Fin asks Irene to be the surrogate mother of her child. Kelly reminds Travis of her desire to have a baby. Steven and Selina become aware of their feelings for each other.


Will Steven and Selina give in to temptation? Irene agonises over being a surrogate mother. Curtis tries to learn how to cope with his new life-style.


Irene agrees to become a surrogate mother. Steven tells Selina that he could end up in court if they become lovers. Curtis accepts his disease.


Marilyn has information which will help Irene and Fin, but will she tell them? Selina is devastated when Steven tells her it will never happen between them.


Two skeletons are found near the plane wreck. While Selina cries in her bedroom, Irene and Fin fret about making arrangements in America for surrogacy.


Shannon and Alex are about to consummate their relationship. Simon is disillusioned by the revelations about his grandmother.


Shane and Angel spend their last night in Summer Bay. Marilyn announces that she is going to America with Irene. Alex and Shannon’s relationship moves to a higher plain.


Shane passes out in Angel’s arms. The girls fun is spoilt when Fisher and Steven move into the beach house. Alex questions Shannon about her past relationship with Mandy.


Shane is rushed to hospital, but nothing can be done to save his life. Angel doesn’t know how to break the news to Dylan.


Fisher helps Angel make the funeral arrangements. Damian arrives in Summer Bay to support Angel over Shane’s death. Kelly finds comfort in Dr. McClaren, rather than Travis.


Angel finally accepts that Shane is gone when she scatters his ashes over the sea. Dr McLaren changes Kelly’s roster so they will be working together.


Angel struggles to cope with the loss of Shane. Steven tells Selina that he loves her. Jack receives an ultimatum.


Someone pays off Angel’s mortgage. Travis isn’t happy when Kelly invites James over for dinner.


Shannon tells Alex that she’s moving in with him. Angel is troubled by her mortgage mystery.


In Travis’ absence, Kelly agrees to go out with James. Alex shatters Shannon’s dreams of moving in with him.


Alex confirms his commitment to Shannon by giving her a ring. Sally learns the identity of her father.


Sally is beginning to believe that Mr Moss is her father. Shannon is warned not to talk about her mother to journalists.


Angel finds out who paid her mortgage.


Chloe finds out why Fisher wants to separate her from Curtis. Dylan won’t talk about Shane’s death.


Kelly begins to fall for James. Curtis accepts Chloe’s need to take part in the history competition.

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