Robbo sets ground rules with Jasmine. Raffy confronts a studious Coco for neglecting Ryder. Tori looks for a private donor.


Raffy is left devastated when Coco and Ryder gang up against her. Dean’s plan to stay on the straight and narrow is thwarted by Ziggy.


Ziggy’s truth bomb jeopardises her marital bliss with Brody. Dean wonders how to clean up his image. Raffy pushes Ryder to tell Coco the truth.


Have Brody and Ziggy hit an insurmountable roadblock? Willow struggles to assert her independence as she searches for a place to live. A directionless Hunter makes a life-changing decision.


Leah struggles to say goodbye to Hunter. Willow tries to make peace with Jasmine. Mason and Dempsey grow closer before being rocked by an unexpected development.


Mason is blindsided by Dempsey’s revelation. Robbo and John clash over how to run the gym. Is Tori’s perfect donor right under her nose?


Overcome with guilt, Ryder admits the truth to Coco. Tori has a proposition for Robbo. With his court date set, Dean enjoys his last days of freedom.


Ryder is at a loss on how to get through to Coco. Tori asks Robbo a massive life changing question. Is Jasmine being honest about her feelings for Robbo?


Willow’s guilt reaches boiling point when she is subpoenaed for Dean’s trial. Can Robbo move past his trauma to help Tori’s future? Struggling to be themselves, Coco and Ryder decide to be just friends.


Dempsey breaks Mason’s heart. Can Willow do the right thing by Dean? Maggie prepares a special evening for Ben.


Justin searches for Willow after learning about the subpoena. Maggie’s illness takes an unexpected toll on her marriage. What does Mason have left after losing the baby and Dempsey?


Willow’s shock confession rattles Colby. Brody’s secret talent is revealed. Colby is confronted by his past when a mystery woman turns up in the Bay.


Dean ends up in prison and he can’t believe who put him there. Willow wonders if she’s done the right thing by confessing. Maggie’s test results arrive but are they too good to be true?


Will Colby ever forgive Chelsea for their past? Brody finally reveals his hidden talent which brings serious repercussions. Maggie and her family come together to discuss her treatment.


Without a friend in sight, Ryder ends up in a spot of trouble. Ziggy is at a loss on how to help her husband. Maggie and Ben are shocked when Ziggy reveals details of Brody’s family history.


Ryder makes an unlikely new friend. After listening to Alf, Robbo makes a big decision. On the eve of his court hearing, Dean makes an alarming phone call.


Tori and Robbo weigh up making a big decision together. Jasmine’s attempts to tell Robbo about her feelings go awry. Willow finds Dean drunk and refusing to go to court.


Tori and Robbo’s IVF plans are misconstrued by a jealous Jasmine. Willow is rattled by Dean’s destructive behaviour after getting community service.


Jasmine learns the shocking truth about Robbo. Colby’s attempts to avoid Chelsea backfire. Can Willow stop Dean from spiraling out of control?


Colby is forced to confront his issues with Chelsea. Mason attacks Brody’s relationship with Maggie. John gets more law and order than he’d bargained for.

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