chloe tries to convince Curtis to take some pills that will keep him going all night. Angel sees her unborn child’s heartbeat on the ultrasound.


Jack decides to go back to his real family. Chloe tells Curtis why she started using drugs. Selina packs her bags to go and live at the commune.


Jack finds out the truth about his mother’s sudden love. Kelly discovers that she can’t face AIDS alone. Saul wants to father Selina’s child.


While Selina agrees to sleep with Saul, Irene finds out that he is sterile. Kelly is frustrated by the rumours that she has AIDS. Curtis suspects Chloe is stealing to buy drugs.


Selina escapes from the commune. Ailsa contradicts herself when she refuses to let Kelly treat Duncan’s cut. Chloe catches Curtis following her.


Ailsa is ridiculed on public radio for her discrimination against Kelly. Shane returns home from hospital and finds that his financial worries haven’t gone away. Curtis learns to trust Chloe.


Sally returns home, her love for Jack still strong. Alex moves into Shane and Angel’s house, only to cause them more worries.


While Summer Bay enjoys the trivia contest, Selina is kidnapped. Michael finally accepts Sally and Jack’s relationship.


Time is running out for Irene to save Selina. Sally and Jack find Marilyn and Fisher in a compromising position.


Selina is saved from Saul’s clutches. Alex declares his undying love for Shannon. Jack and Sally search for their own special place to be alone.


Dylan accidentally agitates Shane’s injuries. Jack has a surprise for Sally. Kelly prepares to have her blood tested for HIV.


Angel and Shane decide it’s time to leave Summer Bay. Kelly attempts to find Steven a girlfriend. Chloe searches for fatherly love and advice.


Selina finds a baby on the beach. Kelly’s fear of being HIV positive escalates. Chloe turns to drugs for comfort.


Irene tells Marilyn that she wants a baby. Kelly’s HIV test results arrive. Chloe borrows money to support her growing drug dependency.


Michael and Pippa take the abandoned baby into their care. Joanne begins her menacing seduction of Steven. Kelly feels she wants a baby too.


Joanne gatecrashes Steven’s date with Lindsay. Shannon feels Alex has betrayed her. Irene’s plans for motherhood are squashed.


Sally gives a desperate man the strength to keep on living. Chloe’s drug problem affects her schooling. Shannon believes she’s going to lose Alex.


The abandoned baby’s father steps forward. Shane finds himself in a life-threatening situation. Joanne is supplying drugs to the students of Summer Bay.