How does Fisher prove he is innocent? Stephanie is devastated to learn that her new friend won’t be around for long. Sally is bothered by something and finds herself daydreaming.


Marilyn and Fisher’s marriage is on tenterhooks. Stephanie and Sebastian share their first kiss. Has Brad finally gotten through to Casey?


Fisher tells Steven exactly what he thinks of him. Stephanie has trouble coming to terms with reality. Travis accidentally scores a new job


The stress of the past few months begins to show on Steven. Travis learns about the joy of fame. Jesse’s Melbourne Cup winnings seem to have disappeared.


Sally has a nasty experience on the beach. Jesse unexpectedly leaves Summer Bay. Casey feels her father has betrayed her once again.


A late night adventure ends in tragedy. Casey realises that she’s going to have to make it on her own. Brad’s influence on Chloe begins to show.


Steven is convinced Sally is still alive. Abusive calls continue to frustrate Travis. Brad pressures Chloe to confront her fears.


With Sally still missing, Pippa begins to doubt her abilities as a parent. Abusive calls become too much for Travis. Steven forces his way through thick scrub to try and find Sally.


Sally’s attempt to escape from her captor fail. Jesse and Selina have a falling out over Rachel. Travis panics when the mysterious caller mentions Kelly’s name.


Sally gives up hope of survival. Jesse fears Rachel is going to be taken away from him. Curtis has had enough of being treated like a child.


Will Sally survive another night in the bush? Selina begins to rethink her relationship with Jesse. Curtis deliberately defies Alf.


Steven thinks he knows where to find Sally. A rebellious action ends in tragedy. Travis’ menacing caller humiliates him over radio.


Alf refuses to lie for Curtis. Marilyn begins to wonder just who the man she married is. Will Steven be in time to save Sally?


Things are too late for Pippa and Steven, while Sally lays weak in hospital. Irene fears Selina may opt for the domestic life rather than a career. Rebecca finally accepts Marilyn.


Stephanie learns that Sebastian is dying, and won’t accept the fact. Travis decides to take the law into his own hands. Selina lays to rest her dreams of travelling the world with Jesse.


Sebastian comes back from the dead. Curtis finds himself out on his own. Kelly no longer feels safe in the streets of Summer Bay.


Fisher and Marilyn get more than they bargained for when they take in a drunken, Irish poet. Travis is surprised when he discovers where Curtis has decided to make his new home.


Shannon becomes fascinated with the life of Gabe. Stephanie gives up on ever seeing Sebastian again. Alf and Ailsa finally accept that it’s time for Curtis to try it on his own.


Shannon decides to straighten out Gabe’s life for him. People begin to think Max may have killed the wrong man. Jesse realises that he has to let Selina go.


Travis suspects he knows who the mystery caller is. Pippa considers cutting her ties to Summer Bay, while Sally works hard at getting her into the Christmas spirit.

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