Travis feels left out when Kelly and Steven laugh about the good night they had together. A shocked Selina wonders what has got into Chloe.


Pippa is ready to accept her Order of Australia. Curtis believes Alex attacked Chloe.


Joey misses life at the commune. Alex is taken to the police station.


Joey finds a friend in Marilyn. Selina and Jesse are reunited. Duncan and Dylan record over Angel’s video of Shane.


Chloe’s attacker is caught. Steven confronts Kelly about their feelings for each other. Ailsa accuses Angel of hitting Duncan.


Selina wants Jesse to leave Summer Bay. Shannon and Alex get back together. Ailsa and Angel reconcile their differences, but Angel refuses to go back to work at the diner.


Kelly moves into Angel’s, but Travis is not prepared to let her go easily. It is the end of the line for Sgt. Hale. Jesse is reluctantly allowed to work at the diner.


Steven hopes Travis isn’t suspicious about his relationship with Kelly. Ailsa makes amends with her son.


Alex’s time at Summer Bay is coming to a close. Chloe decides that her father is the only one who can make sense of her life.


Shannon realises she would never be happy following Alex’s dream. Alf tries to rescue Joey, Casey and Liam, but the shark attacks his boat. A computer is stolen during a break in at Summer Bay High.


Selina’s distrust pushes Jesse away. Alf is a step ahead of Shannon with the protest. Liam finds himself in a difficult situation when Stephanie returns to Summer Bay.


Jesse resigns when he catches Ailsa checking the till after he rings up an order. A shark attacks at the beach.


Angel and Kelly discover Dylan’s amazing talents. Shannon risks her life to catch environmental crooks. The search is on for Chloe’s father.


Angel is in a dilemma over what is best for Dylan. Max turns his rage to Curtis. Marilyn’s opinion of Haydn is shattered.


Chloe considers leaving Summer Bay to be with her father. Marilyn finds it hard writing a break-up letter to Haydn.


Shannon and Alex realise they still have feelings for each other.


Chloe prepares for the court case. Selina and Ailsa discover Jesse and Alf’s secret.


Chloe will have to live with her father’s actions for the rest of her life..


An earthquake hits Summer Bay. A vicious dog is on the attack through Summer Bay.


Alf collapses unconscious. Angel and her children are trapped in a crumbling house.