Marilyn and John flounder as they try to support Ty coming out. Ziggy and Brody accidentally get stranded in honeymoon heaven. Ben and Maggie struggle to cope as Maggie’s health declines.


Can John and Marilyn repair the cracks in their fragile family? Ziggy sacrifices her honeymoon to be with Maggie in her time of need.


Dean’s plan to make quick cash takes an unexpected turn. Marilyn and John fight to keep their family together. Olivia and Hunter have ‘evolved’ as friends.


Willow refuses to use the card skimmer. Robbo fights to prove his innocence. Will Colby wake up from his coma?


Ben’s call to Diana has unexpected ramifications for the Astonis. Jasmine gets to the bottom of who drugged Colby. Tori and Justin try to help Robbo with evidence to clear his name.


A frustrated Robbo struggles to accept his strict bail conditions. The Astoni family clash over Maggie’s decision to take part in the medical trial. Newlyweds Brody and Ziggy face teething issues.


Robbo struggles to play by the rules set by his bail. Maggie frets over how to reconnect with her mother, Diana. Ziggy and Brody have their first fight as a married couple.


A pressured Willow and Dean clash over the mounting debt. Dean realises he needs something from Justin. Roo returns home to find a mini crime wave in the Bay.


Willow finally admits that she has a gambling problem. Raffy is bullied at school over her break-up with Ty. Hunter and Olivia encounter exciting new career opportunities.


DJ Ryder hijacks the school PA system and Ty owns his sexuality. Hunter is offered the chance at an exciting sports internship. Maggie receives great news about her health.


Diana and Maggie make amends as Maggie awaits her second stem cell transplant. Hunter and Christina continue to bond. Can Willow recover from her downwards spiral?


Maggie begins the stem cell transplant. Willow is forced to face her addiction head on. Are the lines between student and teacher blurring for Hunter and Christina?


Ty celebrates his 16th birthday in the Bay. Will Dean get caught with Brett’s dirty money? Robbo and Colby remain vigilant – suspecting that Ebony’s games aren’t over yet.


The search for Bella continues. Jasmine suspects Colby still has feelings for her. Ty feels rejected by John and Marilyn.


Will Ebony lure Colby into her trap? Ben asks the Stewarts to have ‘the talk’ with Ryder. A frazzled Tori searches for a renewed purpose in the wake of Ash’s departure.


Will Colby walk headfirst into Ebony’s trap? Hunter and Christina cross a line. The Palmers wait on tenterhooks for Ty to make a big decision.


Robbo comes to the rescue. But is he too late to save Colby? Leah disapproves of Hunter and Christina’s budding relationship. Justin makes a shocking confession to Willow.


Coco is excited about her date as Ryder gets ‘the talk’. Ziggy avoids Brody’s talks about planning for their future. Willows guilt weighs heavily on her.

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