2018 Season Opener

Tori worries Justin will help a grief-stricken Ash get revenge on Robbo. Ben searches for a missing Maggie – but will he find her in time?


Hunter breaks down following Olivia’s rejection. Justin and Ash track Robbo down. Is Tori losing Ash?


Will Justin and Willow finally get their act together? Olivia chooses Axel and to go on the adventure. Maggie receives a diagnosis in hospital.


Will Tori be able to bring the mysterious woman who collided with Kat out of her coma? A terrified Maggie tries to keep her biopsy a secret from Ziggy and Coco.


Ash breaks down at Kat’s funeral and is driven to drastic measures. Leah discovers that mystery girl Jasmine is running from something – but what?


Summer Bay is on edge as Ash calls the River Boys to arms to search for Robbo. Tori lies to Ash about Robbo. Leah learns the frightening truth behind Jasmine’s arrival in town.


Tori and Justin hide Robbo, but will Ash find out? New River Boy Dean and Willow clearly have history. Justin seeks Willow’s help to make Robbo disappear.


Can Hunter stop Olivia going to Paris? Willow puts herself on the line for Justin. Maggie uses work as a coping mechanism. Hunter’s devastated when Ziggy reveals the truth about Olivia.


Olivia and Hunter unravel as the dirty truth is exposed. Mason takes on the River Boys with explosive results. Maggie’s bravery inspires Ben & Coco – but is it all just an act?


Will Tori’s secret push Ash over the edge? New cop Colby impresses the Bay. Maggie gets some devastating news.


Justin’s plan to get rid of Robbo hits a deadly snag. Colby shows signs he is not the average cop. Maggie is struggling to understand her diagnosis.


Summer Bay goes back in time. Alf’s left unconscious at the bottom of the sinkhole – is he alive or dead? A humiliated Hunter makes a stand. Ryder and Raffy devise a mischievous plan to cheer up Coco.


Maggie’s bad news rocks her family. Willow and Colby have a history. Alf drops a bombshell on Roo.


Roo and Alf are still in peril – will they be found in time? Ash is released and hell bent on revenge. Can Tori break through to Robbo before Ash finds them?


As Ash and the River Boys search for him, Robbo gets total recall. Olivia struggles to accept the reality of her new life – as Hunter moves on. Roo can’t bring herself to visit Alf in hospital.


Will Robbo finally get caught? Hunter and Jennifer start a surprise romance. Dean confronts Colby about their shared past.


Ash pushes everyone away. Roo readies herself to hear the truth. Colby’s secret is revealed.


Leah and Colby help Jasmine with her stalker. Justin falls out with his brothers over the Robbo situation. Roo wrestles with Alf’s revelation about her mother.


Roo rejects Alf and is devastated to learn the truth about Martha’s departure. The Astonis rally around Maggie following mixed results from her cancer scan. Olivia struggles with designer’s block.


Hunter and Jennifer’s budding romance is awkwardly interrupted by Olivia. The Astonis struggle with Maggie’s bad reaction to chemo. Jasmine’s stalker comes to the Bay.