Robbo’s release outrages the Bay. Roo’s search for Martha pushes Alf further away.


Ash drives Robbo to the brink. Dean’s new job puts him on a collision course with Justin. Will Ziggy’s overprotectiveness cause permanent damage with Maggie?


Willow, Dean and Colby’s history threatens Justin’s relationship. Colby tries to repair his mysterious past with Dean. Alf confronts his heartbreak to help Roo. Is Coco avoiding Ryder?


Hunter’s past derails his fresh start. Ben’s illness pushes him away from Maggie. Alf supports Roo’s search for her mother.


Ben pressures Ziggy to hide his secret from Maggie. Will Hunter put the brakes on with Jennifer? Mason grows closer to Jasmine. Coco surprises Ryder with a kiss.


Ben lies to Maggie about his impending court date. Tori realises the key to helping Robbo move on. Justin and Willow struggle to get time alone.


Justin’s daughter tests his new relationship with Willow. Robbo’s ready to fight for his freedom. Mason pulls out all stops to keep Jasmine in the Bay.


Willow learns the truth about Dean and Colby’s accident. Mason’s return to hospital work brings back painful memories. Ben protects a fragile Maggie from his court hearing.


Hunter and Olivia put their differences aside – but how will Jennifer take it? Ben and Maggie navigate the importance of honesty. Raffy pushes Ryder to ask Coco out.


Hunter has second thoughts about Jennifer. Ash’s self-imposed isolation leaves his life hanging in the balance. Coco panics on her date with Ryder.


The race is on to rescue Ash from beneath the car before its too late. Hunter wrestles with a guilty conscience after breaking up with Jennifer.


Tori struggles with her feelings as Ash continues to deteriorate. Has Robbo destroyed any chance he has for freedom? Can Hunter save the day for Jennifer?


Colby and Dean’s rift widens. Robbo finds an unconventional lawyer. Maggie throws herself back into her old life. Roo and Alf reconnect.


Dean proves his loyalty to Colby despite their past. Maggie’s problems escalate rapidly – how long can she hold it together? Brody gets a glimpse into his future with Ziggy.


Ziggy’s confronted by Brody’s long-term relationship goals. Ben and Maggie swallow their pride for the family. Ryder and Coco’s romance causes friction with Raffy. A stranger comes to the Bay.


Tori faces a huge moral dilemma as Robbo’s fate hangs in the balance. A shock visitor changes Alf and Roo’s worlds forever.


Can Tori convince Ash to help Robbo? Willow puts Justin’s daughter in danger. Roo reconciles with Martha.


Dean takes advantage of Willow and Justin’s shaky relationship. Maggie’s excitement about Ziggy’s surprise party comes crashing down. Mason and Jasmine have very different impressions about their date.


Ziggy’s surprise birthday party is a huge success. Jasmine and Colby share a moment – could they be more than friends? Maggie confesses her fear the cancer has spread.

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