Rebecca disturbs an intruder and finds a knife on the floor.


Casey skips music lessons to help Curtis with his training. Alf’s night of nostalgia ends unhappily. The knife found in Fisher’s house is traced to Steven.


The person who tried to kill Fisher is unmasked. A gloomy Alf goes into hospital for heart surgery.


Alf suffers post-operative trauma and it looks as if Kelly will have to perform emergency surgery.


James McLaren saves the day, but is he to blame for putting Alf’s life in danger in the first place? Steven is reluctant to help the girls with their HSC maths.


Ailsa decides to sue the hospital and Kelly believes that she is to blame. Steven agrees to help the girls with their tutoring.


Kelly comes close to resigning. James doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson. Chloe gets stage fright.


Casey meets her mother again. Jesse’s magnificent plea in court still leads to detention. Chloe is still upset about letting her friends down.


Curtis becomes worried when Casey fails to turn up at school. After meeting with her mother, Casey ends up locked in a room with no food or drink.


Marilyn and Fisher wonder if Alf is up to being their best man.


Fisher has reason to believe that his painting is a fake. A love letter from a former lover leads Rebecca to apologise to Steven.


Chloe thinks she has met her dream man. Steven and Rebecca have rekindled the flame.


Pippa wonders if she’s being fair to her family by working at the school.


On the eve of Fisher’s wedding, Rebecca finally tells Fisher that she’s glad to see him so happy. The Ross household is divided over whether Pippa should continue working. Chloe is swept off her feet by Brad.


Marilyn and Fisher’s wedding day finally arrives. As Rebecca fusses over Fisher, Shannon volunteers to make the video and spends the day capturing the special moments on tape. But does the day go off without a hitch?


Jesse and Selina leave a surprise for the newlyweds. Rebecca can’t come to terms with having to live with Marilyn. Joey and Selina have a hard time adjusting to Marilyn not living at the beach house anymore.


Rebecca reveals the true reason for her sudden interest in Steven. Kelly and Curtis see just how crazy Mrs Mitchell really is. Stephanie is searching for something new and exciting in her life.


A journalist drags up the dirt in Ailsa’s past. Casey’s at a loss over how to help her mother. Liam is shattered when Stephanie tells him it’s over between them.


Curtis and Duncan have trouble coming to terms with Ailsa’s past. Casey discovers the connection between Rebecca and her father. Mrs Mitchell can no longer function as a normal member of society.


Fisher isn’t impressed with his daughter’s involvement with a married man. Shannon and Selina get some last minute tips for their exams. Casey reacts badly over her father’s affair.

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